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  1. cdub

    Reb Beach - HH

    Taking a stab at Reb Beach's Headed for a Heartbreak solo. The patch is attached if you would like to try it out.
  2. cdub

    Judas Priest - Touch of Evil solo

    Probably my favorite Glen Tipton solo. Recorded direct using reaper. I tried to just get in the ball park with the tone. The patch is attached for anyone that would like to try it.
  3. cdub

    Satriani Cover

    Giving Always With Me, Always With You a try. The Patch is attached if anyone would like to have it.
  4. cdub

    Testament - Return to Serenity Solo

    Hoping this world does sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I tested my own serenity trying to learn this solo. I've gotten somewhat close. Clean and lead patches are attached if anyone would like to have them. Enjoy.
  5. cdub

    White Lion Wait

    Instead of doing something constructive on a day off I'm playing with toys. Much more fun. Tried to get in the ballpark of Vito's tone. Patches are attached if anyone would like them. Used scene 1 for rhythm and scene 2 for the lead and the Vito clean for the end.
  6. cdub

    Dokken - Kiss Of Death

    My attempt at George Lynch's Kiss of Death solo. Just trying to get in the ball park on the tone. I've attached the patch in case anyone would like to have it. Used scene 1 for rhythm and scene 2 for the lead. Recorded direct using Reaper.
  7. cdub

    Maiden - The Evil That Men Do

    Trying to get close to that Seventh Son tone. I've attached the patch if anyone is interested. Used scene 1 for both rhythm parts & scene 2 for the lead. Enjoy.
  8. cdub

    My favorite High Gain Tone

    This is by far my favorite high gain tone I've come up with on any Fractal product. I've tried really hard to replicate this on my Axe Fx II XL, but can't seem to quite match it. Lately I'm not even turning on the XL, just always playing my Ultra & using this patch. I'm using a Music Man...
  9. cdub

    Dokken - Unchain The Night Solo

    I certainly don't have the skills some the other Dokken fans this board have, but I do have one of Lynch's guitars. The tone is somewhere in the ballpark, but by no means a match. The patch is attached if you are interested. Used scene 1 for rhythm & 2 for the lead recording direct through...
  10. cdub

    Ultra Patches

    I mainly use the Axe Fx II now, but could never part with the Ultra. These are some of the patches I use set up for FRFR. I use a musicman JP6 & they sound really good with it. The volumes used to all be level, but I've played around with them a bit & a few of them are likely off. Enjoy.
  11. cdub

    Saving Axe Edit for II & Ultra?

    I own both the XL+ and an Ultra. Is there a way to save both the latest Axe Edit for the XL & the legacy version for the Ultra to one's computer? Whenever I download one it overwrites the other, so I'm constantly downloading depending upon which unit I want to use. Thanks.
  12. cdub

    Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

    Using the Carvin Legacy Amp block. I used some of the recommendations in the guide to all the amp models thread in the Axe Discussion forum which really helped this amp come alive. I could never get this amp to sound good before reading that thread. I can't seem to get the tone spot on, but I...
  13. cdub

    Iron Maiden - The Trooper

    One of my favorite bands which is a little ironic since I was afraid of them when I was a little kid. Using the Brit Pre amp block. The XL patch is attached. I used scene1 for the rhythm & scene2 for the lead. I did add some compression in reaper - the distorted guitar preset to be exact...
  14. cdub

    White Lion - Broken Heart

    I really love Vito Bratta's playing & hope he gets back out there someday. This is the first backing track I've ever made from scratch, so its nowhere perfect. This is the version from Mane Attraction - the tone isn't spot on, but its in the ballpark. I used scene1 the Plexi 50w Hi for the...
  15. cdub

    Setting up the Axe Fx with In Ear Monitors

    A quick video on how I set up my patches & Axe Fx for stereo in ears. This is simply how I do it & it works great for me. Probably nothing new here for all the guru's, but hopefully it helps the less technically proficient (like myself) figure out how to get a great tone with in ear monitors.
  16. cdub

    Some Direct to FOH video

    Seems like there always lots of discussions in regards to running direct vs. a power amp / cab set up. I've always run direct just out of convenience, but never really knew how it sounded since I use in ears. Someone sent me this short clip, taken with an iPhone I believe. I can't remember...
  17. cdub

    Pantera Cemetery Gates Solo

    Still learning how to record with this beast. I've used it for a live many times, but am finding recording is quite different in terms of patch set up. Wasn't trying to match the tone, just going for something that cuts through the mix & sounded good to my ears. Recorded with reaper - no post...
  18. cdub

    Dio - The Last in Line Solo

    I double tracked the solo using the Engl amp block. Just my take & not trying to match the original tone. Patch is attached. Enjoy.
  19. cdub

    Hangar 18 solos - JVM

    The solos are not perfect, but in the ballpark. Really basic patch using the JVM OD1 Rd & taken with a very old camera. Really loving the JVM for high gain tones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhWJF3zhLX0
  20. cdub

    Axe Fx with Sennheiser IEM 300

    I'm quite the novice when it comes to IEM, so I'm looking for some advice on the best way to run stereo IEMs. I'm borrowing a Sennheiser 300 IEM from a friend. Currently I'm running out1 and out2 of the Axe fx into the Sennheiser. I'm putting a stereo delay before the fx loop for out2 at 30ms...
  21. cdub

    Axe Edit Question

    I just got my Axe II XL today & already have a dumb question. I am having trouble connecting the the axe edit. It is showing disconnected & when I go to settings - ports boy ports show <none> & there is nothing to select in from the drop down. I have connected via the USB in the back of the...
  22. cdub

    Separating FOH & In Ear Mix

    Is there a way to split a patch so one mix goes to FOH & another mix goes to your in ears? I would like to add some additional reverb & delay to my in ear mix, but don't want it going to the FOH house mix. If this is possible does anyone have some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make...
  23. cdub

    INXS - Need You Tonight

    Has anyone out there taken a stab at creating a patch for this song? I'm having trouble even getting in the ball park on this one. Thanks!
  24. cdub

    Round and Round Request

    I have discovered that I really suck when it comes to programming the pitch shift block. I've been trying to get a patch for the harmonies in Ratt's Round & Round solo. Does anyone already have one specifically set up for this song? I've already tried using the Lonely Hearts patch &...
  25. cdub

    Frequency Interference

    I just received my Ultra & I am using it with an ART SLA2 bridged into a 4x12. When I try to use any of the high gain presets I start picking up what sounds like various radio stations coming through the cabinet. It is extremely loud & turning the volume completely down on the guitar doesn't...
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