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Recent content by Kdog

  1. Kdog

    Adding a delay switch as an effect probs

    That was it Thanks !
  2. Kdog

    Adding a delay switch as an effect probs

    Hey guys. When I add delay to the FC-6 and turn it off it kills the sound. I know its prob some easy fix So what am I doin wrong? By killing the sound I mean NO sound.
  3. Kdog

    Reflections on the Fractal community

    Only downside to this forum is how stupid it makes me feel. There is an incredible amount of intelligence here.
  4. Kdog

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    Get a Range Rover Boss!
  5. Kdog

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    But what about our instruments?
  6. Kdog

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    their instruments are all wet
  7. Kdog

    Do you think Gibson Guitars new CEO can turn the company around?

    I think they are gonna be just fine. Mark Agnesi Joined them too. He left Norms to go to them. I think they are pulling out all the stops. Stuff looks beautiful too.
  8. Kdog

    Man still using Line 6 amp to be tried as an adult

    Imagine if you kept all the gear you've ever had.
  9. Kdog

    What product do you think Fractal will release next?

    Fractal Headphones?
  10. Kdog

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    I got a new Taylor on the way. Koa k24ce. Wanted a nice one to invest in for sitting on the deck in the summer whilst gazing upon a sunset with my fav Craft beer.
  11. Kdog

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    Paul said he used a Marshal Bluesbreaker 2x12 and pedals for all the recordings. Not sure who was using the Axe 3.
  12. Kdog

    Paul Gilbert Cover - "Blues for Rabbit"

    I've been on his site since he started Artistworks in 2012. You won't regret his teaching. Make sure you stomp to whatever material you send him. He loves a good foot stomp! If you get on his site look me up. Kdog User name. I'm gonna ask him right now about the AXE 3. And I'll report back...
  13. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    I'm sorry, I didn't even know about Dug until the show. The guys got a great singing voice too...His version of "I Don't live today" Was amazing. His whole set was with satch And Kenny and those 3 together sounded amazing. Man how long are Dugs arms. Serious that is crazy to behold live. His...
  14. Kdog

    Some very creative heavy riffage

    This guys a beast. I heard him on Jason Becker’s new album and he really stands out with his eastern sounding syncopated tapping and whammy stuff.
  15. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    Dweezil zappa’s axe 2. Yes kenny was smokin. Dweezil played very conservatively. His delays were nice!! Kenny lang did a great watchtower.
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