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  1. Admin M@

    Value of a '77 Rick 4001 bass?

    Hi all. What does our collective wisdom say is the right price for a '77 Rick 4001 Mapleglow in "excellent" condition?
  2. Admin M@

    FM9 OMG9

    1. Press HOME 2. Push knob E 3. Use NAV keys to select FC CONTROLLERS 4. Press ENTER to open the FC CONTROLLERS menu 5. To make it easy, press and hold PAGE RIGHT. You will land on the Reset page eventually. 6. Nav down to the 2nd item Load "OFM9G" etc. 7. Press ENTER. 8. Press ENTER to confirm...
  3. Admin M@

    FM9 OMG9

    From the layout with Scenes 5-8, tap <<MORE to go to scenes 1-4. Or, use any the buttons in the top row to go to the Effects, Looper, or Presets page
  4. Admin M@

    Basic 'natural science' education?

    Do we really need to continue this thread?
  5. Admin M@

    Carol-Ann Tucana Lead: 773Hz Input EQ Low Cut?

    I was just looking at that. Looks like a sweet amp.
  6. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release Candidate

    He's got an octopus worth of sleeves.
  7. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Here it is: https://tinyurl.com/5dwt7uyy
  8. Admin M@

    Waitlist Email

    Now serving: 8/27/21 5:17 PM.
  9. Admin M@

    Huge disappointment , selling my Fractal......;)

  10. Admin M@

    New Spectrasonics Omnisphere "Sonic Extensions"

    I love this project and can't wait to explore the sounds!
  11. Admin M@

    Jellyfish..... Revisited.

    So good. We're in a small club digging them.
  12. Admin M@

    DAW control surfaces

    Very nice. I only wish it had dedicated transport controls. I like these too: https://monogramcc.com
  13. Admin M@

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    Something not altogether dissimilar happened to my friend's dad and he left in an ambulance.
  14. Admin M@

    M1 Pro

    The folks who build this? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/minesweeper/id903092962?mt=12
  15. Admin M@

    M1 Pro

    The power consumption specs impressed me too. 14" would be a nice step up for me from 13". That 16" M1 Max is sure tasty though. Disappointed they didn't get to an M1 mini. Semiconductor shortage constraining their options, I expect. Roll out the most popular and profitable option first.
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