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Recent content by Dramelot

  1. Dramelot

    Signature Required?

    Same here, waited all day for Ibanez S1070 to arrive because of signature required. Nope, didn't need one
  2. Dramelot

    Have you seen this? Google tone transfer

    Lots of fart songs soon? Another jab at real talent.
  3. Dramelot


    In no way could I ever pretend to tell you how to produce your inventions. I just think it is sad that it not possible to build here.
  4. Dramelot


    Please bring your invention's home to be manufactured in USA. Mr. Cliff
  5. Dramelot

    Cliff's Reviews: Time Trap

    I was trying to find something on Netflix to watch the other day in SciFi section and came across Time Trap. Wasnt sure at first, but I had to finish it to see how it came out. It was good to escape for a bit and ponder. I do like happy endings, soo...
  6. Dramelot

    Anyone else gigging again?

    Lake of the Ozarks, 7 gigs so far, 3 more this week. Original AX2. Flawless
  7. Dramelot

    COVID-19 refugee: what software modeler should I use?

    I've been impressed w/ Overloud THU
  8. Dramelot

    Tom Brady

    Kansas City, 2 in a row easily now!
  9. Dramelot

    New Satriani album coming

    Been listening to his audio book. Kinda neat stuff there too. Joe is one of a kind.
  10. Dramelot

    CLR's are awesome

    CLR's are awesome
  11. Dramelot

    Will we see improvements/new tech regarding speaker cabinets?

    Experienced FRFR user.. CLR's stereo, waiting on my Meyer's...
  12. Dramelot

    Hopefully I will see everyone again :-)

    Prayers for you Stratman!
  13. Dramelot

    RIP Tom Petty..

    I'm sure he was in a lot of pain. RIP TP
  14. Dramelot

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    Was waiting for the Rick Astley Vid to pop up
  15. Dramelot

    Are Six Pickup Poles Sufficient?

    It is a valid argument. Vintage or New. Keep an open mind IMHO. In my humble experience, neck radius plays big, thus vibrato to ooze that last drop, to worry about that small of a difference f******ks with my groove...
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