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Recent content by paulmapp8306

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    Enjoy. Been using mine for YEARS in m y AFX2 Rack.
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    How many prefer patches to scenes and vice versa...also why do you prefer?

    Patches for me. My patches all have the same fx, and I build banks of 5 where the amp changes. That is gain/we adjustments as well as amp type changes. I build them with a similar base tone, and have a different set for each type of base tone. Each amp has two gain levels as well So each...
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    Keyboard amps >= FRFR units?

    Same as has been posted. Keyboard amps sent even good for keys. I put my rd2000/dsi rig through a a wc k10.2 for onstage monitoring/small venue backline. At a sound ok through it too, but I still prefers my 2x12 and fryette power station. Yet to try a clr though.
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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    OK - found it. Though it hadnt worked, but L/R pans were central as well. Once hard panned Its fine. 10 years into the AFX journey and Im still learning stuff.......
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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    Where do I choose stereo cabblock mode? cant find it (and as Its something Ive not needed before.....)
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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    The run like heck has 0% room - as do my cab blocks.
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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    Input is set to stereo. Moving the delay block post cab does make it work - but as I split my signal pre cab and send one to my power amp via OP 2 then the other through the cab ir - I kind of need the delay pre cab (I know Im not getting ping pong via the amp/cab but thats fine). I tried the...
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    Need help - cant get stereo (ping pong delay) from a cab

    So - Ive been an amp/cab guy for my whole AFX life (10 years now) - but recently Ive re-arranged things at home and its easy to use my monitors and IRs - and as such Ive been playing around with cabs for pretty much the first time. Thing is, I cant get a ping pong delay from my cabs. If I...
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    My Axe FX III is back at the factory :(

    This. If they dont physically have a unit available they cant dispatch it to you, and if they had units available there wouldnt be a wait list. Im 100% sure you'll get the next available unit. On Cross shipping... Although Im n the UK I dont know of a single company that will do this. Every...
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    Patch creation, and FC control (as far as we know) help

    OK, So Ive been a Fractal user since 2008. First a standard, then an original Mk1 AFX2 which I still have. Im considering the AFX3 - though Im in Europe so will be a wait - and I wont get one until the FC controllers are released either. HOWEVER, Im trying to figure out how to "recreate" my...
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    A friend got the Axe III....

    This is how I always looked at the AFX. I got my standard back in 2008 for 3 reasons: 1. I needed a new FX processor as my G-Maj wasnt working. The choice was an Eventide Eclipse or the AFX. Both were roughly the same price. 2. I always had multi channel amps, so wanted the versatility of...
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    Anyone using Adam A7X and Sub 7?

    Just looked at this, as Im using A5xs and recently bought a sub. I was looking at the Sub7, but went with a Yamaha AS8S. AS to your question, if you feed the sub then attach the A7Xs to that, the sub has a built in fixed 85hz high pass filter. Its one reason I went for the Yam, as its high...
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    2 way communication

    The red/yellow/No light system doesn't work. So if a block is in a present it has different colour led if it's on or off, with no led if the effect isn't present. This function is the biggie for me. I can save initial states and patch named manually which is a pain but can be done.
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    2 way communication

    Its pretty poor actually. The main reason why I havent got - and dont intend (at present) to get an AFX3 is the lack of MFDC 2 way support. 1. My old Rocktron All Access had the same functionality that the MFC does with the AFX3 - which does rangle a little. 2. The new controllers dont...
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    Darkglass B7K Ultra Switches

    YEh, Im not failure with the stomp, but im guessing you cant replicate it as easily as the switches, but youd want a 2 x PEQ block with bell curves for each switch at the freq shown in the stomp - so PEQ 1 would replicate the low switch, and have bell curves at 250hz, 500hz and 1KHz - while PEQ...
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