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Recent content by Ravdave

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    Firmware update for Axe-Fx Ultra in 2021

    Looking at my downloaded firmware versions, the date of 19 June 2010 matches my downloaded firmware version of 10.01 I used with my Axe-Fx Standard. (I think that the firmware download was different for the Ultra and the Standard, but they would almost certainly be released on the same date)...
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    Bootload Firmware?

    If I recall correctly the last firmware version created by Fractal Audio for both the Axe-FX Standard and Ultra was version 11.0. There was no later firmware version for these products. firmware FW14 sounds like it is for a later AXE-FX Product which would not be compatible with the Axe-FX...
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    Preset/cab packs you can still buy for the Ultra

    JAR files requires Java to be installed. You might need Java (32) bit installed rather than 64 bit version, as it might not work for 64bit (Tuxguitar program I use wouldn't work with 64bit Java on Windows 10, but works ok for 32 bit version)
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    Welcome back old friend

    Very nice indeed. Out of interest, what version of Axe-Edit are you using..?
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    Excellent, ... thanks for the info..!!
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    No-one with an Axe-Fx Standard or Ultra use Windows 10 with Axe Edit....???
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    Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191, Windows 10 compatibility

    After years of using Windows 7 and "Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191" with my Axe-Fx Standard (using firmware version 11 in the Axe-Fx) and a "M-Audio Midisport 2x2 Anniversary" midi inteface, I now have to change to a Windows 10 PC. Does anyone know if Axe Edit Beta 1.0.191 works ok on Windows 10... ???
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    Receiving audio input every time Tempo goes off (Re amping) (Std)

    Might be related to this:- https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/clicking-noise-matching-tempo-light-send-realtime-sysex.23886/
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    Blast from the past! AxeFx 1G

    Love the tone of this..., I have an Axe-FX Standard and when I get a chance after Christmas, I'll be trying this patch out for sure...!! Many thanks for posting the patch..!!
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    Does this happen to you?

    Don't know if this is related, but I had a problem that I could not send certain patches from Axe-Edit, that were stored in a single folder on my PC. It appeared to be related to patches that were "later" in the list alphabetically, and I found that there was a maximum number of patches in a...
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    Would anyone still have the free Ultra/Standard presets by Fremen?

    I found these Axe-FX bank files that Fremen created, which also includes 10 user cabs I presume he used in some of the patches.
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    I'm getting an Axe-Fx Ultra. What else do I need?

    I have a Midisport Anniversary 2x2, using it with Windows & and the M-Audio drivers installed. What I noticed, is that with the M-Audio drivers installed the Midisport only works if it is connected to the exact same USB port that was first used to connect it when the drivers were installed...
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    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    It works a treat on my Axe-Fx Standard.
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    Please help me import .wav impulses

    Some cab response *.wav files can be converted to Axe-FX Ultra/Standard format by use of either java based "Axe-Fx IR Converter 2.0" (which requires java to be installed) or by using the PC program "Axe-O-Matic", (as long as you do not break the legal terms of agreement on any purchased *.wav...
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    Have we lost Mark Day's Ultra Patches forever?

    At least......the ones I posted are only for the AxeFx Standard and Ultra.
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