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    Firmware 11: Reviews and Wisdom

    Sometimes it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission...
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    OK, I guess this in part answers my question re future upgrades for the Ultra: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/showthread.php?t=35997&p=490907&viewfull=1#post490907
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    I've had my Ultra since 2009, and love every bit of it. Personally, I wouldn't be over the moon if I had just bought it before the release of the Axe FX II, but that didn't happen for me, and I'm not in a hurry to upgrade to an Axe FX II at the moment, and no need to sit on a wait list. My...
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    Ironic Eleven

    IF 11.00 is the last upgrade for Ultra / Standard, don't you think it is kind of ironic? Let's hope it can be upgraded to at least 12, one more better than the competition! :-)
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    Are the Standard and Ultra now discontinued?

    Just a thought, but it would have been a nice touch if Cliff had have thrown in a new amp or effect in v11, just to sweeten the pain for those who just bought an Ultra and now wish they had've waited for the Axe FX II. Understandably he's been super busy working on the Axe FX II, and going...
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    Introducing the Axe-Fx II

    ... will us "pre II" owners (Ultra and Standard) still be getting upgrades for these models (with new amps and effects) on a regular basis? And how long will the support for the Ultras and Standards last for? PS, still in love with my Ultra, and waiting to for the Axe FX III... :-)...
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    Alex Lifeson Using an Ultra

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    Pussy Power by CIOKS

    ...it doesn't bother me too much. Maybe if I had kids around the house, I wouldn't buy one and have it laying around. Can imagine this power supply ending up on many rock and rollers' pedal boards for the crass factor. Whatever.
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    Amp Block Discovery

    Reminds me of the following learning model in psychology I once learnt, describing the stages of learning... 1.Unconscious Incompetence The individual does not understand or know how to do something, does not recognize the deficit, and has no desire to address it. 2.Conscious...
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    Motivation, do I wanna play anymore?

    I recently read these two books whilst on holiday in Thailand. Really puts a perspective on both motivation and talent: Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else by Geoff Colvin Amazon.com: Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class...
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    Living in the region and having many close friends who are Japanese and/or living in Japan, all I can say is that this is mind boggling. I was actually speaking to someone who lived through the Kobe earthquake back in 1995 just the other day before all this happened. The 1995 Kobe earthquake...
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    Google Image Search - Cliff Chase

    Some time ago, folks found a Facebook entry of a guy called Cliff Chase, wearing a purple Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and sunglasses (guitar fan at least). My guess is that was the real Cliff, but we may never know...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Wouldn't want your tongue sticking to a cold aluminium guitar neck...
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    Advanced Alternate Picking Question For Those Who "Think Too Much"

    I can honestly say that after going through the Sheets of Sounds books for a few years now already, and having adapted my playing to suit, that my speed and accuracy has made leaps and bounds. http://www.sheetsofsound.net/ Previously I was either strict alternate picking, with the...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Hmmm, thanks for sharing the info. BTW, do check out the Vigier guitars. I'm generally happy with the neck. As a side point though, I have had some problems on the Vigier with both the zero fret and the deep string slot in the tremolo block (causes the end windings of the string to come...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Just throwing it out there 'cause you asked for other brands to consider :-) Is your requirement for an aluminium neck, or the most stable neck? How about Parker guitars or Steinberger? I'm interested to know people's opinions regarding neck stability as well. Living in Hong Kong which is...
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    Aluminum Guitars

    Tokai make an aluminium model: http://www.tokai-guitars.co.uk/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=119&category_id=8&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=31
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    New EBMM Gamechanger

    Gamechanger is an overused and misunderstood cliche. Makes me cringe. Anyway, I like the idea of the concept in the Musicman. Wonder if they will also introduce on their other models.
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    Request: AC Booster

    Cool, thanks for posting this!
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    Gary Moore RIP!

    Empty Rooms...
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    Suhr vs Petrucci Guitars

    I have a Suhr Standard and Pro Series II, but not a JP guitar. Have played a few of the JP's in the shops but I find the neck profile way too thin for my liking. Looking into the Suhr Modern... It seems to have everything I need, but I'm considering something a bit more lighter in weight. My...
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    Bugera and NAMM 2011: CHECK THIS OUT! Copying MESA!

    My wife is made in China (Hong Kong), and she's the best quality I've ever had... and she 'aint cheap either, what with all those Gucci handbags and Rolex watches! ;-)
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    Amp sim requests

    Very interesting post, thanks... The Lab Series sounds great.
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    Sooooo, Guthrie Govan is interested in AxeFx?

