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    FS All sold

    The Axe FX III has sold but I still have the EV-1 if anybody is local and interested. Putting a feeler out there... Looking to sell local. I'm in Southeastern Connecticut. I'd rather not ship as I don't have the original box. I picked up this Mark I second hand earlier this year and the EV-1...
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    Drop G Xenial Hip Hop Metal Nonsense But I Think It Sounds Decent

    Here is a dropbox link if you actually like the song and want to listen to it in high quality: https://www.dropbox.com/s/do8ur2wqrfzy4t8/Die%20Alone.mp3?dl=0 I haven't uploaded anything to Soundcloud in awhile so I forgot how trashy it is for non paid users but here is the first full song I...
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    Input A/D Percentage For Mic Pre Amp On Input 2?

    So I know to set the A/D percentage in the set up for a guitar to be the point where it tickles the red when playing your hardest but I'm not sure where it should be set for my Great River mic preamp. The Great River has mic gain and then a controllable output level. It appears I can set the A/D...
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    Drop G and D Standard Metal (My SD3 Death and Darkness Mix)

    This is the first thing I have put together with my Axe FX III I picked up a couple months back. It's 2 songs I have in the works but I decided to make a video for the mix I have going with SD3 Death and Darkness SDX. The preset I made is also available in the video description if you have Death...
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    Observations Between Ownhammer and ML Sound Lab IRs

    I've been using mainly Ownhammer for IRs over the years and have a bunch of different packs. I started trying out some of the ML Sound Lab IRs that came built into the Axe FX III. I was really digging the Citrus and Zilla offerings in there. From what I can tell though, ML Sound Lab seems like...
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    FS FS: EV-1 Pedal - $100 (Prefer Local Pickup)

    Selling my Axe FX III and EV-1 Pedal. These were purchased back in June last year. They have been used in a home studio setting and that is it. Cosmetically in excellent shape and everything works as it should. The only reason I'm selling is that I prefer to do re amping with plugins do to...
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    FW12 Axe Edit Issues

    Since updating to FW12 Axe Edit seems to be behaving oddly. For instance, say I open one of my presets for a 5150, it might not actually show the 5150 in the editor but it might show the amp from the last preset. All the presets are actually fine in the Axe though it is just how Axe Edit is...
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    Best Way To Set Up Separate Analog DI Out

    What would be the best way to go about recording a fully processed signal and a dry signal using the analog outputs? I know you can do all this with USB pretty easy but I'm looking to use the analog outputs to record at sample rates other than 48Khz.
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    Synth Style Preset

    So I put together a preset patch that has 2 scenes. One is a Triangle based and the other is a Sine based. It reminds me of one of the patches I used to have on my old Roland XP60 workstation. Above is a sound byte.
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    Recto1 Red Multi Scene Crunch and Chug Fest Preset With Audio Example

    Another multi scene patch I put together similar to my Herbie CH3 preset. The Recto1 Red sounds much different though. Lots of chuggy goodness. I used the Ownhammer Mesa from the Heavy Hitters collection (OH 412 MES V30+G80 Summary). For the preset I used one of the recto cabs I found that was...
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    Posted in wrong Preset Exchange Forum Sorry, please delete.

    Posted in wrong forum. Preset was meant for the Axe-FX III Preset Exchange.
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    Herbie CH3 Hi Gain Preset with 6 Scenes

    I put together this preset which has 6 scenes. It has 4 rhythm scenes and 2 lead. The cab I used is the Ownhammer DZL 4x12 V30+12K from the summary blend. This preset also pairs well with the factory cab Zilla 2x12 Cream H 160 1 ML (cab #167 in factory bank 2). The preset I used the factory cab...
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    MIDI Recording Jitter and Latency

    I've been using my Axe FX III as an audio interface. I haven't recorded electronic drums with it yet though through the MIDI inputs. Is there any kind of latency, jitter, or timing issues since it goes across USB? I'm not worried about audio latency since I monitor with my drum module but am not...
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    Hard Rock Song With New Axe FX III (first song I have finished in some years)

    So before July of this year I worked some overtime. So of course I decided to treat myself and pick up an Axe FX III. Really enjoying it and it is pushing me to play again. Past couple years have been a musical slump for me and my motivation has been low. So this is the first song I have...
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    Axe-Fx III USB "Wet" Recording Volume Low

    When looking at the Axe FX III's output meter it looks like I'm around -6db peaking. When I record the USB output which would be what I hear form output 1/2 it registers around -18db in Cubase. It doesn't make sense to me but it looks like the output on the Axe FX III at 0db would be 12db or so...
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    Axe-Fx III as your main audio interface

    I was wondering if anybody else is having luck with this. I was thinking of just buying a decent microphone pre amp and using the Axe as my main recording device. I have a Presonus Quantum 2 right not but no longer need low low low latency. I had it before to trigger VSTi drums from my eDrums...
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    Hard Rock Tune (video) using Recto2 Red and 6160 Models

    I think it came out pretty good. Dig the blend of the Recto2 Red and 6160. Used the Mesa cab from the heavy hitters 1 collection and the 5153 cab from Ownhammer. Bass was the SVT blended with a FAS crunch amp. Used the own hammer Ampeg cabs for that too. Drums are the very nice Toontrack...
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    AXE FX II Models VS Amplitube Officially Licensed Models

