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Recent content by artzeal

  1. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Chiming in out of turn, but: It's very easy to get an excellent plate or spring effect from the Plex Verb, especially in the 0-12% range. Plenty of knobs to twiddle to get the spacial dimensions, clarity or diffusion to taste. If you just want a bit of room tone: To some extent, that can now be...
  2. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Thanks again Leon. I spent a few hours taking all of those presets on down the road, or off the road into the ditch, depending. It sure is useful to mess with something that already works well, rather than starting from scratch. The comb filtering Is brilliant, probably never would have thought...
  3. artzeal

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    I bought a JB in the mid 1980s and it's made the rounds over the years. It was lackluster in a semi-hollow body, but tamed a bright all maple solid body beautifully. Its a fine choice for some instruments, a no go in others. In the right guitar it's mid voice (that isn't too bright or bass...
  4. artzeal

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Thanks for this! Very timely. I've only had the the FM3 a couple weeks, and have been too mesmerized by the amp and cab modeling to even try out the effects beyond a couple Drive models. New to the Plex Delay: Looks like it can shine as a swiss army knife for spacial design. Being able to spice...
  5. artzeal

    High Treble Control...

    Well, its pretty darn cool. Perfect placement to keep the fizz in the bottle.
  6. artzeal

    The DIY Guitar Cab Rabbit Hole

    Not to forget size matters in terms of the resonant frequency. Whether open or closed or ported: knowing/calculating the Theile/Small parameters will show up the response of the low end. I've built a few cabinets in my day (not just for myself), usually because something larger than standard...
  7. artzeal

    Are pickups a big difference maker with a FM3?

    One of the great things about the FM3 (or any of the Fractal modellers) is the little knob labeled input trim: That will allow you to increase the level of a low output pickup or decrease a hot pickup signal so you're hitting the preamp set to its sweet spot and driving it just the way you want...
  8. artzeal

    Headphone amp vs HP output

    You would want to wait for the headphone version if you often play along with tracks in a USB interface only mode. I got the non-head phone version. I have a few sets of headphones: The Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm and Sony MDR7506 I favor most: while listenable from Output 2 with a Y adapter (you...
  9. artzeal

    Compiler related FM3 reduction in performance?

    No worries then, eh? For us end users, anyway. Something that will get eventually get sorted out with a fix to the compiler, with stability and performance benefits in the release firmware. And its not like I'm experiencing any down time: my FM3 is working its mojo as long as I keep my fingers...
  10. artzeal

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 8

    D-30 EF86. Yum!
  11. artzeal

    CPU Issues

    I'm trying to look at CPU usage as a diet plan: If I'm getting a warning, it means I'm larding up my tone with too many effects at the same time, and I need to trim back. Amp, Cabinet, some crisps and a salad. Reverb for pudding. Do I really need Trem, Rotary, Phaser, Flanger all on the same...
  12. artzeal

    Using FM3 OD pedals in front of your amp

    Dial in yer own fuzz if you don't like the stock models. I like the temperature stability of modeled Germanium Transistors: always predicable. Or pick from 12 other options. Then there's clip shape, and slew rate among the advanced parameters: target the frequency range with EQ and its hard to...
  13. artzeal

    USB 3&4 Not Connecting to Out 2

    There are USB volume adjustments for 1-2 and 3-4 in the FM3 setup menu: Setting the 1-2 USB return to -6db works for me to get the balance between DAW mix / Jam tracks and direct monitored FM3. ( No need to adjust the preset levels). This will also be great for reamping: as you can tweak the...
  14. artzeal

    FM3 and external switch options?

    I hope to get by with just the FM3 for most performance situations, but if I do have to go whole hog: I like the Nektar Pacer. It's well designed and built, is programmable for any midi use, and affordable. Plus, I've already got it. A real advantage is that it can control not just the FM3, but...
  15. artzeal

    FM3 Now Shipping

    5/13/2019 waitlist. Got the invite on 5/5/2020 and after a couple days reflection: Made the purchase. I really don't use headphones often - and Usually off a UAD Apollo. Since a Y adapter works very well on the AX8 and presumably on the FM3 - It should work out fine when I'm doing just FM3 with...
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