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dr bonkers

Noise maker on guitar & bass, recording engineer, bedroom composer.

President & Chief Engineer of Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC, a provider of Bass Cabinet IR's for Fractal Audio platforms.

I'm a noise maker using Cab Lab 3.0, Axe FX ii Mark 2, MFC-101, Dunlop Crybaby 535, 1980 Rickenbacker 4003 bass, 1973 Gibson Triumph Les Paul Bass, 2009 Gibson Dusk Tiger, Epiphone Es-175, 2002 EBMM Music Man Axis, 2013 PRS SE Singlecut guitar with stock trem, & late 70's Takamine 12-string Acoustic with Bill Lawrence sound hole pickup.




President & chief engineer of Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC purveyor of fine impulse response (IR) bass & guitar cab files as well as creative presets for AX-8, Axe-FX II & Axe-FX III.
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