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  1. dieter

    Ground lift button is stuck

    Hi guys I just realised that the push button for the ground lift got stuck It almost looks like it as if it sunk in It is pretty much flash with the panel and although there is a little bit of room between button and panel it does not come out Did anyone experience that issue? I can’t even...
  2. dieter

    FM3 and FC-6 issues

    At practice yesterday about 2hours in All of a sudden the upper row of the fc6 showed all the same preset Bank up or down changed only the the lower row but the upper row always showed the third preset from the lower row. Checked that I had selected the bank size shows 6 presets on the Fm3 and...
  3. dieter

    Wah pedal stays on when unplugged

    Just wondering if that’s a normal behaviour. If I unplug my wah pedal which is on auto engage The wah block will switch to on To disengage the wah I have to switch presets forth and back That applies to factory presets as well as to my own ones. Cheers
  4. dieter

    Fixed Shred distortion contour not working

    As the title states, contour does nothing With or without axe edit Compared it to the drive in Axefx 3 Where it works properly Can someone please check Thx Cheers
  5. dieter

    Shred distortion contour not working

    As the title states, contour does nothing With or without axe edit Compared it to the drive in Axefx 3 Where it works properly Can someone please check Thx Cheers
  6. dieter

    2x12 Godzilla Speaker impedance curve.

    Hi I can’t find that impedance curve in the FM3 Is there a reason why this one is left out? I use it quite regular in my Axe FX 3 Cheers
  7. dieter

    Blue MoFi headphones ear cushions

    Hi Guys I pretty sure there are quite a few of you who got those Blue MoFi headphones. Just wondering if someone got a good solution to fix the badly deteriorating ear cushions, other then sending the headphones back. I‘m in Australia and tried to send them over to Europe for repair, didn’t work...
  8. dieter

    Trigger finger left hand index finger

    As the title states, Got some issues with my left hand index finger Just wondering if you guys had issues and how you solved it Had ultrasound done and the pulley is a bit thickened. I’m taking some meds but it’s only getting slightly better, but It’s impacting my playing quite a bit...
  9. dieter

    Travelling to The USA /Florida?

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone here is from the St Petersburg area and knows some good live music venues to go to. Or a good music store where I can rent a guitar for a couple of weeks? First time to the US and quite exited Cheers Dieter
  10. dieter

    Issues with MOFI headphones and blue microphone support

    Hi all Has anybody run into problems with blue microphone support for their headphones range? I got one of the blue mofi headphones about 2 years ago. The ear cushions and the headband were falling apart and I emailed support which was at the beginning very helpful even offering free...
  11. dieter

    Hissing noise and blank screen??

    Hi guys Switched on my AXE-Fx 2 mk1 today and played the guitar for a while and all of a sudden without touching anything on the unit or on the floor board I had a loud hissing noise and a blank screen. I rebooted the axe and when I flicked through the presets it didn't sound right. It was...
  12. dieter

    Blue Mo-Fi headphones in Australia?

    Hi The titles says it all. Tried to find a store where I could order a pair of those cans, Tried to order it from sweetwater in the us but they cant deliver the cans outside of the us. Any ideas ? Thanks
  13. dieter

    Reset system parameters

    Hi guys I was just wondering as I just did the "reset system parameters" on the utility page, wasn't it supposed to be that way that if you press enter it clears all your presets and set them to default values and names Has this changed in the last firmware? I did this with almost every...
  14. dieter

    Quick control "B" not working properly

    Hi Im just wondering if someone has experienced this too. When I for example increase gain or volume or any other control parameter with the B knob of the quick control it works fine but if I try to decrease it, it just takes several full turns to decrease the value sometimes it doesn't...
  15. dieter

    Any good music/guitar shops in Brisbane?

    Hi Guys We moved to Brisbane a couple of months ago, now that we have settled in I've got a bit more time for myself:) I would like to know if there are any good music/guitar shops in a the Brisbane area you can recommend. You know, like friendly staff you can have a chat with or hang around...
  16. dieter

    I Love the Kemper KPA

    Yeah I know, it's a bit of a catchy headline:) I don't even own one but I had a standard AXE-FX and I do own an Ultra and soon the AXE_FX II. I don't even had a chance to play a KPA . I just love the fact that it does exist, because I'm pretty sure without the KPA there would'nt be a...
  17. dieter

    Drop C with a STVish finish

    Hi Guys Title says it all. But it's not the heavy as it sounds. The Solo at the end is my attempt of a Steveish solo sound. Let me know what you think. As it's a complete song unfortunately without vocals( haven't found a singer yet) it might be a bit boring at the beginning, so feel free to...
  18. dieter

    Simply Rock

    I love my Ultra, although thinking of buying an AXE FX II(I Love new toys) I did this recording and some others a couple of weeks ago and I'm still amazed what these little black box can do.I've got my first AXE FX Standard 2007 and a Year later I' bought the Ultra and I must say their are no...
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