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  1. BigD1977

    Parker Fly Deluxe Wiring Diagram

    I thought I would post this here first rather than sign up for another forum. I have a mid 2000's Parker Fly Deluxe with piezo bridge. During a repainting job the wires of the batter holder came off the PCB and I need to find out which contacts to solder the wires back on to. If anyone has...
  2. BigD1977

    Axe II Failiure

    A few months back I bricked my Axe II (Mk1). I was updating the firmware when someone who shall remain nameless decided to pull the plug from the back. I got in touch with G66 and everything was sorted very quickly, which I was thankful for as I had a slew of important gigs coming up. In fact...
  3. BigD1977

    Food For Thought on 'Real' Guitar Tone.

    State of the Stomp: The Myth of “Realâ€￾ Guitar Tone | Premier Guitar
  4. BigD1977

    Sony Music and Spotify contract.

    It makes for interesting reading. This was Sony Music's contract with Spotify | The Verge
  5. BigD1977

    Well worth a watch.

  6. BigD1977

    A Moment of Revelation

    So last night I was rehearsing with a band until roughly 2am for an upcoming gig tomorrow night. It was the first time I have had my two powered CLRs running in stereo and was using my Epi Les Paul Custom. Cycling through the presets yielded incredibly satisfying results. While not perfect...
  7. BigD1977

    New Online Automated Mastering Service

    Any thoughts or experiences? I'm curious. https://landr.com/#/
  8. BigD1977

    This guy needs an Axe FX

    I'd love to see what he could do with it! :D
  9. BigD1977

    The Loudness War Developments.

    Following Bob Katz' declaration that 'the Loudness wars are over' in a press release at the AES convention in New York, Sound On Sound magazine have run a piece on the end of the Loudness War in it's February edition. Basically, it details how ITU-R BS.1770-3 uses time averaging, frequency...
  10. BigD1977

    Happy St. Paddy's Day! (Helped by Swedish Chef.....

    ...... in absentia). ;) :D
  11. BigD1977

    Billy Corgan Rig

    It struck me how much like an analogue Axe FX this wold be (if one existed). I'd like to sit down with him and get his take on the tones possible with it too.
  12. BigD1977

    Tosin Abasi Interview: FAS Shoutout

    Great interview with a really cool guy. 9:37 for the FAS thing.
  13. BigD1977

    New Animals As Leaders Track.

    From their upcoming March release. Still undecided as to whether I like it or not......
  14. BigD1977

    Fishman Rethinking The Pickup.

    Any thoughts? Unwound: Fishman Rethinks the Electric Guitar Pickup | Premier Guitar
  15. BigD1977

    Happy New Year!

    Here in New Zealand we have the honour of welcoming it in before most western folks, and the clock has just turned, so here's to 2014! Feels the same as it did a few minutes ago, but hey! the possibilities are endless! Take care, and wishing you all a fine one! D.
  16. BigD1977

    Sound Design and Acoustics

    Food for thought! :) Apparently done without reverb, but compression and editing are all in evidence. It just goes to show the power of the acoustic space you record in! Might have a look at snopes though because I'm a wee bit sceptical.... ;)
  17. BigD1977

    This killed me. Happy Christmas.

  18. BigD1977

    Music and Psychology

    Hey folks! I wanted to throw this question out there and find out if there are any psychologists among us, and if there are, what books you would recommend me to read to learn about the subject of Music and Psychology? Specifically, I'm more interested in the brain and any research that has...
  19. BigD1977

    KXM George Lynch, Ray Luzier, Doug Pinnick.....

    .....and what's that at 1:58....? I'm just curious if this is being used on guitars or bass?
  20. BigD1977

    Life Before Fractal....

    Lovely naked rare amp
  21. BigD1977

    Is the Axe a viable amp?

    Here we all are, post FW10, with mostly positive results. Among those negative ones, the common thread seems to be that the Axe sounds too much like the original amps, warts and all, from unpleasant fuzziness to unpleasant overtones. These all seem to be as a result of the MIMIC process...
  22. BigD1977

    Onboard Preamp Usefulness

    Hi. Just a quick one. Given that the input level is a soft knob, and not subject to analogue distortion, is there any usefulness in installing an onboard guitar preamp, such as the EMG PA2? Will this result in just clipping at the input stage? Thanks. D.
  23. BigD1977

    Something A Little Different

    An ambient soundtrack experiment. Only 2 guitar tracks, and nothing else. All delays and processing done by the Ultra, except limiting of the master, which was handled in Logc. How Amazing by Project 10 Productions on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  24. BigD1977

    New Song: I, Universe

    This is a short high-gain tech song, more of an experiment in time signatures, without going to unlistenable extremes. I didn't want it to sound djenty either, and I like composing rather than having things too guitar-centric. I, Universe by Project 10 Productions on SoundCloud - Create...
  25. BigD1977

    The Thanks Thread

    Nothing in particular has prompted me to start this, except to maybe say thanks to Cliff and his team for what they have done for me. Now, before anyone gets up on a high horse, I am not a FAS employee, I am in no way affiliated with FAS and have never even met (to my knowledge) Cliff or...
  26. BigD1977

    Buying an Axe II

    I came online this morning and noticed a lot of talk regarding a waiting list for the Axe II. I investigated, and saw the RRP of the Axe had been raised by $400 since I last checked, and a waiting list has been implemented, with a $400 coupon scheme. I also noticed a thread this evening...
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