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New profile posts

hi you said you found some magnet stickers for ax8 do you still have them?got pic
This is a profile post, not a PM.

Use "Start a Conversation” for that ;)
I just got an SY-1000 and think I Like the way you have it set up.
Can you please post a diagram of your set-up to the AXE-FX III or better yet, a preset of it so I can 'SEE' how you do it with all the settings?
I'll take your turbo. Fm9

Can we do it today?

Probably better to "Start a Conversation" than use profile posts which anyone can see...
Hallo Sashman,

ich wollte mich mal für Dein Review zu den Redsounds bedanken. Das hilft mir gerade ein wenig bei meiner Entscheidung.

Einen schönen Start in die Woche

Hallo Daniel,

vielen lieben Dank, wenn Du Fragen hast, dann immer gerne her damit ;-)
Ich würde die Teile jedenfalls immer wieder kaufen!
Beste Grüße
Hello Michael
I see the wireless audio midi product will not go to production
It is really sad as it is really a great product to use with modifier with the axe
That exactly what I was looking for so in case you have some working prototype to sell let me know
Maybe the price tag made it not attractive enough to be attractive to most but again this is really a great design
Hi . where Can to listen
Moke's 'Acoustic Simulator' V5.7 - For Humbucker Pickups (FM3) - 4.01 [/HEADING]
This is the Axe-Fx II version, But the newer units are similar and have updated IRs.
Hello, I have midi guitar 2 and fractal fx8. I am wondering how to blend the two. Any advice on what you have found would be appreciated. I have a mini computer with MG2 on it and an audio interface but as you said in your post, not sure how to integrate it into a patch. Thanks, Randy Chiurazzi email address rcreationsongs@gmail.com
Best bet is to post a thread rather than a profile post.

I've not really used MG2 on a computer. I have used it on an iPad and an iPad interface that allows me to route the guitar out to and in from that as needed. However, that's with an Axe Fx III. I don't have any FX-8 experience.
Randy Chiurazzi
Thanks for your time. That is helpful. Randy
We've almost got final public firmwares for all three units -- the III, FM9, and FM3 -- and because of that, I'm starting the process to update all existing AustinBuddy TonePacks to the latest firmware. This will take a few months but I'll post when each one is ready/done.
Hi there

Re the Harmonist in the Roland GX700. It seems superb...3 voices with pan, each with their own user scale, and all per preset! How does it compare to the tracking of the VG-99? I get great results with the VG-99 and the Axe's Custom Shifter, so i'm curious if the GX700 has the same smooth tone without the nasty warble or latency that other pitch shifter have shown over the years.
Hey dude ur nightmare tone for A7x are killer I was wondering if u could do one that imitates beast and the harlot and shepherd of fire?? 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Hi Henry,

what kind of case do you use for your fm3? Saw it in your post. thanks.

Hi Lars, it's this one, bought on Amazon for about $80 in April 2020, but not currently available. I have an FM9 in there now.

CNB PDC-410S MSBK Locking Aluminum Pedal Case, Extra Wide​

Amazon product

Sorry but this page tries to display the link as a media item...
Hi Mikko, how are you mate?
I purchased lately the Mega Traditional pack which have really a great great quality & i was wondering what mics were used in the mixes such as the ML Dream Mix & The ML Epic Mix ?
Hi TakaraGold, please tell me, what makes you angry regarding my proposal?
Thanks for being so kind (not) to answer my request
Why the need of recommending things your way when you aren't even a developer? You believe it's quick an easy to do things your way, when the developers work painstakingly to give us amazing products, customer service, updates and all. Your request while you may think it's innofensive, is quite condescending, thinking that they just need to change two lines of code to please your needs. That's what bothered me.
no further comment ... that's way too stupid for me ... gracias
The only thing I don't like about the Guitar is the Bridge, really looking for a Hard Tail, this one looks very stable and not floating right?
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