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  1. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

  2. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

  3. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

    AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12 AXE-FX II - Mark 1 - You know what it is. Never taken out of my home. And of course, still has the plastic on the screen. Plenty of third-party presets. MFC I has the magnetic tags on the controller. RAC12 - gives you knobs to control most typical amp front panel...
  4. Adinfinitum

    Axe Fx 3 4CM Noise Gate

    Turn the gain down a wee bit?
  5. Adinfinitum

    Axe Fx III - FM3 preset portability. Bug?

    I don't believe the firmware between the two are identical yet - at least for the blocks that are in both units.
  6. Adinfinitum

    What would you do? Line 6 Power Cab or Friedman ASC

    I have a Friedman, CLR, PC+ and Tech21’s new cab. They all sound great. PC+ is cool since you can go FRFR, Flat (I tend to use that), or the Celestion speaker emulations. I haven’t used IRs since I use those directly in the Axe-3. you cannot go wrong with any of these. friedman is heavy but...
  7. Adinfinitum

    How to setup Looper?

    I know, RTFM, but where in the signal chain is the looper and can you change presets and play over the loop?
  8. Adinfinitum

    Need some help isolating a guitar track

    Would love to get that Strandberg Just Intonation guitar. Open G and D drive me crazy when recording. I just tried "vocal extractor' from IOS app store. Remove most vocals from Sundsy Bloody Sunday, but really not for just isolating guitar from backing track.
  9. Adinfinitum

    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Is it still available? I know someone looking for one. I was going to sell him mine but changed my mind.
  10. Adinfinitum

    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Does it work with the AXE III?
  11. Adinfinitum

    FM3 big upgrade on AX8 or no?

    If you have an AX8 - which I do and still love (yeah, plus the Axe3, FM3, and still have my II, do your self a favor a buy Austin Buddy's naked amp packs. I'm not affiliated with him, but load up with presets and read how he has it set up and you will very happy you did.
  12. Adinfinitum

    My live Def Leppard "Hysteria" Preset Version 3

    How about High N Dry patches?. One of my all-time favorite albums but up there for worst album cover ever
  13. Adinfinitum

    Year and half later; still not happy with Axe-Fx 3

    Chris is correct - gain staging is extremely important. I prefer Austin's running the output all the way, and then adjust the patches to even them out. Other do it other ways. Chris, Leon, Chris C, Yek's wikis - lots of videos, free axechange latches, and help out there Find an Axechange...
  14. Adinfinitum

    Year and half later; still not happy with Axe-Fx 3

    I've had an Axe-FX since 2008. Playing through Studio Monitors (and I tried A Lot of different ones) all sounds shrill and fizzy. When I got the Atomic FR, everything sounded great. The CLR sounded awesome - when I A/Bed my PLEXI 1987 Through a 1960 cab to my Plexi patch at equivalent ear...
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