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  1. Se7en

    Wish More Boost types @ "Amp - Preamp - Input Boost"

    Edited to clarify the request: It would be nice to have more "Boost types" in the amp block. There are 59 drives and 13 types in amp Boost type
  2. Se7en

    Matrix FR212A

    Matrix has just released an updated active FR212A. The powermodule is based of the reliable GM50 module http://uk.matrixamplification.com/speakers/fr212a-240.html .. what's interesting in DSP mode 2 there's a fletcher muncher compensation.
  3. Se7en

    Importing Raw Wave-formats with Cab-Manager to Axe-Fx III

    I usually only use the syx or ir because I never know what file to pick. There are a lot of different wave-formats from vendors Cab-pack. Which one do you prefer? Sample rates 44,1kHz, 48kHz, 88,2kHz, 96kHz Length 200ms, 500ms Resolution 16bit, 24bit Other Non-Minimum Phase vs Minimum Phase...
  4. Se7en

    Port City Pearl Top

    I have bought a new 2x12 cab and I'm stuck on what poweramp I should get. I already have a 2x12 with Matrix GM50 module which I really like but it lacks a little bit of the interaction to the cab. Before the matrix I've been using many poweramps like mesa 2:90/mesa 50/50/engl 850 which sounded...
  5. Se7en

    Peavey Invective

    I'm suprised that's no threads about this Amp. Misha collaboration with peavey and this Amps sounds like what I wanted 5 years ago before I got a fractal =) A "5150" with 3 chans (clean/crunch/lead), boost a la ts808, noisegate, midi, 2 x loops and powersupply for pedals, lineout with cab-sim...
  6. Se7en

    XL+ vs MK1: Screen and instr in

    I recently upgraded from Mark I to a XL+ and I noticed some differences Instrument input All my guitars have high output pickups, bareknuckle ceramic nailbombs bridge and coldsweat neck. In Mark I I had about 22% on intstr input with tickling red but in XL+ I have to get as low as 5-6%, seems...
  7. Se7en

    Building new rig JP2C + AX8

    I've been AxeFx2 user since 2012/02 and it has been a great journey with all the possibilities and firmware improvements so I ended up selling all my amps/gear. I do still miss the real amp, smell of tubes and easy access to knobs and raw amp-in-the-room sound. I want to keep my preset simple...
  8. Se7en

    13/8 - 2011: An ode to FAS and forum folks!

    I've been a gear freak since I discovered rock'n'roll...and I've been searching for that perfect gear that suits my needs. My first source was a used zoom 9002 and I loved it until I heard a real tube-amp and it was a new world opened for me. Later I bought a JCM 900 dual reverb and the drug...
  9. Se7en

    Matrix FR12 active Cab

    I just saw this on FB: Comming soon.. new FR12 active lightweight FRFR cab https://www.facebook.com/MatrixAmplification/videos/976211862402244
  10. Se7en

    My 2x12 Custom Cab (Matrix GM50)

    I took some pictures of by Cab yesterday I would like to share. (I've tried the FRFR route (CLR) but I always go back to this cab) The Cab is made of ash and was original build as a dumble-style which I have made some modifications. It weights about 35kg (77 pounds) and if I compare my last rig...
  11. Se7en

    Copy X/Y to clipboard (12.03b5/3.00.03) not working

    Firmware: 12.03b5 Axe-Edit: 3.00.03 OS: Windows 7 x64 In Axe-edit: If I choose Amp2 and "copy x (or y) settings to clipboard" and paste to Amp1, nothing happends I know the firmware is just a beta but I thought to let you know.
  12. Se7en

    Matrix FR212 (passive & active)

    The passive are here.. and in stock, that's Matrix! Full range flat response guitar cab
  13. Se7en

    Atomic SLR 400

    From FB "Introducing SLR 400! Stereo Linear Reference 400W - Feather weight – Fanless - Pure (Pictured with Fractal Audio Systems' Axe-Fx II)"' Anymore news? Nothing from their website. (I hope not a "paper launch" like the CLRs)
  14. Se7en

    CLR compared to studio monitor

    Hi, I'm on the waiting list for 2 CLRs and I believe I'm on the next shipment for EU. While waiting for the CLRs I made a custom cab 2x12 fitted EVM2L Classic powered by GM50 module. I'm extremly satisfied with this solution and with firmware 11 it's unbelievable. Having said that I'm still GAS...
  15. Se7en

    MFC, assigning IA

    Hi, I've read the wiki (Yeks MFC-101 How-Tos page - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki) but I'm a little bit confused My MFC is configured as: 1-5 = Scene 1-5 6-17 = regular IA Bank Up/Down changes preset My idea was to group effects that I never use in same preset chorus/quadchorus...
  16. Se7en

    Question ragarding CPU and idle

    Hi, I usually have my Axe powered on during all day, using it for playing (of course)/reamping and sometimes just like an audio interface. Let's say I have 2 presets, one with a 90% CPU average and another on 10% (taken from utility/status) Do the Axe behave like a regular pc/server, when...
  17. Se7en

    Question regarding CFR12/CLR, playing at home (studio)

    Hi, I play mostly at home and I'm using AxeFX as following: - Output 1, XLR out -> Adam A7x - Output 2, FX-Loop -> Mesa 2:90 -> Mesa 4x12 I use the Adams when recording/mixing but for practice I still prefer playing through poweramp/cab. It might have something to do with guitar-resonance and...
  18. Se7en

    Output1 vs Output2 (poweramp/cab)

    Hi, I've read the manual, wiki and searched forums regarding the difference between output1 and output2. I've connected output1 XLR to Adam A7X and output2 to poweramp/Mesa 4x12 Cab. Have tried a Mesa 2:90 and Matrix GT800FX, same results. In AxeEdit I have enabled FXLoop block without Cab...
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