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Recent content by xrist04

  1. xrist04

    RATT Round and Round SOLO

    Key of A Aeolian Minor
  2. xrist04

    Any EBMM owners?

    I have an EBMM Cutlass HSS and a Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniv. model. They are different, but mostly because I put Kinman Woodstocks into the Strat. The single-coils on the Cutlass are good. They respond well in every application I've put them through, in the past year and a half. No...
  3. xrist04

    Any EBMM owners?

    Brought in a Cutlass HSS about a year and a half ago. It's become my number one player in my current band. https://www.music-man.com/bfr/december-2018
  4. xrist04

    Which Guitarists Have You Discovered, Maybe Late In Their Career, That You Never Knew Were Badass?

    Steve Hillage. Great guitarist, great vocalist, and even better musician.
  5. xrist04

    Axe-Fx III Mark II Review from Mixdown Magazine

    "However, it’s the pure tonal delight of the Axe-FX III Mark II that really takes the cake here. The accuracy of each amplifier model is absolutely astounding, and makes it truly difficult to discern whether or not you’re even modelling in the first place. The dynamic response offered by the...
  6. xrist04

    OK, What's The Real Answer When It Comes To Cables?

    If you look at the comparison chart, you'll notice that Best-Tronics CA-0446 comes in 3rd out of the 45 cables listed for lowest capacitance-per-foot. http://www.shootoutguitarcables.com/guitar-cables-explained/capacitance-chart.html
  7. xrist04

    Best FRFR for the money

    I ran a pair of QSC K10s for two years before switching to Atomic CLRs. The K10s sounded better than the K12s with the Axe-FX. Both the K10s and the K12s have a hyped-up low-frequency response, even with the onboard DSP set to "Flat." After some measurements with an Earthworks calibration...
  8. xrist04

    OK, What's The Real Answer When It Comes To Cables?

    For guitar cables, the only electrical factor that really matters is capacitance, usually measured in picofarads per foot (pf/ft). The lower the capacitance, the less effect the cable will have on your guitar tone. http://www.shootoutguitarcables.com/guitar-cables-explained/capacitance-chart.html
  9. xrist04

    50 watts vs 1000 watts

    This is a very old topic on the Fractal Audio forum, but I think it's good to revisit it for review. If you're used to 100W of tube power into a 16-ohm cab, then you should probably consider a SS amp that can deliver 500W-600W (bridged) - or more - into 8 ohms. The reasons for this are...
  10. xrist04

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    From the Release Notes.pdf: Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes 16.00 New “Cygnus” amp modeling algorithms. Added “Sonic Dist” Drive type. Fixed popping when switching channels in Drive block in rare cases. Fixed Studio FF Compressor 2 type not working properly if Knee is set to “Hard”. Fixed...
  11. xrist04

    Suggestions for instrumental classic rock?

    Here's one, to kick off the discussion. "Outward Bound," from Wishbone Ash, off of New England (1976)
  12. xrist04

    Atomic CLR Bag or Containers for Shipping/Travel

    Studio Slips makes custom clamshell gig bags for Atomic CLR. https://studioslips.com/
  13. xrist04

    Roy Clark has Johnny Cash dumbfounded performing this solo with a glass

    Roy gets into Danny Gatton territory on a few of those numbers. Brilliant player, and what an entertainer!
  14. xrist04

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    Instead of "perfect," let's say "the best so far!"
  15. xrist04

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Try here: https://www.grainger.com/product/GRAINGER-APPROVED-M3-5-0-60mm-Machine-Screw-6GE59
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