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Recent content by DJD100

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    Scene Changes Unreliable When Receiving MIDI Clock?

    The workaround is to send CC14 (default) to mimic a tap pedal, but really, that's a brain dead way of doing it and it would be nice if the Axe II would've worked as designed! Bummer, but workable...
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    Scene Changes Unreliable When Receiving MIDI Clock?

    Setup: Ableton LIVE sending Axe II MIDI CC's for Scene and Volume, and MIDI Sync for delay timing. Problem: Scene changes become unreliable when the Axe is receiving MIDI Sync (i.e. some Scene changes are ignored by the Axe, randomly, though sometimes every second attempt works, which of course...
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    My Unit is Possessed: Random Patch Changes

    By all means contact Fractal support, they might have some ideas, and possibly some parts etc? Good luck!
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    My Unit is Possessed: Random Patch Changes

    Try a screen other than the default Recall Preset screen, with no MIDI, pedals, Foot Controller, or USB connected, and not sitting on a speaker cab, to see if the problem continues? a) If it only happens on the default Recall Preset screen, then maybe the main Rotary Encoder is dirty or worn...
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    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    The only MIDI issue I've ever encountered with the Axe FX II interfacing with external software has been the below with Ableton LIVE v9.x/10.x. The below MIDI CC data problem was created by LIVE via editing MIDI. The problem was unidentified MIDI data repeatedly being sent on the beat, which...
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    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    Yes, if you're switching between the two amp/cabs, and the one that is off is still unprocessed passing audio, you might have some phase problems? Unix-guy has the answer for checking your MIDI stream, run a MIDI Monitor and see exactly what is happening etc. Good luck...
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    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    I run Axe FX II Ares 2.x with Pro Tools and LIVE, with and without the Editor, no PC problems? When the Editor is running via USB at any rate, the PC's will be slower than without the Editor running, that's the only thing I've ever noticed, but again, I'm running the latest FW for Axe II. Are...
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    Axe II Mk II - Ares 2.0 - 9/18/2019 Tone Match Block Issues?

    Hi Decimator, I got it working as it seems it's some Editor hassles is all. My Editor wasn't loading older TM Files with some params changed from default correctly, and I had to switch out of the TM Block and back into it in the Editor to get the audio working. I also had some corrupted TM...
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    Axe-Fx 2 still worth grabbing?

    If you're real FX Hog like I am, the Axe II is stronger CPU-wise than the FM3, in spite of the additional channels in the FM-3 (X/Y in the Axe II, A/B/C/D in the FM-3). I run long chains of parallel FX in my Axe II along with a tube preamp, so it's doing power amp sim, cab sim, and lots of FX...
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    Axe II Mk II - Ares 2.0 - 9/18/2019 Tone Match Block Issues?

    Hi all, was for the first time working with the Tone Match block under Ares, and I had these problems, wondering if anyone else has them etc? Note that my preset is the "kitchen sink, with two amps (one power amp sim for a tube preamp, the other a tube pre for acoustic sim), two cabs (one...
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Indeed, it was wonderful for Cliff to give us some of Ares, but be advised what the Axe III/FM-3 are now running is much more advanced as what we have for our Axe II's etc. That said, my Axe II sounds great, so it's all good LOL!
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Tube Pre

    I take screen shots of for example the Super Lead Power Amp parameters, and plug them into the Tube Pre, select a neutral tonestack like active or studio, leave the Tube Pre's tonestack flat (all 12:00), and since there are additional virtual gain stages, I sometimes lower the Input Trim and...
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    The Royal Scam

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    Adding a looper pedal

    You can also put it last in the chain so you can change Scenes/Presets and say play over a ambient backround with a different sound for example.
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    Axe II MKI LCD screen contrast

    Have you cleaned it with elec connector contact cleaner (power off etc)? You can also gently reposition the pins a tiny bit, if for some reason the connector is getting loose, assuming you know what you're doing in there etc?
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