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    Headphones&EQ recommendations

    Looks like the OP has found his solution and he did it the right way. To all of the replies telling him to buy other headphones his issue was the difference in tone compared to his guitar amp or FRFR speaker. The OP did the correct thing which was split his signals to different outs and eq...
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    Comb filter effect

    Hifi sound doesn't "fool" you. You problem is incorrect setup in a couple ways. As others have said the BETA58 is a super cardioid mic. You monitors should be at a 45 degree and on either side pointing towards the back of the mic (or your face). This will help reduce bleed as much as possible...
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    Does this apply to MI retail stores? I don't feel the need to disclose that and may just leave the forum. No disrespect to Cliff and I understand the need to do so. I am ok with being a lurker as I usually am. Thanks!
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Wasn't talking about you Digital Igloo. You were not rude. No drama wanted here.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    *deleted* due to apology. Accepted.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Believe it or not but they want to sell these in more countries than just the USA. I work in a music store. Line 6 or a rep for them came in to show us and let us play it.It was so I could sell it to customers effectively. Wild.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    No idea about which firmware. Not in USA. As I stated in my original post it was unofficial firmware.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Hello all, As I stated in the title I got to QUICKLY try a Line6 Helix today on unofficial firmware. The feature set is cool. Some really nice routing and pedal set-up. The effects were quite good sounding. The modelling was underwhelming. An upgrade from the HD500? Yes. Leap into the pro...
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    Which guitar wireless unit to get

    IF you are using differnet guitars at the same time keep in mind both units would require you to buy whole systems for each guitar...you can't just add another guitar to either unit (nor would you want to)...thought I'd make sure that is known.
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    Cab in an anechoic chamber

    But will it feel like a cab in an anechoic chamber?
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    Disappointed in the user interface

    This thread...wow. Both sides are defensive and both sides are giving a little jab into each other. Think about when Cliff reads the OP...he might take it into consideration. Now if he reads 800 pages of back and forth and childishness from both sides I bet he stops caring and we all lose out on...
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    why am I so quiet?

    tried changing cables?
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    A few Fractal SWEATSHIRTS available

    guessing the description was not changed from the shirt listing...so its grey and not black right?
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    Update on new firmware?

    How am I supposed to get the Ol' Skool SOund of Swedish Death Metal without the Magnum model? Get it together Cliff!
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    Concerns about LCD Display

    did you open up the unit and check that all of the ribbon connectors are seated properly? Seems to be the first thing to check when you have random issues in the AF2.
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    Why Does Air in Cabs Affect Headphones Only? Not FRFR.

    It is really due to the isolation of headphones. The air parameter actually just aDds dry signaL to the cab mix. The isolation of headphones makes this addition more apparent. More radical changes will be needed as you will hear your guitar strings, room reflections and dispersion differently...
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    FUCK UPS. They have the highest duties and processing fees ever. Totally wish we could ship via USPS (and Canada post) like I did when I bought the Standard.
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    HAHAHA ^^^^ when they first started shipping again to Canada (initial AF2 release) I tried to purchase one and got what I think is the same number as yours in regards to shipping prices. Called them up and told M@ and got me a free shirt. However, you being not in Canada or the US I think that's...
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    Need some help - ringing in the ears after playing... not an FX fault, an ear fault!

    Please watch this video on audio myths. Understanding your perceptional tendencies is extremely important in understanding your gear and how your brain works. A few minutes into the video the goods really start. Audio Myths Workshop - YouTube
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    Coming Soon

    Just when I was considering having my computer run the pc and cc changes and just run expression pedals...Cliff, I have no urge to buy the XL and I KNEW it ate you up inside. If the price is right you win again Chase!
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    Anyone Using the Kalthallen IRs?

    IRs are so 2012. URIRs are where its at, yo.
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    So, V14...

    Cliff, said it many times and will probably say it many more, but Thanks. The only company who works hard to make sure I am 100% satisfied and 100% addicted with/to their gear. Really appreciate the business model and hopefully paradigm changing mentality and dedication. Keep it br00talz!
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    Getting on the CLR waiting list?

