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Recent content by Keg8605

  1. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    Add a powerstation and you've got a pretty nice setup that combines both worlds. IMO the way vai uses it all is great though. Analog pedals in front of synergy and the axe fx in the loop for mod, delays and reverb...etc. Just add a way to switch out the synergy so you can use axe preamp models...
  2. Keg8605

    Anyone here using an AX8 with Synergy SYN-2 ?

    My setup was 4cm yes. So you would have Guitar to FM3 input FM3 output 2 to synergy instrument In Synergy fx send to FM3 input 2 FM3 output 1 to synergy fx return.
  3. Keg8605

    Midi pedals for FM3

    Don't discount an RJM Mastermind LT. Good integration with Fractal. Also the Morningstar mc8 will be a great one to use.
  4. Keg8605

    Wireless guitar system suggestions

    So I've had a few, longest has been the Shure glx d. Great battery life however, as the years go I'm getting more and more glitches with interference. I think the increase in wifi items its only going to get worse. Digital mixers, multiple ipads and iphones around... I had a worse experience...
  5. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    Cliff @FractalAudio congrats on this new breakthrough. I have taken a hiatus from FAS gear and went back to a traditional setup. I seem to recall this idea of matching the impedence coming up a few years back. As a power amp with real cab user I knew this would greatly make a difference when...
  6. Keg8605

    Wish Power Amp Modeling

    With the awesome announcement of the FM3 I really hope FAS can place some power amp only models into the lineup. Reason is this will find its place on many pedalboards with people who may be used tube preamps and amps with it. It would be great to have some power amp sims to give you the direct...
  7. Keg8605

    Thoughts on Synergy Amp Modules?

    I’ve been really happy with the synergy stuff. I went back to four cable method like a year ago and it’s been a nice change.
  8. Keg8605

    Man Cave/Studio ...from the ground up!!

    Pinterest should give you tons of ideas. Combo music room/man cave sounds good to me. I'd just design it normally and then add acoustic panels and treatment. Have fun!
  9. Keg8605


    I use my Left foot for most switching and wah which stinks if you are running a traditional pedalboard which goes right to left. I don't get the right foot thing as the guitar body is in the way. Left leg is much more free to operate lol.
  10. Keg8605

    Fx8 with Boss ES8 noise and no proper output

    So you are looking just for one loop setup correct? Not 4cm wiring with the es8... Does seem odd. Is your preset setup with all effects as pre? To troubleshoot eliminate the es8 and plug your guitar into pre in and pre out into the amp input. Get that working first so you know whether its the...
  11. Keg8605

    Recreate Eventide H9 presets on the Axe FX ?

    I've been considering a new setup these days and picking up an h9 to check out. The bluetooth editing seems really useful and having a bunch of nice presets sounds nice too. it's been mentioned here before how we are missing a more easy way to have h9 like presets. Meaning like multiblock...
  12. Keg8605

    Axe-Fx III Mk2

    We'll see an updated floor version before an MK2.
  13. Keg8605

    Shimmer Drive as a window into clip type

    Which clip type is default? I've noticed this can get harsh quickly for me even though I loved it a few of my presets i've noticed what i guess must be too much clipping. Gonna mess with the clip type.
  14. Keg8605

    Made the jump: RJM MMGT/22! (And the learning experience)

    The price tag is hard to swallow on those but it does seem to be the current best option for the axe fx III. And you're right the RJM support is really part of the cost too so its worth it. Congrats to you on getting a good rig going.
  15. Keg8605

    Just got the Axe Fx III and........

    Practice is always better. So many tone tweaking sessions where you just go in a circle :)
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