    Bring it on!!!
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    One last AXFX 10.3 video w/univibe &Wah Little Wing

    Great playing and tone... you always have the sports playing in the background
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    Add the Boss DS-1 and Keeley modded DS-1

    Thanks for the link to your DS-1 Mod settings. I also own this pedal modded by keeley, although I don't use it that much. Cheers
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    Could we please get a Marshall "Black Flag" JTM45-100 ?

    Steady on now big fella! The "Bump Police" might get into a state of anxiety and book you for doing too many bumps... Happy New Year folks! ;)
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    Clark Kent: NGD!!

    Your white PRS looks the same as the first one I bought 22 years ago! Unfortunately I sold it to a student and it was then stolen... :-( BTW, re Ibanez: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/Counterfe ... index.html I'm really itching for a new guitar now! Cheers
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    Clark Kent: NGD!!

    I like the natural look of that guitar. How you finding the tone? Is it thin (like the body)? I had an S Series in the 80's but found it quite thin sound (especially compared with my PRS). How's the action and string tension with the vibrato? Is it the same model as this one...
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    Tommy Emmanuel - AXE?

    Tommy is not just an awesome guitar player but a really great human being whom I've had the pleasure to meet on a few occasions. I used to live in the next suburb in Australia and watch him play at our local pubs, often for free. Truly inspiring musician.
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    Request: AC Booster

    Take it easy, and have a nice day.
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    Request: AC Booster

    That's good.
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    Request: AC Booster

    Probably not high on Cliff's "To Do" list, but an AC Booster would be real nice... :-)
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    Midiox and midisport 2x2 config - problem updating firmware

    Re: Midiox and midisport 2x2 config - problem updating firmw I think I've narrowed down the problem to my configuration (or version) of MidiOx. I installed Bome's SendSX and it updated no problems. :)
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    Midiox and midisport 2x2 config - problem updating firmware

    I'm having problems upgrading from AxeFX v10.00 to v10.03. There some new changes to my setup as listed below. I've recently had to have my laptop fixed / upgraded. As a result I've updated and installed the latest version of both Midisport 2x2 Anniversary (driver v6.1.2) and Midiox...
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    Variac effects block.

    I vote yes, but you can leave out the KFC analogies please ;) Cheers
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    Record yourself - play with a metronome...

    I often play with the click on 2 and 4. Never been the kind of guy who sits there increasing the speed of the metronome notch by notch... (yawn) Emily Remler teaches the 2 and 4 approach on one of her instructional DVDs. Worth checking out. Also, like someone else mentioned, when you're...
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    Are we blessed, or what?

    Cool tip!
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    Request: AC Booster

    I bought a Zendrive clone in Japan last year, but it doesn't beat my AC Booster (of course, could be just a bad copy of the Zendrive!). From what I've heard about the Zendrive, it sure sounds like a winner, so not complaining if Cliff decides to model the Zendrive for the AxeFX.... but pretty...
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    Request: AC Booster

    ...Gentle bump ;-)
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    BB Preamp model quality

    I like the BB model in the Axe. Sounds good in front of a clean Fender amp, and is spot on to the original IMHO. My favourite is the AC Booster though, and hoping Cliff will model this in the Axe too! You can vote for the AC Booster pedal and add your comments here...
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    More FAS Amps

    Yeah, I think it's a great idea... Let's see what more amazing things that Cliff can come up with!
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    Why doesn't order matter for (linear) effects?

    BTW, which effects are classed as "linear" and which ones are classed as "non-linear"? Feel free to just point me in the right direction... Cheers
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    Dear Fractal Audio: A request

    How about a live weekend workshop? As long as it was well structured and didn't turn into a free-for-all. May need longer than 2-3 days though, but could be broken into different levels. A long time ago I used to be a UNIX Administrator and programmer. A lot of computer companies run intensive...
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    Rusty Co.Oley Gotz dee Ultra!

    It's great to see high caliber players demoing the Axe on Youtube... but just IMHO, the PART 1 video tones all sound pretty similar to me.
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    What's next?

    Cool. Hope there are some new drive pedals also included (AC Booster, Zen Drive...)! Cheers
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    Request: AC Booster

    OK, another shameless and selfish bump for this wish Seems there was some progress earlier in the thread with some folks suggesting schematics to Cliff, and I guess it wouldn't be too hard to emulate since Cliff has already done the BB Preamp (which I'm loving by the way).
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    Master level default setting poll!

