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Recent content by bradlake

  1. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    pertaining to Full-Res, yes…..for now ...the fate of the user banks sacrifice play is in the capable hands of the All-High Wizard Of FAS
  2. bradlake

    Used Mk I (w/ a return window) + fan hum

    I Switched out my loud fan on my MKII III with a Noctua NF-A8 ULN - 80mm fan, and 3.Pin With excellent results, and dead easy to install even for an all thumbs guy like me.
  3. bradlake

    New: BOSS IR-200 AMP & IR Cabinet and SY-200 Synth

    Was gonna post this but knew you would…..
  4. bradlake

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    I am going to opine on this having had my 9 now for what, three days… and having experimented with many assorted hybrid FAS rigs..AX8/FX8, AX8/II/III/FM3/FC6, etc. to my ear ,eye, fingers and foot , the zeitgeist of this all-in one is Much Greater than any combo Ive tried….(the III/FC12 wold be...
  5. bradlake

    RIP Norm MacDonald

    Fearless artists are too often way under appreciated … So many of us loved this guy…. thankfully there is much archival material to wonder over his complete lack of giving one f@ck
  6. bradlake

    So who is getting an 8 string Majesty!!?

    These were gone in about 30 seconds
  7. bradlake

    FM3 AND audio interface at same time?

    I may be spoiled by the zero-latency monitoring provided by Apollo units, but I have found aggregates, while not perfect for sure, are usable in most Mac DAWs..and can be greatly supplemented by judicious use of apps like Loopback by www.rogueamoeba.com .
  8. bradlake

    FM3 AND audio interface at same time?

    https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000 if you haven’t done this before (create an aggregate device), this is the solution,
  9. bradlake

    FM9 and 2 guitars

    Paired with a FC-6 or 12, the two axe FM9 scenario is a very viable choice, given proper consideration as mentioned above.
  10. bradlake

    Waitlist Email

    Things are a bit in disarray but will end up being beautiful and organized…..soon…i will go away now and letyou enjoy your waitlist fun..hope it ends quickly for all!
  11. bradlake

    Waitlist Email

    surprisingly and happily yes Meeting the rest of the fractal family before they …..take a little break …… Thing sounds and feels amazing…absolutely as good as the III to my ear (for now)
  12. bradlake

    Waitlist Email

  13. bradlake

    Wish: SPDIF In and SPDIF Out block

    Just RTFM’d the FM9 and updated Blocks manual in preparation for TODAYS ARRIVAL …it appears that digital routing is equal or maybe even superior to that on the III(fingers crossed) other than one less analog I/O to consider on the FM9….manual definitely is required and pleasant reading for...
  14. bradlake


    it will force us to use wisdom and taste when paring down one’s onboard IR collection, prolly not a bad idea anyway ……..and apparently WORTH IT.
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