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Recent content by Chronograph

  1. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock/Metal)

    What drums were used? Thanks. It's Superior 3. Did a lot of tweaking though.
  2. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock/Metal)

    Hello there, Here's a new tune. The guitars and bass recorded through my beloved Axe FX III. Enjoy.
  3. Chronograph

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    Thank you. It's a MA6900, connected to a pair of these These are a pair of vintage 1987 Swiss-made ReVox loudspeakers. Amazing stuff.
  4. Chronograph

    Axe Fx III vs. vintage 80s Rack

    My rack toys
  5. Chronograph

    Lepsky Brown Bear Guitar Test

    Hey there, Got a new axe lately, a Lepsky Brown Bear. It's a masterbuild by Eugeny Lepsky, a Siberia-based luthier. Yes, right in the middle of nowhere:) Here's a test tune. All guitar tracks are written with the Brown Bear, bass' a Warwick Streamer. FW 15.01. No synths whatsoever:cool: Enjoy.
  6. Chronograph

    Technical Complexities

    No, I am not complaining:) It's the name of a new tune I've been working on lately. It's been the most technically challenging piece I've ever dared, hence the name. Initially I had though of naming it like a "Need for Speed" or "Adrenaline Rush" or something similarily banal, but decided...
  7. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock Content)

    Hey there, Trust everybody is well and in good health. Thanks to the coronavirus, I was put out of office for three months, and had a time to write a new tune. It's not heavy guitar-driven thing. It's leaning towards progressive rock rather than metal. Still, wish you liked it. All the...
  8. Chronograph

    Mood Swings

    Hey there, A new short tune. This is the first time I recorded an acoustic guitar (Taylor 816) through an actual mike (Neumann 147) and through the Axe FX II. Tweaked a new present for this very sound. You can hear it in the first part of the tune. The second part is as usual, rough and...
  9. Chronograph

    Vertigo (Prog-ish Content)

    Hey there, Here's a new tune. Too many keys/synths, I know. As usual, all the guitars and bass came from Axe FX II original. Enjoy.
  10. Chronograph

    Axe-FX II as channel strip in DAW

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share an interesting life hack with you. I use Logic 9 as the main DAW, over 200 plugins, crashing all the time, digital artefacts etc etc. After another crash of Logic today, I asked myself - why not using Axe FX as an outboard gear, not only for the guitars but also...
  11. Chronograph

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.01 Firmware Released

    Спасибо, Fractal!
  12. Chronograph

    Padalka Moon N74 review (Russian custom guitar)

    Nice tune. I mean, really nice. You possess a strong sense of melody, that's what takes you apart from a bunch of technical metallurgy-related genres. Nicely arranged as well. As for the axe, Semyon makes really nice guitars, his attention to detail is second to none. That being said, just a...
  13. Chronograph

    New Prog Rock-ish Tune

    A new tune completed. A little bit more on the prog rock-ish leaning curve. Enjoy!
  14. Chronograph

    Fokin Pickups Test

    Hey there, Here's a short tune to test a pair of Fokin pickups. Ilya Fokin (no pun intended, it's the last name, pronounced F-O-H-K-I-N) is a Moscow-based pickup luthier. An Alnico 5 Hot Breeze humbucker in the bridge, Alnico 5 Saboteur in the neck. No synths. All the guitar parts have been...
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