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Recent content by phil36uk

  1. phil36uk

    Yngwie Malsmsteen “Rising force” cover

    Here's a quick cover of me attempting my fave malmsteen track. Amp used was Plexi100 high with Basketweave AX mix cab.
  2. phil36uk

    INTERVALS - Sweet Tooth cover

    Never heard this before, love it, amazing tune and playing. Love the tone.
  3. phil36uk

    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    Thanks bud glad you enjoyed it, it's a cracking song.
  4. phil36uk

    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    That is a beautiful cover, tone and playing awesome.
  5. phil36uk

    Aerosmith - “Love in an Elevator” full cover

    Here's something we done that was quite a big project. A cover of the Aerosmith classic with an extra 19 singers or so. All done remotely as we are still in isolation.
  6. phil36uk

    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    The video should still be there. If not try this link.
  7. phil36uk

    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    Thanks bud. He's a great singer. Can turn his hand to just about anything.
  8. phil36uk

    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    Here's a full band cover of a great Survivor tune. We are keeping ourselves busy in these times of isolation. Axe FX2 direct.
  9. phil36uk

    "Hearts on the Highway" solo

    Thanks man.
  10. phil36uk

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Metal Cover)

    I remember when it first came out in the UK. I was around 14 and one of the first people to play it here probably. It was a game that changed gaming.
  11. phil36uk

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone (Metal Cover)

    Ha ha this brilliant. You must have put some hours in re-creating this. Brings back loads of memories. Awesome cover. 🤘
  12. phil36uk

    "Hearts on the Highway" solo

    Here is the guitar solo by Rob Marcello from Danger Danger using the axe FX2 with
  13. phil36uk

    Very 80s...

    This is simply brilliant love the textures and tones. Also production is top notch.
  14. phil36uk

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    Not a chance in hell the mfc101 has all the switches I need and then some. The axe FX 2 has all the tone I need. Be mad to switch over
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