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Recent content by goodwill559

  1. goodwill559

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Wait-listed May 03, 2019 Invite rec'd April 22, 2020 Ordered today Upgrading from the Standard
  2. goodwill559

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Right, more diagnostic than solution. Also, I'm curious
  3. goodwill559

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Have you tried tuning up a quarter-tone? That could put the resonance in between notes enough to mitigate
  4. goodwill559

    Harmonic feedback sim

    Bakerman is such a talented bloke. I'm happy to have him over here on the FAS message board.
  5. goodwill559

    Mission M1 - Progress Report

    OK, so with 8 TRS inputs, each input could accept one of three setups: 1. TRS-TS->switch A -------------------------------- 2. (TS)->switch A / TRS \ (RS)->switch B -------------------------------- 3. TRS => EXP From 4 switching expression pedals to up to 16 switches and...
  6. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    This is also how I understand it.
  7. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    Tone Merchants in Southern CA may or may not be considered an affiliate. Tone Merchants demonstrates the Axe-Fx at their retail location which might be enough of a relationship that FAS would be subject to this new law. If anyone knows for sure, please share.
  8. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    CA has had use taxes on the books for years. Out of state purchase of goods is already taxed, but the collection, reporting, and payment was the responsibility of the purchaser. The new law requires that out of state sellers that have in state affiliates must collect sales tax and send it to...
  9. goodwill559

    The Secrets of Prog Rock Revealed!

    Yeah, that's worth revisiting for a good laugh. I chuckle at the prog rock album covers Butt-Dong axis.
  10. goodwill559

    Guthrie Govan Clinic

    That was fun to [POP] watch. Whoa, WTF?!?
  11. goodwill559

    Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!

    Get well soon Cliff. H. pylori is no match against you big guy! edit: I just went over to rig talk to read the thread. Geez, the vitriol is awful. Makes me glad I have used the ignore button on a certain user also found on this board.
  12. goodwill559

    AxeFx II High Gain Test Clip

    I very like it.
  13. goodwill559

    Axe Fx II smokes the Ultra

    Gosh, well if that's the case, then I'd probably be hyperbola-ting & hyperventilating too. I can haz brootlz? Time to admit I'm guilty of picking nits, but hyperbole is one of my pet-peeves. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.
  14. goodwill559

    Axe Fx II smokes the Ultra

    And please remember that Jay has the 2 as a beta tester. He has never written that he "needs" to upgrade from his Standard to the 2 or even to an Ultra to satisfy his sound quality requirements. Motion to avoid hyperbole has been seconded. All in favor? "Aye."
  15. goodwill559

    Cliff-check this out:Scientists publishing findings related to 'acoustic cloaking'

    I read that Cliff was involved with Navy projects related to sonar, so he probably already knows about this line of research, but I thought I'd share. *Scientists are now publishing findings related to 'acoustic cloaking,' or the masking of objects from sound waves or sonar detection. Details...
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