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Recent content by TheDought

  1. TheDought

    Looper setup FM3

    I believe the only way to work around it is for the switch to not have anything assigned to the "hold" function.
  2. TheDought

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Would you be able to double check mine? If you don't have time its not a huge deal.
  3. TheDought

    FM3 Now Shipping

    I also never got an email back after sending a waitlist request.
  4. TheDought

    FM3 General Discussion Thread

    Not sure if M@'s post announcing the FM3 at 1:04pm EST is what were going off of. If so I am at 1:14pm EST. Thought I was farther down the list actually.
  5. TheDought

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Very strange. Does work fine with midimittr. Thanks for the quick replies
  6. TheDought

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Just got a chance to fire it up again to see if that helped. Sync bypass states was already checked. Still the same issue though. I can work on a preset but I have to exit the app in order to work on a different one.
  7. TheDought

    Vendor FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Downloaded the update last night and got everything hooked up to my XL+ using bluetooth. There seems to be an issue where whatever preset loads up when the app is started is the only blocks that will show up in the layout. Changing presets works fine but the blocks never update to what is on the...
  8. TheDought

    Using the Harmonizer / Queen project

    Could you include the preset by any chance @Bakerman?
  9. TheDought

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    Any idea on how long they take to respond? I sent them an email a week ago regarding a panel and haven't heard back. I see Redco does panels. Anyone have any experience with them?
  10. TheDought

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff! Appreciate you looking out for those of us who couldn't upgrade to the III just yet.
  11. TheDought

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I also had to revert back to 10.01. Hoping for final release soon That is the issue though. We do not know if it is intended or not. Would suck to take the time updating patches just to find out it was all in vain
  12. TheDought

    Vendor [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    I am a simple man. If AustinBuddy releases a pack, I buy it. Can't wait to get home and try these out. Thanks for all your hard work AB!
  13. TheDought

    NGD: Suhr Modern Plus

    That's exactly what I thought. It plays decent enough. Has a similar neck feel IMO to my Fender Strat. Just those pickups were not working for me. Obviously to each their own, but my ears were after a different sound.
  14. TheDought

    NGD: Suhr Modern Plus

    Just recently got my new Suhr Modern Plus in and am absolutely loving it. Only had a couple of hours to make some presets for a gig we had and this has to be the easiest guitar to get a great sound with. Blown away by the fullness and clarity of the pickups. Prior to getting this I had decided...
  15. TheDought

    Anybody using a dedicated laptop live?

    I've tested it a couple times and the issue I run into is the midi timeouts that happen. Once you use the MFC, Axe Edit times out and you have to wait for it to reload before you can make any changes with it. I would try to make any changes between songs and there just isn't enough time to wait...
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