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Recent content by artzeal

  1. artzeal

    Processing power of FM3

    The AX8 runs about half the amps & effects & stuff as a Helix: due in part, I surmise, to higher oversampling rates, more processor intensive algorithms that generate much lower artifacts and what not. The FM3 isn't going to change that quality vs quantity equation vs so-called competing...
  2. artzeal

    Apartment users: what monitoring system?

    I would recommend a pair of 8" studio monitors. I find them more dimensional and more satisfyingly amp like for playing guitar through than the smaller 5" monitors. And anything larger projects too wide for my space. Plus, they do double duty for music, audio/video production, etc.
  3. artzeal

    Newer tube desgins (ala Korg Nutube, BluGuitar Nanotube 100, ect)

    It seems to me that mini or nano tubes will have a niche place in analog designs, maybe in some microphones and preamps, but particularly in distortion pedals, akin to FET transistors, opamps and diodes. The biggest advantage of mini tubes is that the entire audio circuit can be low voltage: so...
  4. artzeal

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    The wiki quote is from the Axe FX III and not the AX8, and the implementation is not the same. There is no SS PA cab setting mode in the AX8. The AX8 works very well to either or both PA/Studio Monitors and to a SS amp and traditional cabinet. The speaker settings in the amp block and power amp...
  5. artzeal

    FM3 CPU

    AFAIK, it came down to getting a current DSP that can run the more intensive requirements of Ares and share its code base (the AX8 and AxeFX II won't) and still work in a floor pedal format with power requirements that don't require a fan, and at marketable price point. From the FAS prospectus...
  6. artzeal

    How long? I know this may seem impatient - I've spent many hours viewing Fractal, Helix and Kemper videos trying to make a decision

    I've been really pleased with the AX8, and I have found even the latest products by the competition tonally unsatisfying in comparison. Based on the Axe FX III, I expect the FM3 will offer some marginal improvements over the AX8 in sound quality and ergonomics - in my personal uses and...
  7. artzeal

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    A vintage Tele or Strat with a 9 inch radius neck is about all you can hope to play slide on with that. Get that hook bent to a 12" radius so you can play any modern guitar. Good luck dude.
  8. artzeal

    AX8 Reamping into Logic Pro X

    I'm pasting below the URL for a thread that covers the topic. I've been recording the AX8: Main Outs and a DI (Send 1) into Logic for all of the 3+ years I've had it (and with a few different interfaces) and never had a problem. You just need to add a cable from the Send 1 to interface to record...
  9. artzeal

    Getting closer to a real amp sound on stage?

    AX8 into 1x12 or 2x12 with my favorite Celestions powered by an old Carvin DCM150 (SS) sounds just as glorious as tube heads and pedals into the same cabs. But there's the huge advantage of getting any type tone at any volume required, and not having to chase off people trying to put their...
  10. artzeal

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    Consult the Axe FX III reference for controllers. FM3 architecture is like that of the Axe FX III, with fewer effects instances: not like AX8.
  11. artzeal

    HeadRush Gigboard and FM3

    Wait for the FM3. FAS sound quality really is in another league. Save your $ and just get by for now. Personally, If I didn't have an AX8; I'd rather lug around the easy versatility of my amp: Ironheart IRT Studio and one of my Celestion cabs than putting more time into the HR, HX Stomp, other...
  12. artzeal

    FM3 as the audio interface?

    You should be able to route it however you like for DAW and monitoring. USB will allow FM3 direct to the computer/DAW and play/monitor the output if you want to do it that way, or you can set the FM3 as a composite device in MacOS Audio/Midi and use it at the same time with another Interface and...
  13. artzeal

    Previous AX8 owners. Thoughts?

    I've always been amazed by kids that can shred, but I didn't also realize some were still in their high chairs banging their spoons and crying for an FM3 as well as their oatmeal. Often In the real world, things take longer than anticipated: especially when coordinating multiple partners, often...
  14. artzeal

    Ares 1 for AX8?

    The AX8 sounds better than ever, due to my improvements as a player and knowing how to use the unit over the 3+ years I've had it. IMO, v10.01 is fulfilled development. Compared to earlier versions, advanced parameter tweaks are seldom required for most things, and the power amp/speaker...
  15. artzeal

    Dual amp blocks... pretty please?

    Its as you say. One amp block. Period. It's in the fundamental architecture of the software coded specifically to make full use of state of the art DSP and hardware. Its helpful to understand the distinction between a CPU and DSP: Wikipedia can provide those answers.This is not like the app...
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