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    "In the room" tone and "close mic'd" tone simultaneously

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking into the CLR's as far as wedges go. Every moment spent with the axe puts a wider smile on my face. The unit is simply incredible.
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    "In the room" tone and "close mic'd" tone simultaneously

    I can get a great feel and response as though having the amp in the room with me, but it's tone is different than the recorded tone needed. When I copy out 1 to out 2, the recording tone is different through the wedges. It looses some of the responsiveness and sounds a little harsh on the high...
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    "In the room" tone and "close mic'd" tone simultaneously

    First of all, Hello to all, as I am new to the Axe FX II (purchased the unit 8 days ago). And am brand new to the forum (first day, second post). My primary reason for getting the Axe FX was for a recording solution. I have read Yek's incredible tutorial, as well as the wiki pages and user...
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    Jackson Swirl Completed. Feast your eyes...

    Beautiful guitar! Great job!!! I have a friend who does this as well, but he's still perfecting the technique. Yours looks amazing!
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