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Finished 1000+ and 200+ Bass TonePack Dream Rigs ARES 2.0 Updates for the Axe-Fx II and XL/XL+...and started working on ARES 11.x+ update to 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III!
How do you like the CLR NEO?
I love it! It's light, powerful and it let's the Axe FX or AX8 just just take control without coloration. What do you use?
I have been using a Blue Amps Spark. It has a pair of 10" with two high frequency drivers. Lacking some beef I think a 12" speaker provides.
Jim M
I only have one, but it sounds great
Good morning I’m thinking of switching from my Axefx to Helix, midi options and it being a interface and routing options

Would the RAC12 work with the Helix ? Regards
hi, we had a excel sheet for axe fx 2 sysex messages, (delay block tempo/subdivisions) can we have also have 1 for the 3. it would come soooo handy for people owning controllers which can send sysex messages. for delay tempo divisions, hold functions, amp
boost etc...

Hello Al, i¨m a macos 10.8.5 user, and also an Axe XL+ with ares 2.0.
I have got an Ax8 preset and i would like to convert. So, i was trying to instal Fractool but i can´t get it.
Do i making something wrong, could you help me?

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for my english ^^
So, excuse me, i already read the last comment below. Ok, i understand that i need 10.10+ at least....
Thank you anyway. Kind regrds
Hi Jon, first of all!! thank you for share, the sound is incredible congratulations!! finally I have my axe fx II xl+. I want to buy the metallica packages but I need to know the final price for all the volumes I,II,III I’m very interested in that, thanks in advance, greetings.
I discovered your Youtube channel couples week ago. I watched most of the Axe fx III one...You sold me to it, I order one this week.
Keep on posting great clip so newbie like me can quickly dial great tones.
How do you like your Friedman Be-100 deluxe? Looks and sounds amazing and has me jonesing for a tube amp again! Sound good at lower volumes for gigging? Any downside to them besides cost?
Thanks , I just know absolutely nothing about this piece...Just sold a huge rack of "effects in a drawer" where my amp rig was in stereo with a boogie on one side and a vox on the other. Just got too old to keep moving amps and speakers not to mention the constant screams to "TURN DOWN"
Thanks again
I was seen you replied to a posted about using xitone frfr cabs on stage. I was curious if you still used them. I have a clr wedge i use at home and i am presently using a qsc k12.2 when gigging. I was thinking about getting the xitone powered wedge. Do you have the xitone speaker with Eminance speakers or the newer one with the celestion speaker. What is you opinion?
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I have the older XiTones. I use them and Friedman ASC-12’s for gigging. I have no experience with the newer XiTones.
Don’t discount the Laney LFR-112’s. They sound amazing, breath, resonate, and have power in spades.
ok, I know you have an axe fxII so i have to ask an idiotic question.... ok here we go...
the manual says not to connect a power supply to the unit if you are using the ethercon connector (ethernet)
ok, so my though would be the axe would be powering the mfc without the need of a power supply at this point.
so..... i connect the mfc with the ethercon and nothing, no power etc....
Dear Al
I can't make FracTool open on my MBP - 10.9.5 - it immediately crashes..
Did i get the right version..?
Kind regards
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Hi, i don't know
Latest is always on the axefx archive
It's requiring 10.10+, so that's why it crashed.
10.9 is very old
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