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Recent content by npx

  1. npx

    Devin Townsend Empath US Tour

    Thanks for posting that vid! Looks like he has 2 pads (right and left) triggering kick samples with his hands, interspersed with his regular kick drum of course. Morgan is an absolute BEAST of a drummer, with an incredible range of facility, but he clearly knows he's not Gene Hoglan with his...
  2. npx

    Liquid Foot - FAMC Music Website Notice

    I love my LF+ JR+, and vastly prefer it to my FC-12 in a live situation. I wish FAMC all the luck in the world in digging themselves out of the mess they've been in. That being said, it's really hard not to chuckle through gritted teeth at the "back to normal" goals, considering the "normal"...
  3. npx

    Muse Preset Package

    Citizen Erased is one of the presets you posted that uses whatever cab IR you have stored in user slot #33. It's paired with the Das Metal amp. It'd be handy to know what that IR is. Thanks for posting these, Michael!
  4. npx

    The "Modelers Don't Clean Up with the Volume Knob" Myth

    I'm pretty sure that was during the Use Your Illusion sessions while he was tracking guitars on Estranged. It makes sense, the whole song is covered in big long sustained guitar melodies on the verge of feedback.
  5. npx

    How do you delete a block from the library?

    Sorry, I missed the part where you said it was greyed out. On my system (OS X) the delete option is only greyed when there is nothing saved in the library for that particular block.
  6. npx

    How do you delete a block from the library?

    In Axe-Edit III, next to BLOCK LIBRARY there should be a downward facing arrow. Click on that and you should see options to Save, Save-As, Rename and Delete. Below those is Show Folder. This will open the folder on your computer where your blocks, preset templates and snapshots are stored. Open...
  7. npx

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    True. They could be the K12.2 model.
  8. npx

    Dweezil talks AXEFX III with Warren Huart

    A few years ago he was using QSC KW122 speakers, I assume that's them in this video too.
  9. npx

    Wish Feature Request - Channel Library

    +1 A very useful idea!
  10. npx

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Best of luck, Cliff. I hope the surgery and recovery goes smoothly, and brings you relief!
  11. npx

    Larry Mitchell AX8

    Woah, a video of Larry Mitchell jamming with Mike and Guy from Scatterbrain certainly wasn't on the list of things I expected to see today! Nice playing, Larry! :)
  12. npx

    Axe-Fx III Tuner Offsets

    Has there been any change to the range of the tuner offsets in the Axe-Fx III? Personally, it's my only wish for the new tuner... I would love it if the offsets could be increased from +/- 25 cents to +/- 50 cents. I use the offset for simple, quick and accurate tuning with a Hipshot Xtender on...
  13. npx

    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    Any change to the +/- 25 cent limit for tuning offsets that was on the II? I would love for this to have been expanded to a full +/- 50 cent swing. Congrats on the big reveal!
  14. npx

    Delay feedback controls explained?

    Welcome to the forum rayza! Pauly has the right idea in the post above. The Ax-Fx II manual goes into more detail regarding effects blocks and parameters than the AX8 manual, so it might be worth downloading that and having a read if you're interested in the deeper stuff. From the Axe-Fx II...
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