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  1. FullReverse

    FS Bogner Ecstasy Blue - Overdrive - Free Shipping

    Mint condition Bogner Blue! This pedal is incredible, covering a wide tonal pallet. Includes all original paperwork and box. $180 Shipped. PayPal only. No trades. Price is Firm. Ships from Richardson, TX.
  2. FullReverse


    I have an excellent to mint condition FX8 MK II. It includes original box and power cable and functions 100%. I am an avid seller on reverb.com with the username TheFuzzyMenace and I have perfect feedback and am a reverb preferred seller. ***The little white specks are dust. The FX8 looks...
  3. FullReverse

    Fx8 with mission engineering sp25m

    I have figured out the hard way that the toe switch will not switch back and forth between out 1 and 2 like I thought it would. I was hoping to be able to switch back and forth between a volume control, and something else entirely. my question for those who have used this pedal, or one with a...
  4. FullReverse

    Any Mission Engineering User Here?

    If so, can you give me a little guidance? I didn't know where to post this question, so feel free to move it if this is not the appropriate board. Until the ev-2's come back into stock, I'm picking up a mission engineering expression pedal. Which one of these will do what I want it to? These...
  5. FullReverse

    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    This thread is definitely making me feel good about myself. I am not the only one with an absolutely regrettable musical past. I can stop sitting up at night cringing about the old old OLD videos some a-hole put up on YouTube.
  6. FullReverse

    New FX8?

    I day dream about an updated fx8 every day. I love my mark 2, but it would be great to see some scribble strips, or at least some led rings. My memory is awful, and my vision is worse. So just a color coded led would be wonderful for those gigs where sweat is pouring into my already piss poor eyes.
  7. FullReverse

    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    I've owned both and have gotten equal amounts of joy out of both. They both offer something things that people will love, and things people will not love. I have not recorded with either, but live with both was a nice experience and I wouldn't be bummed to have either one. That being said, I'm...
  8. FullReverse

    New modeler from Strymon

    I may be in the minority, but from the demos I've seen, I don't think it sounds very good at all. I think the clean sounds are thin/plunky/rubber band like. I think the overdriven sounds sound like someone took a high gain amp, dimed the gain, and then stuck a fuzz pedal in front of it. It...
  9. FullReverse


    Are these discontinued or just out of stock? Was hoping to pick a couple up.
  10. FullReverse

    NASA intruige and the mother of all Conspiracies?

    What about NASA and conspiracy? You have my attention. I love a good conspiracy.
  11. FullReverse

    Recommend alternative IEC Cable

    I ended up email Temple Audio for a recommendation as well. They suggested this workaround and I'll post it here for awareness if anyone else is facing the same issue. You can remove the end cap, take a pair of tin snips and extend an existing hole (shown in right part of image) feed your...
  12. FullReverse

    FX8 Screw Size for Temple Audio Board

    I used the "Search" function, but the words "FX8 Temple Audio Screw Size" and many variations did not bring back any results. Does any one know what screws I will need in order to keep the feet on my FX8 and mount it to a Temple Aduio DUO 24 board? Do you recommend putting a washer between...
  13. FullReverse

    Recommend alternative IEC Cable

    Hey, thanks for pointing those out. The only problem is, I can't get the end that connects to the FX8 to fit through the temple audio hole. which powercon specifically will fit through the hole (the holes on the surface that the fx8 is mounted to) down to the underside of the hole? I have these...
  14. FullReverse

    Recommend alternative IEC Cable

    So, I have an fx8 and I have a Temple Audio Duo 24 pedalboard. I would like to run the IEC power cable down through one of the bigger holes in the Temple board, but the end of it (the end that plugs into the FX8 is just a LITTLE bit too big to fit. I can always bend/cut the board a little bit...
  15. FullReverse

    Had gear stolen 3 years ago...

    Keep in mind, It's probable that the seller is not not the person who stole it, but a person who bought it from a seller in the past that he/she didn't know was stolen. I often wonder if I've unintentionally bought stolen gear in the past off ebay. Those times when you get a "too good to be...
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