    I joined the waitlist and never heard back. Not sure if I'm on it or not. But honestly, as Tom may see this, I may not be able to afford a pair so I'm not concerned.
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    +1 on the eq to stand out in a mix. Ask any bass player...And if EQ doesn't work, elevate your speakers. If that's no good get IEMs to save you ears and actually be able to hear yourself...If that's no good everyone has to turn down as a CLR will do 130dB which is stupid loud. If your band can...
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    Tempted to go for a CFR12 to join my GT800fx, BUT...

    a coaxial driver of that quality is expensive... over $500 if memory serves me well. Im sure they get a better price but damn its expensive. That being said I do not know the exact model of the speaker they use.
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    Real cab mic'ed vs IR

    Damn that tube power amp IR clip sounds terrible. Mr. Kent, I appreciate your dedication and exploring the ideas you have. Enjoy reading your posts. To me, I just don't care about replicating a tube amp anymore. I do love some of that gnarl they produce but hate the inherent noise in high gain...
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    USB Direct vs Audio Interface

    Personally it comes down to this. If your project is at a different sample rate use direct to your interface. If you can make you project 48k then use the axe usb. Everytime you put a signal through A/D (and subsequently D/A) it adds about 3dB of noise. Minor for sure but its something to...
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    hearing the difference- it's not just us wacky guitarists

    I could tell there were no T00bz...wasn't squishy enough...not enough gnarl
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    2014 USB 3.0 Hub update?

    I like to run my audio interface (axe in this case) straight into a usb port on the computer. Let the hub do less important work like the keyboard/mouse and PT key. Get a powered one incase you upgrade and buy controllers ect.
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    Hypocritical moment here as I didn't want you to remove the thunk, pick attack ect parameters but I would be fine with removing previous modeling versions. In keeping a lot of those tweak-able parameters we can probably reach similar results. Cliff will usually reply to someone and tell them...
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    My Axe Fx sounds different when recorded in a DAW

    If you are making your tones at gig volumes and recording direct it will never sound the same. You need to retweak your tones at recording levels. Chances are your frequencies and being lost or embelished by the loud volumes of the HD1221. Listem to Simeon he knows whats up. You gotta post a...
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    Parameter Elimination

    Thanks Cliff, seriously the best customer service around. I appreciate being able to add my 2 cents and have it heard. If it makes your life more difficult I don't NEED them but why get rid of a good thing?!
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    Parameter Elimination

    Well I say keep them anyways. The AxeFx is known for being completely customizable and I think it would be a disservice to remove them. Just have them default to the correct position for that amp and those who want to ignore them can. Your firmwares are getting better and better and more like...
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    Sync Axe-FX 2 to Ableton Live 9 Midi Clock?

    In Live 8 it worked like this... Go into the preferences menu. find your audio interface in the midi section and turn everything "on" except for "remote". On the Axe make sure you set your patch tempos to "global". yes you will need to connect a midi cable from your audio interfaces midi output...
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    Does anyone know why the Axe2 doesn't have midi toggle CCs?

    Odd...I have been using a FCB1010 and I do not have any issues bypassing a block despite its on or off state. you simply program the midi controller to have effect x "on" and effext y "off" when you select the preset. If you want to turn effect x off then you tap a button with its bypass # and...
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    Axe Fx in to Art SLA1 power amp

    Perhaps. How do you have everything set up exactly?
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    Axe Fx in to Art SLA1 power amp

    this is incorrect. It is ok to send the xlr signal to the SLA. It works as I had that setup for a long time. If you do not have the volume cranked on the axe or are not clipping the axes outputs it should be fine. More likely your amp has a problem and it needs service. Of course, check all of...
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    Am I crazy?

    Yeah...WTF. Can someone post an Axe Fx tube glow simulator Mod? This would get some tube snobs off of my back
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    So how many of you made the switch to 'all axe'...?

    Just over a year of FRFR only usage on the axe and I keep making it sound better and better (alright Cliff makes it better not me). From the, now mystifying, Metal Zone into a Marshall JCM and 1960 to Standard-poweramp-cab and now stereo FRFR and Axe II. The only issue I have is with sound guys...
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    Gig troubles. no sound!

    If you have a volume block controlled by a MIDI pedal you will not get sound if the pedal is not plugged in as the axe is waiting for the pedal to tell it to turn the volume up. If you need the patch without the pedal you need to bypass the volume block. You may also just need to switch back to...
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    Man, I could not be more impressed

    FAS...seriously...if you ever go out of business, or more likely, sell your secrets to an investor, I don't know what gear I will buy after that. I mean, who else will offer this much dedication (11 FW in the standard about 3 revisions each=33 tweaks FOR FREE), gratitude and pride in their...
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    USB cable in the MCF-101 port...again

    Wow crappy situation for all that have done this! If that jack didn't provide power to the MFC I bet it wouldn't even do any damage. Dummy plug is a great cheap solution. I reccomend building a patch bay. This way you have all of you I/O on the front of your rack and problem solved. Also, you...
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    EP out, feedback? (Axefx ultra, Metal Foundry, Instrumental)

    Sounds great. I dig the instrumental style and not having vocals really works for this. Can't say its my style but quality prod/playing.
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    My Axe Fx II doesn't like my picks.

