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  1. bradlake

    Larry Carlton Farewell Tour : Pat Metheny SideEye..my return to Live Shows!

    Very excited to be dipping my toe back into the live music waters after a long Covid drought…. Anyone else here seeing or have seen either of these currently touring acts? Seeing Larry tonight in a fairly intimate outdoor bandshell (Where Snarky Puppy hosts their yearly Groundup Fest) on north...
  2. bradlake

    Phree Phish Live tonite

    https://phish.com/ since Covid cancelled their NYE gig inNY, this is happening
  3. bradlake

    RIP Michael Nesmith

  4. bradlake

    Mammoth WVH

    Is anyone enjoying this album as much I am? I had no idea that Wolfgang had this in him, completely self-composed and every vocal and instrument played by him. Almost no paternal influence to be heard…I hear traces of FOO, early Adrian Belew, Devin, all good stuff..impeccably produced…
  5. bradlake

    Thoughts on Last Night’s King Crimson/Zappa Band concert at Ravinia ….AMPs VS FAS Smackdown!

    So I went to my first large-scale show in 1 and 1/2 years , with two acts that pair surprisingly well together. ….but………… the Zappa Band , all awesome, seasoned alumni of either or both of Frank or Dweezil Zappas’ touring bands, while Performing a wonderfully curated set that seemed to wow...
  6. bradlake

    Ola’s New Anime Tele w/III stock presets

    Ola doesn’t specify if he is using Cygnus , but he gives the stock presets a whirl (even Poltergeist Pig) thru his new acquisition...
  7. bradlake


    Did not realize til now that two of the most iconic rock personas of the 20th century shared today’s birthday....then I saw this.....
  8. bradlake


  9. bradlake

    New Superior Drummer SDX...LEGACY OF ROCK...Eddie Kramer..Bonzo ..Charlie..Mitch...!!!

    https://www.toontrack.com/product/legacy-of-rock-sdx/ This thing is incredible...Toontrack has a home run here and knows it...Check the lavish promo and samples and Eddie Kramer content..very cool indeed..been waiting for something like this for a while.. not cheap ((a dollar a gig for 180 GB of...
  10. bradlake

    Not a Bug Edit Modifier Issues?

    I have just encountered a possible bug (in FM3 Edit) ...., or at least an anomaly I can't suss out....when trying to edit modifiers in the Amp block (specifically the Input Boost and the Bright switch on the ODS 100 Clean on latest @austinbuddy FM3 collection to be released today...but don't...
  11. bradlake

    NGD (!!!) Silver or Chrome ......Boyyy.?

  12. bradlake

    SXSW Canceled.......

  13. bradlake

    Nashville Tornadoes

    Here’s hoping that all our friends in the Nashville area are Ok ....let us know.
  14. bradlake

    New Jamstik MIDI Guitar

    even though I hated their initial Jamstik offering, I got in on the early adopter buyin discount, being the incurable optimist i AM. ...Any of you NAMM visitors check it out??
  15. bradlake

    Super Bowl week in Miami! Who’s Going? Or Gigging?

    Curious if any of yall are coming down, to party or perform...i’m Having breakfast right now across the street from the South Beach Staging areas, huge setups.... looks like @camilovelandiamusic has some Boca Raton gigs , anyone else? Should be weird fun...
  16. bradlake

    Very interesting Rig Rundown with heavy III content

    The III talk starts around 20min in.
  17. bradlake

    FIrst Day of the Roaring 20’s .....HUNG OVER or not......?

    We chose to cancel our dinner res and order Chinese delivery....soberly watched the various NYE choices on the tube..high point .. PBS, Live from Lincoln Center with a lovely Sondheim tribute with th NY Phil...low point....most of the rest....Keith urban covering Jumpin Jak Flash was...
  18. bradlake

    Nels Cline is Nuts (about vintage and strange pedals)

    saw him with Wilco last night ..awesome...somebody give him a III and see what he can do...though he seems pretty set in his eccentric ways and gear.....
  19. bradlake

    NGD .........’57 Goldtop..........(swoon)

    So I thought I was through within Gibson after the recent rash of bad publicity and QC...and I need yet another guitar like a boil on my ass, but after arriving back at my South Beach crib I needed to take my @Black Bitch Indie LP (thanks again tony) for a fresh setup, so yesterday I went to a...
  20. bradlake

    Miss you Frank Zappa

    December 21, 1940 – December 4, 1993 Www.zappa.com Www.dweezilzappa.com His last public performance.....
  21. bradlake

    New Carvin pedal stereo power amp

  22. bradlake

    I Wanted to go to This Show...Check out these videos!!!! Tap! And More!

