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Recent content by bradlake

  1. bradlake

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Very Nice!
  2. bradlake

    Guitar store finds and realizations

    I live within easy spending distance from Chicago Music Exchange , parent company of Reverb...and I am always amazed at what ends up there.......
  3. bradlake

    Axe-Fx II HELP

    First update to latest version of Fractal-Bot https://www.fractalaudio.com/fractal-bot/ then backup your unit using Fractalbot to be safe, theN download the last, most recent version of Firmware and presets here and install withFractal Bot https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-downloads/ then...
  4. bradlake

    How do I add a Roland synth effect?

    The associated app is for now IOS only, but the controller itself I think will work with any class-compliant computer...maybe?..I will find out Monday.
  5. bradlake

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    perhaps this ? (2018 John Cooper Works Mini Convertible)........(it works for me, but have yet to take mine on the track......)
  6. bradlake

    How do I add a Roland synth effect?

    What I linked to is new tech (officially launched yesterday at NAMM)linked to Tripleplay and the new controller
  7. bradlake

    How do I add a Roland synth effect?

    https://www.fishman.com/connect/ are you referring to this?
  8. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III clean amp sounds compared to Kemper cleans

    Hey, Mr. @Plankspanker59 ....what happened to your quest for clean...have you found it on your Axe or did you go back to the comforting safety of your Kemper.........?
  9. bradlake

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

  10. bradlake

    Suggestions for semi-hollow body guitars

    They claim to be the largest Heritage dealer, and have a close relationship with them and do a fair amount to spec....the 535 I got from them is a custom build made for a longtime Wolfe employee..don’t know the details of @Randy4Guitars axes of course.....
  11. bradlake

    Suggestions for semi-hollow body guitars

  12. bradlake

    Suggestions for semi-hollow body guitars

    HERITAGE 535
  13. bradlake

    I have a weakness for Anderson's

    Only one of these in my stable....an awesome T-top
  14. bradlake

    Challenged by Tony Banks

    I can’t think of a band that had two such disparate long-term periods of artistic and commercial success with a different founding member fronting each.
  15. bradlake


    I have yet to compare my two of these as they reside in different states....but no doubt PRS and Suhr are both amongst the top guitar builders today
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