    Wait...Cooper or Copper? I just assumed he used some brand I had never heard of before.
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    OK....So EXACTLY WHEN is 6.0 ARRIVING?????

    if you are an update junkie why do you "need" Axe Edit? I prefer the front panel. Plus it makes me not have to wait that week hahaha.
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    My Axe Fx II doesn't like my picks.

    No patchy no helpy hahaha. I do not experience that issue as I just tried different picks on my patches and stock patches.
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    My Axe Fx II doesn't like my picks.

    hahaha i meant MY crappy picks. I don't have any cooper picks! Gotta love the internet misunderstandings. Seriously, send the patch when you can because then someone can test it and maybe help you.
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    My Axe Fx II doesn't like my picks.

    Perhaps you have a noisy preset (too much gain for example) and when you touch the pick to the strings it releases the noise gate letting some crackle/noise through? I am going to try my unused crappy picks and see if I can replicate this. Can you send a sample patch?
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    Matrix FRFR 1x12 Coaxial solution!

    Thanks FAS community! My GAS started to go away for a minute...
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    Where to buy a UNO chip

    make sure you calibrate the pedals after you install the new UnO chip (and of course activate the extra features of the UnO). I haven't used a whammy effect YET but I plan on using the auto engage as the on off switch but also leave some room before it starts to track a pitch shift. This is done...
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    I think im gonna stick with FRFR (Disscussion about the AIR function)

    I cant see the AIR parameter helping with high gain tones at 95% so I assume you are only using clean tones? What amps are you using where this parameter makes the tones better?
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    Where to buy a UNO chip

    Once you grasp the software editor this UnO chip makes the FCB1010 one of the most versatile MIDI boards with expression pedals built in and easily the top of the class cost wise...win-win. Mine works great! Tip: you must tell the FCB what effects (that you have attached to a button on the...
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    DIGITAL (new setting with an update firmware)

    Call Line 6 and ask them to update POD 2.0 hahahahaha. Guess what they will say. Stop whining.
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    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    Clicks are great until you get into difficult time signatures. Then clicks sometimes become more confusing (or in the case of some computer tabbing programs the metronomes screw up the timing) then they are worth. I agree that timing is really important but I think we all already know that. If...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.01 Up

    Note to self...check forum before updating firmware. Well FW 5.0 will get a sweet try out at jam only to be thrown away callously for the 5.01. It's a cruel world.
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    Axe-FX II clip - Killswitch Engage cover (Blackmachine/Bare Knuckle content)

    I don't share my patches either. I do ask questions of forumites and try to gain their knowledge and work it into my patches. I have never had to share my results nor has the person felt I owed them something. Really you could say that posting a clip and getting the resaponses to the post is the...
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    Wish Clock?

    Really? Fractal Audio Clock? You could get a watch out of a vending machine...
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    Version 5.00 firmware preview zahlen vier

    damn...I was gonna go to version 4 but Cliff tempts with these great clips! Now I must wait...No need to redo patches twice! Fractastic!
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    Clicking sound recording via USB into PT 9.0.6

    I am puzzled by this...it sounds like you are monitoring the dirty and clean tracks at the same time but you say just the clean is solo'd...definetly some string/fret buzz in there mixed with this clipping. I will have to try this tomorrow and see if there is a similar issue with my DAW. I...
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    Does anyone use the Ultra and FX-II together?

    tosin abasi from animals as leaders uses a standard, an ulta and a II for his shows. Who knows if he runs through them all at once but it was pretty funny to see. Although this just means he has a serious setup with some serious tones.
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    Which solder for guitar wiring?

    Silver solder is "better" for audio but harder to make a clean connection (silver has a higher melting point...or whatever). If you don't know what solder to use I think you should try to find some lead solder as it will be easier to make a proper connection. Here in Canada its harder to find...
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    Using multiple Axe FxIIs at the same time

    Tosin from animals as leaders uses a standard, an ultra and a 2...Someone give that guy 6 of the 8 AFX2`s the Edge has. He would put them to better use frankly.
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    A Farewell to Tweaking

    OK I have had my Axe Fx 2 for a couple days now...The fan noise is not loud. My unit is quiter than my standard. My recording computer is loud as fuck! Cliff, can you just add an algorithim to make my recording computer less annoying?
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    MFC + Axe II + MIDI Cable? Or: Compatibility with AxeLine?

