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Recent content by stm113

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    Wish Herbert Midcut in Amp Block

    2 EQ types I’d LOVE to see in the FAS modeling is 1- the Herbie mid cut 2- MXR 10 band geq we have 5, 7 and 8 bands but the MXR is my go to EQ in an amp’s loop.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 4.00 public beta 1

    Y'all.... I updated to 4.0 beta. Of all of my projects there is one that is more special to me than the rest and for that one, the Herbert is my chosen main amp. Man is that thing alive in this FW!?!?!?! I haven't messed with anything else because I was having too much fun where I was.
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    Wish Hellwin Amp

    Never heard of the amp and just looked it up. Designed by James Brown… go figure.
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    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    If you can recreate it, you’d be a Hero to share it!
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    Tony’s Heaven & Hell Live tone?

    Has anyone tried or bee successful at getting Tony’s modern tone? I know most would start with a Marshall but having had a Laney GH50 20 years ago I can say that the mids don’t seem to sit in the same range as a Marshall, among other differences. A good example is around 5:30 in this video.
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    Redwirez Is Shutting Down

    How do you all think the Red Wirez stuff holds up to what’s out there today sonically? I’m your opinions what’s lacking? Is there something that still beats out the competition.
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    I think that is the question I am asking. so I would send a sine wave through the IR and EQ, export that as a .wav and then put that into a deconvolver and export that as an IR? I appreciate the advice, do you have any further advice on 1-where to get a sine wave (plugin?) 2-how long should the...
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    Duh, I forgot to include I currently use the FM9. What would you use as a sound source for creating/rendering to another wave?
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    I know there are plugins like Mikko & Libra (both I own) that will allow you to export Impulse Response mixes but I still find the need to EQ these often. Does anyone here know if there is a way to create an IR from these exported mixes with your eq'ing included? That would save me from having...
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    Cooper Carter's FM9 Masterclass

    I couldn’t wait so I bought the OG FM9 off of someone back in January. So I don’t have the turbo, which i honestly think I am fine with. I am hopeful that the master class would not be geared primarily towards the Turbo Crowd and FM9 standard guys can get something out of 70-80% of the...
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    MATRIX is still in business.

    I’ve been checking their site regularly, I’ve been hoping that they would make a non rack mount style FRFR amp like the pedal baby or powerstage.
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    Redco Panel experiences?

    I wish someone made something like this for the FM9. That would be awesome.
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    When you get it running, you'd be a hero if you could figure out how to mimic it.
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    Seymour Duncan PowerStage Praise

    Do you feel like the Toneblock 200 cuts low end? I always feel mine does. Otherwise it’s plenty loud
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    Seymour Duncan PowerStage Praise

    I am intrigued with this post because I am trying to figure the best way to exist in both worlds, guitar cabs and FRFR. I would ideally like a power solution that would do both equally. I currently have a Quilter Toneblock 200 but I feel it cuts low end (no proof just my ears), but volume wise...
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