  23. bradlake

    New Fender/ Apple Music Chord app

    Found this interesting ...... https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/22/20925174/fender-songs-ios-app-chords-music-guitar-price-features
  24. bradlake

    Big Fun with Dweezil and his Band (Axe-Fx III and General Gussoian content)

  25. bradlake

    King Crimson Tonight! Anybody going/gone?

    Haven’t seen them in quite a few years...first time was the Discipline tour in 82...belew/fripp/bruford/levin ..well at least two of them in tonight’s gig...is Fripp still Fractal Powered?? ....this is in perhaps my very fave venue...auditorium theatre....first show there....1971....Donovan with...
  26. bradlake

    Steely Dan tonight! (Guytron obsession at max...)

    ``` Crappy pix of my amazing 1st row seats back in ‘13...this will be my first Beckerless show...couldn’t bring myself to go last year..........
  27. bradlake

    To Mayer or Not to Mayer, that is the question ....(hint...I’m going.)

    The opportunity has arisen to see John Mayer and his band tonight in United Center (where the Bulls and Hawks lose) , and was wondering if any of you have seen him on this latest tour..Ive enjoyed his work with Dead and Co, but not a fan of his earlier hits. It seems he has evolved since then...
  28. bradlake

    NPRS Day

    Big ups to @hippietim , who put the GAS for this model in my craw, and then pointed me to a great 4th o July deal on this baby....the PRS invasion of the forum continues unabated...
  29. bradlake

    Sweetwater GearFest Live Streaming today and tomorrow!

    https://www.sweetwater.com/gearfest/watch-live/?__s=sqvm1bjzyivgartbticd&utm_source=drip_broadcast&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=June+2019+-+Gearfest+Ox+Panel+Reminder great lineup of seminars and sets this year....Vai, EJ, lotsa others!
  30. bradlake

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    My lifelong attempts to not act my age reach a milestone today, as the bus pass discounts and Medicare /SS kick in , not to ignore early bird Specials......I cannot even sing When I’m Sixty-four with any conviction. ........I fear what my birthday GAS may incur.......(1954 vintage something or...
  31. bradlake

    SOLD AX8 In record time...a bittersweet morning.

    My full stable of FAS products got lighter today, and though i have said in the past that I would never sell any of my Fractal boxes, truth is I never really gigged my AX8 and I have the pretty sure feeling that I got in on the first wave of FM3 waitlisters, I put it up on Reverb for a...
  32. bradlake

    JCM 900 (Marshall 20) promo video..... Nigel Tufnel ! MUST SEE!

    don’t know how I missed this all these years, but stumbled across it today when in a Spinal Tap you tube hole.... Not only features Nigel in all his stupid glory, but is a wonderful time capsule of early 90’s Hollywood Guitar Center scene, with cameos by our good friend Dweezil as a still...
  33. bradlake

    The Who live with Full Orchestra

    having followed this band from their second live tour in the US in 1968 and seeing them at least once per decade since then I was amazed to hear their evolution from one of the worlds loudest bands to a stage of classical musicians behind them with a surprisingly low, yet satisfying dB level...
  34. bradlake

    Free V30 IR from New Cab company

    Announcing Rockin' Cabs, LLC yesterday There was a posting from a new start up LLC, rockincabs.com, and they were offering a free V 30 sample cab for download but it appeared that you had to sign up for a email solicitation form to receive it. I voiced my concerns in the thread and after a...
  35. bradlake

    The Rise of Tiger

    so that happened....! pretty powerful moment
  36. bradlake

    Live Tonight in the city’s best sounding venue (for me)..Bill Frisell , Petra Haden and Harmony

    Very excited as I soak in a hottub so I can be fresh as a daisy when I go to the acoustically superlative Maurer Hall of the Old Town School of Folk Music ina couplehours, to see one of my top five living axemen, Mr. Frisell, with his amazing colloborator Petra Haden (legendary bassist...
  37. bradlake

    RIP Dick Dale

    We lost another great one....or not. Perhaps a hoax...?
  38. bradlake

    JACO the movie...revelatory

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaco_(film) If you haven’t seen this flick, you owe it to yourself to seek it out (its now streaming on Hulu)...Inspiring and heartbreaking, this was co written and produced by Robert Trujillo, made by musicians for musicians....incredible family and musical...
  39. bradlake