    AxeLine...I would buy one to covnert my FBV Express pedal to use with AFX2. I would definetly buy these `kits`and love building my own Midi converter or whatever. DO IT.
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    The Pop Tart thread

    Just have to... WHO CARES?!
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    "lost notes" in chord voicings on Axe II

    Whoa...settle down guys! First off, I don't care who has a degree in what or who has played with JP or anyone else for that matter. This guy has a problem and he has a right to ask. I haven't really seen him say anything bad towards the gear but he is having problems getting his sound (haven't...
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    Axe Fx 2 - Customer Service Review

    Hi all, Just placed my order right now and feel something needs to be said. Fractal Audio customer service is great. Specifically, Matt and Danielle. I had an issue and question about my order and received prompt and thorough help from both Matt and Danielle. Matt was on the phone with me for...
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    Blame Canada (Post)? - AXE FX II Shipping to Canada - Definitive Answers Thread

    Yeah I want to avoid that fight with any carrier I have to deal with. Hell, if I picked it up at the border I would have the same issues just lesser cost. Cliff, I see you navigating the forum care to let us know whats up? Damn I am demanding!
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    Blame Canada (Post)? - AXE FX II Shipping to Canada - Definitive Answers Thread

    did you get charged tax? I went in to test if Canadian shipping was available and fractal was charging me tax. That can only be done if they are covering the duties/tax for me. Grantcooper2 did you get charged tax? I would LOVE to not have to deal with the UPS duties!
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    Update on Std/Ultra

    Perhaps you are turning your equipment on in the wrong order. You should NEVER risk damaging your speakers by turning on equipment in your signal chain after you have turned on the power amplifier (built in or separate) feeding your speakers. With any piece of analog gear I have used it has...
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    For xmas... I want shipping to canada restored!

    Dear Santa Cliff, What that guy said ^. +1. +11. I REALLY don't want to cross the border to pick it up. I mean my standard is great and I will keep it anyways but I just want moe and more fractals (hehe). Santa Cliff, I will even offer my services to get this rolling as I handle shipping and...
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    Blame Canada (Post)? - AXE FX II Shipping to Canada - Definitive Answers Thread

    see above...I don't want to cross the border after a long drive to pick up my unit...I just want to sit and wait for the CANADA POST dude to come by and deliver the AXE. Cliff - Can I take care of the shipping?? Can it be sent POSTAL? That would save a ton of money on high ups fees. It just...
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    UK Customs Charge Ridiculous!

    Hey Paul, I am not from Europe but I do a lot of shipping with couriers. UPS has some of the highest customs fees around. They use their own customs broker and mark up the customs fees. I ordered my standard and paid like $60.00 for customs (using Canada Post/USPS) but now that its UPS only I...
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    We need more fractal porn.

    Weird...we have the same rig, Adam.
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    Help chosing studio monitors

    I personally find the Rockits to be very bass heavy and a little misleading when doing the mix. They are great but check them against others to hear the bass bump that is in there. Maybe go with the 6" version as well. I went with Yamaha ones (same price) because of the smoother bass response...
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    Cmon! This is just lazy!

    hahaha. In Calgary I was out late a few years ago and someone had thrown a cart onto the train tracks at a station...Well there was a 45 minute delay stated until I climbed onto the tracks and threw the damn thing aside. Then it was back to business as usual. Its disheartening to see people hit...
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    Can't decide whether to buy an Axe Fx II or an Orange Rockerverb and cab

    This video you posted is by a dude with an Axe Fx and this amp (and about every other amp known to man). Perhaps asking him how they compare would be best. The tone from the vid is easily accomplished by the Axe Standard but with the Axe II I bet its no problem. You could always rent the amp if...
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    The unofficial MODERATED waiting list

    Hey Skanky, thanks for re-doing the list. I emailed Aug 26 11 AM. If you could add me to the list. I am on this forum enough I could help with the postings. societysinfection@hotmail.com . Let me know,
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    Yamaha DSR112P powered speaker

    Hey Teddis, I do infact leave the contour switch on. I know what you mean about it sounding bottom heavy for sure. The method behind my madness with that is keeping the bass super tight on the axe fx and letting the dsr do the "natural" low end sound. I prefer it personally. That being said...
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    FRFR solution that can actuall compete with a 120 watt tube amp volume wise!

    yeah I have one. I lpay in an extreme metal band and have a loud drummer and a tap-o-holic bass player and the Mesa to compete with. No problem. In fact, they complain I am too loud. Dispersion is a wonderful thing. The specs never really tell you what you need to know your ears do.
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    FRFR solution that can actuall compete with a 120 watt tube amp volume wise!