    I disagree on this point, and this is because we all have different ways of achieving the sounds we like (which I'm sure we all agree on!). I can get some very enjoyable monster tones with the MV cranked on high gain amps and the drive low. Horses for courses. Couldn't agree more! But I do get...
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    What's your favorite instructional guitar DVD?

    I also have John McLaughlin's 3 DVD set This is How I Do It and The Gateway to Rhythm. I think they are only OK IMHO. The Gateway to Rhythm could have been structured a bit better. I have some Steve Morse one's which are great.
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    What's your favorite instructional guitar DVD?

    Well, my first VHS :o instructional was Larry Carlton's. I remember 'cause my dad bought it for me. Then there was the first Vinnie Moore VHS (good story about the making of that on Vinnie's website). Really liked the EJ vids too...
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    So I got my first Tele today...

    Actually, two of my favourite guitars at the moment are an Edwards relic Tele, and an Edwards relic Les Paul. Both quite cheap which I bought in Japan. Excellent build quality, setup and pickups (Seymour Duncans). These guitars are more fun to play than my Suhrs (Standard and Pro II), Vigier SL...
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    Xotic Ep Booster

    I voted yes. I love the Xotic range of pedals. Super happy we have the BB in the Axe Fx. Please also vote for the AC Booster at this link, and leave a comment! I prefer the AC Booster over the BB... viewtopic.php?f=29&t=13472 :-)
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    Thanks to Cliff and staff

    The Axe FX has put the fun back into playing for me. I'm gonna start selling a lot of my gear because I simply don't need it. I don't have GAS for any amps or pedals, 'cause I know I can nail it with the Axe, and I know that there will be more amp sim etc coming along, which makes every update...
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    10.0 is up

    I thought I noticed an improvement in some of the patches... Many thanks Cliff! You're a legend.
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    Marsha BE, OMG!!!! Unbelievable

    Feakin' awesome. I got around to upgrading to v10 today and dialled in the Marsha BE... blown away! What a lively little monster! :o
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    10.0 is up

    Cool, as always!
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    Maxon Od pedal?

    Personally, I'd prefer an AC Booster
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    10.0 ????

    Likewise! Unfortunately, living in Hong Kong I have a major "space" constraint as well at the moment... :-(
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    10.0 ????

    Scott, sounds like a great reason to buy another Axe FX ! :-)
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    10.0....Whats inside?

    HandEgg !!! Brilliant !!!
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    C.C deville Life goes on solo

    The pre-chorus sounds like Whitesnake's "Here I go again"...
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    Clark Kent: Redwirez Cab Mix Experiment

    Oh, I thought you were quitting the forum back in April... viewtopic.php?f=18&t=15430 Guess you couldn't resist. ;)
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    Axe-Fx Floor Model or a GREAT dedicated foot controller?

    I don't like built-in expression pedals, simply because most of them are on the right hand side of the board, and I'm LEFT FOOTED! Therefore, I'd prefer the option to plug in my own pedals and set them up on the left-hand side of the board. :-)
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    Great To see Steve Vai

    Created by Steve himself, or created by someone else to sound like Steve ???
  65. O

    Heard 10.0 at NY Amp show today

    Mmmmm... any AC Booster in there?
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    Fractal Audio welcomes Steve Vai!

  67. O

    Fractal Audio welcomes Steve Vai!

    This is awesome news. Been fan since hearing Steve with Zappa and on the Attitude Song that came on a small floppy vinyl (Vai-nyl?) record in Guitar Player magazine... remember those? "It's all I need now." That pretty much sums it up for me. Watch the avalanche of artists flood on board now...
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    Great To see Steve Vai

    Now, I wonder what his forum username is? ;)
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    Great To see Steve Vai

    More than Happy!
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    New video of Dweezil

    Too cool!
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    Alex Machacek and Ultra?!

    Alex is an awesome player (he was even kind enough to answer my emails regarding his gear a while ago).
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    White Lion Riff AxeFx Direct or Please don't change my Uber

    Re: White Lion Riff AxeFx Direct or Please don't change my U Cool. I always thought that Vitto was great back in the day.
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    ZOMG! My Electro-Metal band is here to make you pregnant...(

    Re: ZOMG! My Electro-Metal band is here to make you pregnant at 3:14, girl in audience doodling with iPhone... :lol: :lol: :lol: Not my cup of (green) tea, but looks like you are good at what you do and full of energy!
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    Request: AC Booster

    Ummm... Am I being too greedy and selfish for shamelessly trying to put this back on the radar? ;)
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    Good power conditioner that works on 240vac?

