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    All Access and FV 500 problem

    Anybody using Boss FV 500 with the AA? Can you get these pedals to register the full range, 0-127? Just got myself a couple og FV 500's, one H and one L model. The AA's pedal inputs can't be calibrated and both these pedals go no lower than 80...so I have 80-127 from heel to toe. The Axe can be...
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    Anybody using pushed low gain amps (eg Deluxe) tried FW 8 yet?

    Something drastically happened from 7 to 8. Really struggling to make the Deluxe, and other similar amps, work now. It's as if there's a compressor with a somewhat slow attack in line. The attack is just....unnatural. I remember from 6 to 7, some of my patches ended up with the "dynamics"...
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    Tiny trio

    Multitasking little guitar dude. Full on rock'n roll show while sounding like a grown up 8)
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    AFX feedback

    Still stuggling with the AFX starting to feedback much earlier than I'm used to with tube amps. Both low and high pitched feeds. Anyone out there playing loud that have experienced the same? I don't play loud usually, but at some gigs I need to, or want to 8) It's hard to get to the same...
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    Weird Speaker Drive in 5.07

    From about 6 and up, Speaker Drive results in some weird "compression" - audio level drops. Closing on max Speaker Drive, these level dips are all the way down to zero output...
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    Snap to default?

    Is there a knob pair/double click/sumthin' on the Axe that will set the selected parameter to its default setting? Spending too much time dialing back to default here! :ugeek
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    The bass guitars within a Stratocaster and Axe-Fx

    Testing pitch shift in the Axe. Lots of basses in that Stratocaster 8) Actually sounds like they can be very usable, especially for a guitarist! Using all five pickup combinations on the strat, mono pitch -12, SV BASS amp:
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    Help me out, those who use the Axe into a regular guitar amp...

    You 4CM guys, or 2 cable guys for that matter. My problem is the HISS. I've adjusted the Output 2 boost/pad to 12dB which is as far as I can go before the output level decreases. As I said, nothing else in the grid. My amps are plenty crisp (65 amps, Matchless HC30 and a JTM45) so they won't...
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    Expression pedals

    I can't seem to get these pedals of mine to calibrate to the input on the back of the Axe. It's a Korg Exp-2 and a Dunlop controller I'm using for a Dunlop rack wah. The Exp-2 has been working fine with my All Axess. I'm calibrating it per instructions in the manual, but nothing happens through...
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    Can ya do this hot-rod plexi tone?

    MP3 Player SoundClick Not a sound I would be using often, but would be nice to have around, and have fun with :) And I just got the Axe....so I'm wondering if it's at all possible. Extremely raw and juicy tube's at work. Maybe some of you more experienced users haved dived into something...
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    Amp block

    Hi! Just got the Axe-Fx II and so far, after hours of fiddling, I've only played with two amp models. Jeeeez, what an amount of parameters :shock It's fun though, and I really like playing this thingy! I also got a large box of sweet chocolate, and a handwritten note in Norwegian from Sussi...
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