    Yamaha DSR112 seems to compete with a mesa Mark V with ease...feedback included. Check it out.
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    Yamaha DSR112P powered speaker

    I have the Yamaha DSR112 and it is great! THere will not be a volume issue for you unless you set something in your chain very quitely. I love the definition and the control of the contour to make quiet and loud volumes sound more consitant. So far I have been running it about 6 hours a week for...
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    G-string expander (Decimator) on standard

    Thanks for the reply Shasha. I did not mean to compare Fractal to Microsoft! That was more to prompt a reply haha. The hiss is definetly from the guitar. My pickups although "potted" are still hissing which I guess is either something vibrating or some poor wiring in the guitar. I am using a...
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    G-string expander (Decimator) on standard

    Ok, I don't want to seem like I am talking to myself here but I havebeen having some issues using the filter as a "hiss-remover". I understand how to attach an envelope and all of that but I cannot get it to remove the sound...I am missing something in the parameters for sure. ANy thoughts? I...
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    G-string expander (Decimator) on standard

    OK, so I have no learned that the input gate on the axe fx includes a downward expander. The other part of the decimator I am looking for is the dynamic EQ. So I know I can use a low pass filter and have a modifier attached to the freq parameter and this should help. Anyone have some recommended...
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    G-string expander (Decimator) on standard

    Hey all, Does anyone have any tips on creating a decimator style noise gate on an Axe Fx Standard? I want to try to get rid of some hiss that is sneaking just on top of my tone. People report great success with the expander block but alas the standard does not have one. Any tips or tricks...
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    New Product Review - Yamaha DSR112

    I just picked up a Yamaha DSR112 and I think it kills. I don`t know why people aren`t liking the ìn the room`feel of the 112 as I find it is just as big as a 4x12. I played it against a Mesa Mark V and a Mills Cab with a buddy and it sounded just as big. I play high gain and there levels are...
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    Why the dissatisfaction??

    Thanks Matt. Just for the record I am posting this "hate" BS in response to all of the hate that has been thrown at Fractal Audio. My dislike for the way Cliff gets hammered for "Inflating the price" and "not letting me some random dude know in time for my purchase" is what I don't like. I am...
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    Why the dissatisfaction??

    No troll here...I just miss the days when I came on this forum and read cool tricks and found good patches to download...This is beaten to death because its still happening and its getting very old. Sorry to voice my opinion late in your eyes but it had to be said...again. Thanks for moving this...
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    Why the dissatisfaction??

    Hey All, I too, like everyone else, am drooling over the AXE II. What saddens me is the seeming dissatisfaction over the old models being discontinued or that someone just bought an ULTRA and they are feeling screwed over. STOP WHINING! Do you call Microsoft and go "Hey how come I cant buy a new...
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    interesting... rackmount concepts.... headcases/ FR speakers

    Re: interesting... rackmount concepts.... headcases/ FR spea I know. I thought it was definetly weird. I live in Canada too so it was extra annoying. Very unprofessional.
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    interesting... rackmount concepts.... headcases/ FR speakers

    Re: interesting... rackmount concepts.... headcases/ FR spea Hey everyone...First off gotta say I was really excited when I read this post about a month ago. So excited I contacted Rackmount concepts to build a 412 style cab 3-way FRFR like a photo on their website. After some initial confusion...
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    ART SLA-2 hum

    Did you make sure your groundlift switch on the axefx is turned off? I had a big hum in my ART and it just turned out to be that damn switch. Just a suggestion as now that the buzz is gone the SLA 2 sounds pretty fucking good. PS Put in some Q-Tuner Hi Z's recently and they sound down right...
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    ART SLA 2 Hum issue fixed

    Hey all, Anyone having trouble with the ART SLA 2 (or 1 or 4) in terms of a loud hum? I know this is an active topic on here. I had the classic SLA 2 hum. MAKE SURE THE GROUND LIFT SWITCH ON THE AXE FX IS OFF!!! The power cord I received with the Axe-FX was a 2 prong cord. If you have the ground...
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