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Recent content by EdgE

  1. EdgE

    FAS Brown amp.......best amp ever?

    Great amp :)
  2. EdgE

    Decay/Sustain Problems

    Input gate to high ?
  3. EdgE

    Pricing of AX8

    1229.98 with a 3 year warranty last August
  4. EdgE

    Band names for seniors

    The stool softeners (soft rock) hemorrhoidal hellfire ( metal) kid ney stone ( rock) barely breathing ( instrumental)
  5. EdgE

    Metallica - "Orion" / A tribute to Cliff Burton

    Sounds great , now I have to learn it . Man i’m So ADD with guitar
  6. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.1

    Thank you kindly 😀
  7. EdgE

    ....really fractal? EDIT: Solved

    blah blah blah ,bitch bitch ,this is great, oh this sucks .:rolleyes:
  8. EdgE

    Getting closer to a real amp sound on stage?

    A full range speaker angled up fatigues my ears , guess I'm old school and like a cab behind me .1x12 or 4x12 :)
  9. EdgE

    No sound on Y amp?

    What I would try ,because I'm not sure what preset you are using, when the y amp doesn't work ,change the amp
  10. EdgE

    Unable to connect AX8 Edit to my AX8 pedal unit following update.

    Under help in axe edit and apple about this Mac The older axe edit is 32 bit and the new one runs 64bit for newer Macs
  11. EdgE

    Getting closer to a real amp sound on stage?

    I use a old ADA power amp ,The one with the 12ax7's in it, with a marshal 1960 ,900 cab in stereo .pretty convincing tone .45 years chasing tone .feel like I'm back in the 80's playing hair band tunes(with gray and thining hair) :)
  12. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Ok just fixed my problem ,I hit refresh after update and things are working well now
  13. EdgE

    AX8-Edit 1.9.0

    Same thing happened to me , Had to go back to 1.8.7. But this is on my older Mac 32-bit .now I’m having problem with axe edit not keeping up with ax8 ,the grid will change but bank on axe edit doesn’t ,so you look at grid you think it went to another bank and preset ,but it didn’t and if you...
  14. EdgE

    Power amp and cab

    So I've been a fractal fan since the ultra and I've always had a great one through monitors and head phones, I've struggled with a power amp and speakers to play with a band ,first time I played with the band with a matrix power amp and speakers ,my sound was lost(axe 2) ,I was so disappointed...
  15. EdgE

    Huge thanks to Leon Todd for his vids

    The checks in the mail;)
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