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Recent content by voes

  1. voes

    Rush. The Camera Eye solo played on a 1953 Les Paul Goldtop

    Great tone! Great playing!
  2. voes

    My "OMC9" setup

    I know ;) Using sysex commands.
  3. voes

    FC6 alternatives

    Check out the Voes MX-line. Syncs with the Axe-Fx III / FM3. Syncs preset name, scene name, active scene, block on/off state, block selected channel, tuner, tempo, looper,... 3 Pages, 2 fully programmable On each page every button has normal press and long press. Comes in 5 different models...
  4. voes

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    Thank you!
  5. voes

    Mux 2 control via MIDI?

    Working perfect on the Voes MX.
  6. voes

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    Thank you Cliff!
  7. voes

    Simple midi switcher for FM3 scene changes

    More info on www.voes.be
  8. voes

    Delay Block Update

    Great! Thank you Cliff!
  9. voes

    Midi controller except fc6 for axe fx 3

    Yes, all models are available
  10. voes

    Wish This would be nice, if possible?

    Looks great and IMHO there is a market for this concept. Some musicians want the full power of a III and the portability and all-in-one concept of a FM3
  11. voes

    Midi controller except fc6 for axe fx 3

  12. voes

    Midi controller except fc6 for axe fx 3

    Check out my MX Midi Controllers: Different sizes for different needs. All using the same editor (windows/mac) Syncs with the Axe-Fx III/FM3: syncs preset name, scene name, active scene, FX block on/off state and active channel, tuner info, tempo, looper, ... 3 pages. 2 fully programmable, 1...
  13. voes

    FM3 with other midi controllers

    When a scene is changed (on the MX), the MX will ask the FM3 to change the scene and send the scene name, the on/off state and the selected channel of all blocks.
  14. voes

    FM3 with other midi controllers

    If you have settings like below, and you send a preset (button 1) from the MX to the FM3 and have a drive button (button 5) on the MX, then the drive button will sync with the FM3 and show the correct On/Off state. Again, crucial is that the MX sends the preset change and not the FM3.
  15. voes

    FM3 with other midi controllers

    We ship worldwide and have a lot of customers in the USA. About the Mac editor. I got that question several times over the years. It finally found the time and the right program language (Python). Looking good so far and making progress. Biggest struggle I'm having is how to compile to an...
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