    RIP Hal Blaine

  40. bradlake


    —-that lambert kid can sing...and Brian looked like he was enjoying himself...... ...........tom morelllo in a tux..............
  41. bradlake

    It’s the Day after Tomorrow in the Midwest

    We are usually pretty blasé about winter weather here in Chicagoland ....but this is something else..already 45below wind chills in the western burbs.......hows it by you??
  42. bradlake

    Happy Anniversary Axe-Fx III

    It was a year ago today that we began our engagements with this thing......and the honeymoon continues unabated, give or take a few thousand yet-to-be delivered FCs..but who’s counting..Thanks and congrats once again to the entire FAS team....FW 3 is a great gift, but might there be something...
  43. bradlake


    Daaaaaaa Bears.
  44. bradlake

    RIP XL+...?

    Axe-Fx II XL+ Preamp/FX Processor Regular Price $2,149.99 CLOSE-OUT! $1,799.99 STATUS: OUT OF STOCK Qty:
  45. bradlake

    phish 4K Live from MSG ..All this weekend

    Looking forward to testing the limits of my new Sony/McIntosh/ 4K setup tonight. ....you in @iaresee ?
  46. bradlake

    Zappa Hologram tour officially announced

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/28138-zappa-family-trust-announces-frank-zappa-hologram-tour I had the opportunity to meet with Ahmet Zappa this week, on the day the Hologram Tour was publicly confirmed,..andheard and saw some raw footage that led me to real optimism that this will...
  47. bradlake

    Dweezil and the III(s) (NOT- YET--but still the best)

    there can be little doubt that Dweezil had to have been amongst the first to receive the AxeFX III.....but it remains to be seen if He has incorporated it (them ?) into his touring rig... the Fall leg of the Choice Cuts tour begins tomorrow in Ft Lauderdale.... any guessesor insights to what I...
  48. bradlake

    Hurricane Michael

    It appears that many of us will be in harms way over the coming hours and days, the level of alarmist media (weather channel) is convincingly scary. Best wishes and hopes to all of y’all in the SE USA Today....
  49. bradlake

    Mac OS Mojave and Axe Edit......does it work yet?

    As today is the first that non-beta Mojave is available for download , are there any caveats or incompatiblities that FAS is aware of with regard to the III and related softwares....? Hopefully @Admin M@ is making progress with Apple on the various weird behaviors with axeEditIII and Logic...
  50. bradlake

    !!RiotFest in Chicago all weekend!!!!....can we make it?

    Http://www.riotfest.org Anybody going? I bought a cheap weekend pass months ago before there was a schedule..it took til Tuesday for them to finalize it, and it is a little overwhelming with all the rough choices going on at once at this multi stage wingding... Killing Joke or blondie? Gwar or...
  51. bradlake

    Sonny Landreth with John Hiatt Live tonite at Ravinia

    Very excited to see this performance tonight , these guys haven’t played together in years, and IMO, FAS artist Landreth is at his slidey best when accompaning Hiatt....hope he’s using his AX8 (or III?!?!)
  52. bradlake


    Forgive the lengthy post to come......I’m in unfamiliar,waters now. As I have become sorta frustrated with the current Audio/Midi behavior of my 2018 MacBook Pro, not only the occasionally less-than ideal interactions with the betas of AxeEdit III and Logic, but numerous other onerous Symptoms...
  53. bradlake

    The Open....could Tiger make the ultimate comeback?!

    on live now on NBC and streaming online somewhere..I got a feeling some history could be made today....... so between this and Cubs /Cardinals rubber game, here is my day hopefully
  54. bradlake

    Using FX8 as a basic MIDI controller for III

    this has been brought up in numerous threads , but I cannot find a definite answer, and more importantly, a step-by step if it can be done ..I would be content with scene and preset control.......pretty please....I have a lifelong MIDI phobia that needs treatment....
  55. bradlake

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    IMO ,it should be known to all forum members that the guy singly responsible for literally all the hardware , firmware and related epiphanies of these products is about to go in for a somewhat major surgical procedure with a fairly lengthy recouperation time.. It would be my suggestion to...
  56. bradlake

