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Recent content by randombastage

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    OMG3 with PerPreset setting problem

    I seem to always cause the OMG3 layout to get screwed up when creating any kind of PerPreset (override or non override). I can get the per preset to control Control Switch 1 to work but then holding the middle button down to go to Home doesn't take me to that layout....or suddenly one of the...
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    Problem with copying scenes in FM 3 edit

    Yea the way to do what you were after is copy the scene, then at its new location copy the channel of the blocks you will make changes to a new channel, then change the settings in the new channel, then save. So if you want more drive on amp, more delay mix and a different drive pedal, copy the...
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    weird behavior regarding looper reverse happening on only one preset...

    That was it! Many thanks! Not sure how I managed to save it in that state but I must have...
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    weird behavior regarding looper reverse happening on only one preset...

    I'm using the FM3 alone layouts and when selecting a particular preset while the looper is playing back it causes the looped part to reverse as if I had hit the reverse function of the looper. I don't get that to happen when switching to any other preset after having started a loop playback...
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    What's the weirdest guitar you own?

    I hacked up full body to make it more compact and routed out a spot for the Fishman TriplePlay and used some leftover parts to get the electronics and pickups etc
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    5150 III 50W vs Kemper vs FM3

    The underlying debate in this reminds me that to win a race you do many things, different things for different teams, based on the strengths and weaknesses of the car you drive. An old Porsche can easily beat a newer more powerful car if the driver makes use of the excellent braking and...
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    Basic Questions from new FM3 user

    You probably know this but just in case you don't you will really be happy to find out there is a computer based editor app called FM3-Edit and it will make your journey into Fractal Land a wonderful one.
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    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    Thats kind of cool but makes me wonder what is the reason to be able to flip that switch? Maybe the planned 'future use' is something you want to be able to switch power on and off to?
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    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    So, it can provide power if "enabled".... by solder or firmware? Not trying to accuse anyone of deceit just hoping it isn't the work of the headphone-jack-installer and instead to be surprised there is a reason to design and create a firmware switch to interrupt power to a port put there for...
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    FM3 Tuner Issue

    I can't help it, sometimes my inner Mickey Donovan just takes over...
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    FM3 Tuner Issue

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    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    @Admin M@...or anyone who might know... Can you tell us an approximate percentage of how many on the wait list chose to order the FM3 without headphone circuit? It would give us feel for how quickly things might move going forward once you start shipping units with headphone capability.
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    Closest amp to the Mesa Fillmore 50 amp?

    Well crap! I guess no new amp for me today. I had a quick lunch after that last post and then got started trying to copy the Fillmore. First attempt was with the factory preset 101, Super Verb Crunch....and I....well, I just played. This won't take long, did it? It isn't exactly the same but...
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    Closest amp to the Mesa Fillmore 50 amp?

    I just watched one too many Mesa Fillmore demo videos and did a search of AxeFX+Mesa Fillmore which brought me to this thread. It's good to know I'm not the only one. So I'm going to develop a new discipline....make the AxeFxIII stop the new amp lust, or sell the AxeFXIII to buy the first amp it...
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    Names of block type displayed?

    Thanks, I just looked and it is something that has been mentioned in the wish list area so I figured I shouldn't create another thread on it. Is there a method for 'voting' for the suggestion since it is already suggested? I gave each of the posters a like but not sure if that adds any weight to...
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