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  1. vintageguitarz

    audio drop

    I thought this was maybe a cable failing but after checking with both mopgami cables I am experiencing the same things intermittently - suddenly there will be a drop out of audio for 1-2 seconds and you can visually see the audio drop out on the front panel metes of the Axe FX III. Im sunning...
  2. vintageguitarz

    Axe-Fx III first impressions

    I was on the fence to get the New III for a while, then I decided to bite the bullet and now wait any longer. I have only clocked about an hour on the device but I was struck by how real the sounds are now. There is something 3 dimensional about the sound and the growl of the high gain amps is...
  3. vintageguitarz

    Tips for adding Fuzz stomp box to effects loop block - settings?

    After several years without using any external stomp boxes with the Axe FX I recently added a Hellbender fuzz. The new drive tone is glorious but I wonder if I a doing something wrong. I simply add an effects loop block and insert the Hellbender there Send / Return. the effects block has levels...
  4. vintageguitarz

    Les Paul vs. Tom Anderson Bulldog

    I spent much of this past year researching the potential buy of yet another Les Paul, I have had 3 over the years, but every time I loved the look of a LP, there were craftsmanship, playability and price issues to prevent me from pulling the trigger. I have always had an itch to buy a nice 59...
  5. vintageguitarz

    63 Vibroverb

    I saw a post from a fellow forum member about the Old School Vibroverb's and felt compelled to write this post. I really think that the model in the axe fx is very good at capturing the essence of the real deal. Also I have had the privledge of owning one for several years. I owned the amp for...
  6. vintageguitarz

    Axe FX II XL - MFC update?

    When will there be an update sp all scenes patches and pedals be available to access with the mighty axe FX II XL? Does anyone know, I can scroll through the presets on the MFC with the new device but cannot change drive or any other pedals like I could when I had the axe fx II mark 1. If anyone...
  7. vintageguitarz

    Does Axe Edit now support Mac OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks

    I updated my mac and other platforms recently and now find axe edit does not seem to work. When i start up the program it says it is disconnected. Anyone having this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would rather not go back to Mountain Lion and keep the new operating system. But...
  8. vintageguitarz

    ADDING VOLUME PEDAL BLOCK - Mission Pedal Expression problem

    When I try to add a volume pedal block in Axe Edit when I select my Mission Pedal - Expression and it simply does not work in this application. I have done this creating an adding a Wah Block with no issues. I do not see anyone with this problem but I thought I would mention it. I can add it...
  9. vintageguitarz

    Slow to respond in or delay in scene changes Axe Edit 3

    When I change scenes and Axe Edit is running in the background, I noticed that there is a distinct delay in going from one scene to another or to XY an amp setting. Is this normal? I haven't noticed anyone posting this either. Mac Book Pro - USB and proper Axe FX Midi Setting as per the release...
  10. vintageguitarz

    Tuner not working in version 10.02

    To the Best Fractal Team - I had had this happen sporadically. The Tuner does not respond sometimes unless i switch to a new patch and then it starts working again. I have repeated this numerous times so it is not a quirk only seen once.
  11. vintageguitarz


    Hi everyone, I wanted to send an announcement of the launch of my new business, Manifesting Talent. Please check it, very relevant for those of you in the business world who hire, manage people and are responsible of profitability visit. manifesting Splash Page YouTube Manifesting Talent -...
  12. vintageguitarz

    Not seeing new amp models in 7.0

    I might be missing something but did the Firmware update twice and rebooted my macbook twice. I do not see these amp models in the new version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Added “Herbie” amp models based on a Diezel Herbert. Added “Dizzy” amp models based on a Diezel VH4. Added...
  13. vintageguitarz

    Vibroverb Mega Delay

    Here is a cool preset for everyone to check out. Wide expansive delay and reverb with a touch of crystals and chorus
  14. vintageguitarz

    MFC - 3 Way Communication Axe Edit - Axe FX II - MFC

    how do I make sure that any change I make on Axe Edit shows up automatically on the axe fx II and the MFC simultaneously? If I change presets / parameters on the Axe FX or Axe Edit then the changes happen instantaneously on either Axe Edit or Axe FX, but not the MFC. However, any change I...
  15. vintageguitarz


    hate to sound stupid if this has been asked before. However, how do you assign a switch on the MFC to go from X to Y as it appears in axe edit but on the footcontroller? Surely this has been asked before? if someone has some specific instructions I'd great appreciate this.
  16. vintageguitarz

    Sustainiac Patch or feedback?

    I \'ve been seriously considering using a Sustainiac one of my my Tom Anderson guitars but frankly wish there was an axe fx preset that someone had that did the trick. Can anybody give me there honest thoughts on the Sustainiac vs a patch that might work as an effec that closely emulates the...
  17. vintageguitarz

    Axe FX offering seminars

    I'd be interested in doing seminars of using the axe fx as a way to spread the knowledge and power of Fractal. Cliff and Tom if you are interested in having me as a representative I'd be interested in traveling around and presenting the device. Let me know if you are interested. Sent from my...
  18. vintageguitarz

    Axe FX Users in Minneapolis? Lets start a group for Coffee meet etc.

    Hey I would love to meet and and start an exchange of ideas and use of the Axe FX ultra with fellow Minnesota - Minneapolis Users. If you are interested let me know. Brian Singer 763 226-9369
  19. vintageguitarz

    First New New Age Music - At Peace - Brian David Singer

    Hope you like it. http://soundcloud.com/briandavidsinger/at-peace-output-1-2
  20. vintageguitarz

    How Do you restore the factory presets - newbie here

    can anyone tell a newbie how to do this? OI just got my ultra today and love it but I accidentally eras 8-) ed the crystal echoes preset and I really liked that one. posting.php?mode=post&f=25#
  21. vintageguitarz

    How many Ultra Owners are there?

    I was just curious - does anyone Know. I ordered my ultra and MFC about a month ago and eagerly awaits its arrival. I look forward to being part of the Fractal gang. I have read so many reviews and heard so many others patches I will most certainly make contributions as well when i finally have...
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