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Recent content by electronpirate

  1. electronpirate

    Congratulations Cooper Carter

    Congrats my friend. Best job you will ever have.
  2. electronpirate

    Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's

    Watching JB's gymnastics you understand how the best guitarists in the world go 'Jeff Beck does shit I can only imagine.'
  3. electronpirate

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Never really liked this song. She had SO many other songs that were much better.
  4. electronpirate

    Brand new FM9 out of the Box making a pulsating sound out of the left side only

    If it's the only thing going through the monitors, then contact support. If your signal chain has something else, then look there.
  5. electronpirate

    RR Hall of Fame.

    Agreed here. When Jann W made it in (that masturbating in the front row of every Stones concert crap-heel), I laughed. This magazine hasn't made a solid call on a band in decades.
  6. electronpirate

    RR Hall of Fame.

    You clearly weren't listening to 'Kraftwerk'. We're going to have to disagree about what is considered 'Rock and Roll'. IMO this is a shitty name for what it is. Lots of wiggle room for 'music that shakes up society'. Is Billy Holiday Rock and Roll? Madonna? Jony Mitchell? I guess I term...
  7. electronpirate

    RR Hall of Fame.

    I really liked Jay-Z. He's incredibly intelligent and savvy. And I'm going to have to look over Todd R's catalog. I really don't like his hits, but just the clips of his other works really turned my ear. Anyone else wish the GoGo's would return to those early punk recordings...those were...
  8. electronpirate

    Axe FX III center stage

    Noticed it too. Might have been for the Bass.
  9. electronpirate

    RR Hall of Fame.

    Sort of a running commentary. How the F&*((*K did it take so long for Carole King to get there?
  10. electronpirate

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I'm a bit excited. Been pretty happy with things so far, but for some reason feeling ready for some 'new toys'.
  11. electronpirate

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    What are the odds we will get a FW update? There must be interesting things happening. This has been out for quite a bit of time.
  12. electronpirate

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    I actually went to College with this girls brother. And I LOVE this band.
  13. electronpirate

    Epic 80's Song that needs recognition

    Gonna disagree here. Summertime Girls is an iconic song. I still resist the impulse to raise my hands in the air when I hear the intro. Most guitarists (if kind) call this song 'accessible'. Yes, the other songs are better as guitar renditions, but the solo tone on STG is still pretty...
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