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    AX8 as controller?

    I don’t know much about MIDI. I was thinking of using my AX8 as a controller and as back up for an FM3. The wiki says the AX8 can only transmit Program Changes, not CC. I’m trying to figure out how limiting that would be. Is PC essentially on/off while CC is kind of a range? If so, I’m guessing...
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    SOLD Axe-Fx III and FCB1010

    Axe Fx III in excellent condition. Comes with 3u EWI road case The FCB1010 is in good condition but works. A piece of translucent plastic covering has recently popped off and I can’t find it. $2200 including shipping and PayPal in continental US.
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    Wish Cut and paste row to other Preset

    With the ability to run two guitars it would help to be able to copy a row from one preset to another. For example if there’s a piezo setup that I like I might want to match it with different electric rows in different presets. Is there a way to do this already?
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    Request- Sliderig/1176 compressor type preset?

    It simulates 2 daisy-chained 1176 compressors for clean slide with sustain. Origin Effects :: SlideRIG Limiting Amplifier Pete Thorn has a nice demo of it on YouTube. YouTube I did find a nice write up for compressors here on the forum...
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    Fun with Warped Vinyl

    Using an AxeFx II and a Thorn GT-R. Modern equipment to make something sound old. A brief take on Blind Willie Johnson's "Bye and Bye" intro SoundClick artist: tcb37 - page with MP3 music downloads All suggestions welcome...especially on how to make it sound "older". Thanks!
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    Lindley Dumble settings...help translating?

    Lindley/Landreth/Harper Dumble settings...help translating? I found some great picks of David Lindley's Dumble head with markings on it for his settings. Useful to anyone? I'm going to give it a shot. At the bottom of the page I also included Ben Harpers from the same article...
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    Selling/shipping overseas?

    I'm sure many here have dealt with international sales of a used Axe Fx. How have you done it? It can't be a "Verified" Paypal address. Which shipper do you use and how bad are the forms? Thanks!
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    Any used/vintage high end FRFRs to look for?

    Noobie question- Are there any older versions of high-end powered FRFR that are worth looking out for? I guess I'm wondering if an older FRFR might sound more transparent than a newer model QSC or Verve.
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    Reso Electric soundclip

    This was done on a Thorn GT resonator with a highlander pickup through the Axe FX Standard using one of the Aura IRs. Forgive the playing. Thanks http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10080674
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    Wanted-MamaBear IR for Biscuit bridge resonator

    I've been using the MamaBear IR for spider bridge Dobro that's available with some success. I was hoping for some on input 5 (for Highlander pickup) and target instruments 15 & 16 (Single cone and Tricone Nationals). Long shot but can't hurt to ask. Thanks!
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    Reso-Electric with Axe?

    I picked up an Eleven Rack hoping to be able to change from resonator to electric on the fly through the same setup. I'm really struggling to get a decent resonator sound from the 11R. I was reading through some posts on here about IRs made for use with acoustics. I have a Highlander piezo in...
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