    Paramore on Colbert 5/1 AWESOME PERFORMANCE! check it here

    Noticed that the side gig of IR creator @York Audio is getting some national TV exposure, and a cool chance to see and hear some Fractal goodness as played by Justin on late night... ....Break a leg, bro, see ya in Chi town in July. here it is . superb. #7
  57. bradlake

    HAVE A JOYOUS 4/20/2018

  58. bradlake


    I have had a very bad case of GAS recently, which has included good success with my X-Load and Friedman Runt 20 thru my III (and IIxl), which led me to the purchase of my bucket list physical amp head , a stil-on the bench Guytron GT 100 which I am to receive within a couple weeks. I was...
  59. bradlake

    DWEEZIL ZAPPA TOUR ALERT!!! WHO’S GOING (should be you) !?!

    As always I am most excited to see my fave touring band (I have the dubious honor of being promoter of the final performance in Illinois they were allowed to use the name Zappa Plays Zappa) but at least DZ is still allowed to use his surname for himself for now...:rolleyes:..He is actively...
  60. bradlake

    NAD----Guytron FV-100, anyone ?

    My recent rediscovery of the mysterious appeal of physical hot tubes due to the successful use of my LB-2 X-Load (which should really be designated a forum section of its own..IMO) has ignited my GAS as I FEARED. So incoming is a fresh -off -the bench beast that Ive coveted since Ive seen Jon...
  61. bradlake

    USB AUDIO - A Revelation and a Question...

    I have been invited to participate/organize a jam /performance at a party tomorrow night, and I am rushing to try to incorporate my III as the hub of a modest PA with the capability of playing backing/dance tracks with whoever wants to grab an instrument or mic (there will be vocalists...
  62. bradlake


    Thought I would start this thread as the number of users with both units increases, and the LB2 doesn't yet seem to rate its own forum section , here we are...my LB-2 is incoming this week, and I pulled out my modest selection of amps (two VHT combos and a Friedman Runt 20 combo) in preparation...
  63. bradlake

    Showtime....WHO HAS USED THEIR III LIVE? (evidence welcome)

    So who has been ballsy enough to start using their new box onstage...rumors , video and other media welcome.....I am seeing Fractal Uber-endorser Dweezil in a few weeks, and hoping he has incorporated his ...He was last seen using an AX8 by Leon @2112 in Perth...
  64. bradlake

    Importing User Cabs on III

    until such time that proper AxeFx III utility software is available to us, is there any way to A) import more than one user Cab at a time , all that appears possible with FractalBot now, and B)are there any slick tricks to get WAVs into the III besides doing a batch conversion in Cab Lab and ...
  65. bradlake

    quick noise floor comparison between III and IIXL+

    I used the Bassman About to Explode stock preset on both units and disabled all gates, to illustrate the noise floor contrast.
  66. bradlake

    Fractal-Bot 2.91 not working for me....solved...

    the latest version released today it would appear, creates a time out message and will not connect, but there is no freezing of the III in these instances. iMac Pro high Sierra 10.13.3
  67. bradlake

    Digital In Issue with the Axe-Fx III? (preset included)

    I have been attempting to create a III routing where I am sending a guitar input 3 signal from OUT 3 to the front input of AxeFxXL+, and returning a stereo (so I thought) digital signal from XL+ back into III via Input 1 (the only choice available AFAIK) , but I am only receiving the Left...
  68. bradlake


    GO Loyola Chicago!!! Sweet 16 for the Ramblers! !!!!!
  69. bradlake

    preset compatibility between II and III

    As the first units trickle into our hot little hands some guidance would be appreciated.... Pending the release of updated manual, AxE Edit and Fractal Bot, as well as hopefully an updated FracTool from Al, what is the level of compatibility between II and III presets and if possible, any...
  70. bradlake

    Miami Area Good Music Alert...GroundUP Festival..IT WAS GREAT

    Any of my Floridian buddies or folks who may be visiting down here, one of the most forward-thinking and generally cool music fests begins today here in Miami Beach over the weekend ...Curated by and featuring Snarky Puppy, the fest focuses on new funk, fusion and jazz motifs while excluding...
  71. bradlake


  72. bradlake


    New England Clam Chowder (yum) key lime pie , fried chicken and chilled seafood platter from Joes Stone Crab in SoBe..they had a Philly Cheese Steak on special, but ..just didn’t seem right....
  73. bradlake

    FAS SITE DOWN.... new servers , NEW AXEFX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Could it be that NEW PRODUCTS are being posted... the long- promised LB 2 is overdue for release...guess we will know soon enough.......NOT.
  74. bradlake


    Big question is....is Cliff at the game RIGHT NOW?!?!? David or Goliath?
  75. bradlake


    Anyone wanna share their exciting Plans/gigs for tonight? I, for one, having had more than my share of gigging this night, and dealing with the throngs of amateur Partiers paying top dollar for the worst F/B service of the year, I’m gonna stay home..and play some geetar...unless of course, I...
  76. bradlake

    IMac Pro.............!