    Measured up some of the AXE FX II models to the Amplitube officially licensed models. The DI for Amplitube was from the AXE FX II. I compared 4 amp models: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier ENGL Powerball Orange Rockerverb Marshall AFD100 The speaker cabinets within Amplitube are also officially...
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    AXE FX II VS BIAS Desktop (High Gain and Ambient Clean)

    One thing I notice is that the AXE FX II does not require you to place an overdrive pedal before the high gain amps to actually get a good high gain tone. A lot of the other modelers do require that. For the couple high gain amps I've owned I did not need an overdrive pedal to achieve a nice...
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    Axe FX II XL+ High Energy Hard Rock (video)

    Quad tracked the rhythm guitars on this. 2 Tracks the 5153 and 2 tracks the Das Metalllllllllll!!!!!!! Used the applicable Ownhammer cabs. Bass is the SV bass with the applicable Ownhammer cab. Go easy on the lead, that isn't what I do best. And of course, enjoy.
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    Hard (heavy) Rock Tune Using AXE FX II XL+ (Music Video)

    Another one using the XL+. Same amps as the other tune I posted. This song is more modern heavy rock.
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    Heavy Metal Tune with newly acquired AXE FX II XL+ (music video)

    I've owned an AXE FX II before and started missing it so I picked up another. For the heavy guitars I used layered tracks of the 5153 100w Red and Recto2 Red. The clean is the AC30 model. The bass is the SV bass. I used Ownhammer cabs to match the amps. And, I had a good time doing it all.
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    Axe FX II 5153 Ownhammer Mesa High Gain Essentials Crushing It

    Used the 5153 model into the Ownhammer Mesa V30 HGE impulse. Mixed the impulse together in cab lab. Sounds pretty ballsy to me. https://soundcloud.com/joshpollard/axe-fx-ii-5153
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    Using Axe FX II for vocal fx and compression

    Has anybody around here ran a decent mic pre into the Axe FX II line in and give vocal processing a shot? The compressors and equalizers should pretty much work for any source. And delays, reverbs and modulations the same. The compressor can tame bass guitar signals very well so I'm thinking it...
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    Axe FX II XL won't connect via USB for Fractal Box or Axe Edit

    This is the error I get: "A time-out has occurred while attempting to query the firmware version. Please verify the following: 1) The connected device matches the selected device. 2) The device is connected to the computer and powered on. 3) The device driver is properly installed...
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    FAS Modern, Deluxe Verb, Double Verb and Studio Bass Doing What They Do Best

    http://soundcloud.com/joshpollard/ice Heavy Guitars - FAS Modern Clean Guitars - Double Verb Leads - Deluxe Verb Bass - Studio Bass... Duh... This song is somewhere between the hard rock and metal zones. The heavy guitars are double tracked. My voice is all over the place. Used Izotope Ozone...
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    FAS Modern, rock/metal, Too Much Gain? Settings?

    Too Much Gain by joshpollard on SoundCloud - Hear the world Alrighty, I'm thinking maybe I over did the gain on the heavy rhythm guitars on this. I'm using: TS 808 Mod - 0 Drive, 3 Tone, and 7 Level FAS Modern - 4 Input Drive, 7 for Bass/Mid/Treble, 0 Presence, 0 compression, 2 Depth, 5...
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    After a couple months, I posted up a review

    I decided to post up a review at my site for the Axe FX II. It is really an awesome unit with a lot of flexibility and great sound. My review takes it from a different view point though. Mainly, the pros and cons of the Axe versus other solutions. Obviously just all my opinions. Fractal Audio...
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    Sat Down With FW11 and OH Studio Modern (Drop B Metal Grooves)

    WreckTaFied by joshpollard on SoundCloud - Hear the world Really digging the new OH IR pack. This is the Recto Red model into the English V30's using the "Studio-Modern" mix IR. 2 tracks panned hard left/right. TS 808 Mod behind the Recto to clean it up. Minimal EQ to clean up the low end...
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    DAS Metall Drop B Groove

    Over this weekend I have redone my workstation set up. Picked up the new Logic and started from scratch completely. I only double tracked the guitars instead of quad tracking like I usually do. Seems full enough to me. Drop B Groove by joshpollard on SoundCloud - Hear the world
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    First Finished Song with Axe FX II on Guitars and Bass (Metalish)

    The Nightmare Within by joshpollard on SoundCloud - Hear the world Quad tracked the heavy rhythm guitars with 2 Recto Red Modern and 2 Energyball takes. SVT for the bass with a distortion blended on the side for some added punch single tracked. Clean guitars are mostly the USA Clean 1...
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    After 1 Weekend with the Axe FX II, I give you this bit atmospheric grove metal

    Newest Version: http://soundcloud.com/joshpollard/7-string-axe-fx-2-a 7 String Axe FX 2 by joshpollard on SoundCloud - Hear the world To accompany the New Axe FX II purchase I picked up a Schecter C-7 Hellraiser used and an Ibanez SR505. This is my first seven string guitar but not my first 5...
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    1st Tune using Axe FX II (Heavy Metalish)

    Axe FX II came in the mail yesterday. Had some time to mess with it last night. Did some recording with my buddy this morning. Used the FAS Modern and Recto Red Modern. Also use the Redwirez cabs the ENGL V30 and Mesa V30 with U87 and R121 mixed together. 2 Tracks each hard panned. The cleans I...
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    New Hard Rock Tune "Closer To Hell"

    I've been out of the game for awhile and am finally getting back with doing things here. A lot of my VST plug ins now are either lower cost or free solutions. It feels great making music again, I just have to stay away from gear this time to stop the buying and selling cycle. Here is a direct...
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