    I'm thinking of also checking UK sites for Monster type products, because HK has the same voltage and plug format as the UK.
  76. O

    Good power conditioner that works on 240vac?

    Hi, I bought my 1 rack Furman conditioner 240v from Sanecore Audio in Hong Kong (I live in HK). Does the job, but I'm also looking around for a portable and lightweight solution too. The Furman adds a bit of weight to my rack... I've been chasing these guys to see if they have something in...
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    Steve Vai with AXE FX??

    OK, I traced it through some other links. Hard to tell if it's legit by just hitting that link. ...and I recognise the beret :-)
  78. O

    Steve Vai with AXE FX??

    How can this pic be substantiated? Could be anyone's studio. I wouldn't be surprised if Vai and others of that caliber already own the Axe FX...
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    Video impression of Dutch Axe-Fx meeting

    Great Axe Orgy... thanks for sharing. Cool tones and playing.
  80. O

    Scary gig experience

    keep it simple
  81. O

    Dweezil Zappa - Fractal Cello

    Sounds brilliant... very woody!
  82. O

    Tape Echo and Analog Deluxe Memory Man delays?

    Fortunately I had access to an original Roland Space Echo when I was growing up... pure bliss!
  83. O

    Request: Guthrie Govan patch or advice

    You can vote for the addition of the Cornford Roadhouse sim in the Wishlist here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=12990 ;) Also, I guess if you are already a Guthrie fan, you can check out his online forum where there is plenty of discussion regarding his tone. This interview below with Guthrie at...
  84. O

    Modeling for different power valves

    One user in the old forum link provided by shredi knight earlier mentioned "Cross-breeding amps", and Cliff mentioned he was thinking about it. Sounds cool... - Cross-breeding amps - It'd be neat to throw a Marshall front end into a Mesa power amp and see what comes out. (from user scarr) I've...
  85. O

    Recording of Jeff Beck's "The Pump" with Ultra - pls comment

    Re: Recording of Jeff Beck's "The Pump" with Ultra - pls com Magic! Sounds great! Checked out some of your other vids on YouTube... Awesome tones there!
  86. O

    OMG!!! This thing is a beast. A lively beast...

    Did you mean organism or orgasm? 8-)
  87. O

    AXE live at Oprah that Wednesday

    Awesome tones there... would love some tips on those settings! ;)
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    sleek-looking 2-space protective cover for the Axe Fx?

    You may also want to consider the two handles on the front face of the Axe FX... they might protrude from the Carvin case (which doesn't appear to have a front and back cover), and may not fit into the Rockbag. Good if you could check that the Axe FX fits in nicely before you purchase. Cheers
  89. O

    Request: AC Booster

    Sorry guys, another shamless Bump... I really love this pedal!
  90. O

    Request: Cornford Roadhouse 50

    Bump... ;)
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    Poll: Improving the Fuzz - Fuzzface Model

    That Spinnerette video is cool...
  92. O

    Poll: Improving the Fuzz - Fuzzface Model

    OK, how about we try and move this thread into some win/win positive territory here... I can understand how some folks aren't too partial to the Jimi Hendrix fuzz sounds (especially those born post 60's). Personally, I think some of Jimi's tones are too fuzzy, but being born in the 60's, I was...
  93. O

    Poll: Improving the Fuzz - Fuzzface Model

    Absolutely Yes - I vote YES!
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    Cesar Diaz modded blackface Vibroverb for that SRV tone!

    No worries, I'm a big fan of SRV too, and I suspect Cliff might be a fan as well (I think I heard an MP3 of his playing Lenny or something like that). Cheers
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    Got my ULTA + Scary startup problem

    Tone Merchants sold me a dodgy guitar once. I bought it via the internet, so not much recourse. I had a lot of faith in them when Ed Yoon was the manager, and I've bought good stuff from them in the past. Not anymore.
  96. O

    More Basic Delay Blocks Wish

    Delay No More! (I think only those that know Cantonese swear words will understand the other meaning to this... :o )
  97. O

    AxeFX Uber Model

    OK, we can all calm down again now folks...
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