    So I just dropped the equivalent of 4 on sale AxeFx xl’s on this .... hopefully it will allow me to run hundreds of Logic tracks in realtime while I mosey thru a couple virtual worlds on another 5k screen...... anyone else this dopey to go for it....?????..
  77. bradlake


    So I had the opportunity to see Paramore last night at my favorite Venue In South Beach., the Fillmore, as they had rescheduled a September date postponed by hurricane, and I stubhubbed a seat in the last nosebleed row....You probably know that @York Audio ’s Justin York is Paramore’s touring...
  78. bradlake

    If anybody needs a new 100 W stereo power amp, Carvin has a deal.....

    As part of their liquidation of Bidness sale. Carvin Audio just lowered the price on their TS 100 tube amp...612$ with holiday discount....and a bunch of other stuff as well......(hope I didn’t buy a lemon...never actually heard one of these..)
  79. bradlake

    Equator Audio out of business???.........NOPE! !

    When I just recommended D5 monitors on another thread, checked the link and the site was “under “maitenance “....further research lead to the fact that it has been down for weeks and calls are not being answered nobody seems to know anything definitive .....anybody ever hear about this...? sucks...
  80. bradlake

    9.02 Tuner ....wonky?..probably not

    I have never in the past had any issue with the tuner in AxeEdit, but I find in the latest iteration, that it is sluggish and difficult to tune, and this behavior also is in Ax8Edit with 9.02 as well....anyone else notice this..?
  81. bradlake

    NAMM 2018......WHO’S GOIN’?

    I am trying to Decide whether to make the trek this year, my GAS doesn’t really need attention, but you never know who you’ll run into there...and it’s almost worth it just to see @Larry Mitchell at the opening night lobby bar gig....last time I attended (2016) I ran into @X-Mann (though he...
  82. bradlake

    RIP David Cassidy

    Dead today at 67.....an underrated pop star....
  83. bradlake


    I am really enjoying the recent release by these guys, two of them Official Fractal Artists—Adrian Belew and Stewart Copeland.....does @Admin M@ or anyone else know the extent of FAS gear in the recording..? I think I may have spotted an AXE-EDIT shot quickly in this promo video.......
  84. bradlake


    Cliff just slipped this little gem into the forum..... In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements
  85. bradlake

    Has anybody tried to determine the cash value of all AxeFX amps/FX?

    Taking into account the current US resale values of every amp and FX in our box, I would imagine we have close to if not upwards of seven figures ,tho of course the actual value of having all this gear is basically priceless..anybody ever make the effort to come up with a number..?
  86. bradlake

    Jeff Beck Live at the Hollywood Bowl just released!

    very excited about this new release....think it came out yesterday ...all sorts of guests perform a nice mix from Becks catalog from Yardbirds to last year .....Any SoCal Fractalites attend the performance ?
  87. bradlake

    MLB POSTSEASON.........YOU IN???

    My personal favorite time of the sports year .....especially the last couple years as a Cubs fan...Could be a great playoff season. Does anybody care anymore?
  88. bradlake

    RIP Grant Hart

    Husker Du Drummer Grant Hart Dies at 56 - Billboard https://apple.news/A8BkKDzUoSCWuWVbl41o6zg
  89. bradlake


    So in a few hours, fanboyZ and gurlz around the world will gather in front of their screens in anticipation of what the wacky crew in Cupertino can offer us in the coming weeks to distract us from the harsh realities of actual life. Looks like there have been sufficient leaks so that no real...
  90. bradlake

    IRMA DAY for FLORIDA.......

    So I’m in chicago, watching the Weather Channel like a real-time horror movie...There are are so many Floridians who frequent this forum, and some good friends too, here’s hoping everyone is safely hunkered down , if that’s even possible at this point , or out of state...let us know how you you...
  91. bradlake

    Dweezil's Broken SG----saved

  92. bradlake

    Best reason to buy FAS

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