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Hi Guys, I'm pretty new at this high tech thing. Is there a link where I can download some sounds/Patches for my AX8.
You might want to create a thread in the AX8 forum.

You've made a profile post directed to a single user. Most people don't read profile posts.
Greetings, I might be interested in your FM-3, I am trying to determine if I want to wait for the FM-9. Would you be willing to go any lower on your price?
I see you saw yours, may I ask what you were able to sell yours for ,I have one too that I am putting up for sale??
thanks in advance,
Hey buddy, I settled on a local sale for $750. Definitely is a steal, but it seems like older Fractal units don’t sell as quick as they used to - especially in the age of inexpensive plugins and floorboard models. I was fine with it. I upgraded to the Axe III back in March, and it took me 5+ months to finally get a sale. I didn’t have it listed that whole time though; I pitched it to my inner circle first. Good luck!
Hi Dolan, In case the FC6 is still relevant then would you consider 400$ shipment on you ?

It has been sold. Thanks!
Hey Toopy do you know Michael from U@ guitar tutorials? The website hasn't been working for a while now, I'm wondering if the problem is on my end or his?
you play through an actual AC30? Nice! I play into the AXE that feeds into a Scarlet, then into a pair of 2000w FRFR speakers which just friggin bang mate its awesome!! but id love to hear a real AC30 in action!
i bought the scarlet to figure out how to record and mess around with the whole DAW thing but haven't put the time into that idea yet
and yes, where indeed does it all end? perhaps it's just the endless pursuit of surfing the perfect wave mate!?
this 420 character thing here is a bit frustrating?!
Hey buddy!Im new in the axe fx world, recently bought an axe fx ultra and I need some patches to start feeling the device and start making my own patches.I really like PrototypePD patches posted in Ulstra section of the forum but they are not available anymore.Do you have them to share it with me?Thank you so much!!!
Hey Al,

I just sent you a small donation. I am using Fractool and just wanted to say Thanks. Brand new to it, but my philosophy is that good work should be recognized. Thanks Al.
The story this guy tells is legit, because the way he's describing the setup, is what John told me at that show.
Leon. I gave you incorrect info a few years ago regarding a convo I had with John Sykes back on the '94 tour he did for the 2nd Blue Murder album. I told you he said he used Mesa amps, but I for some reason got it in my head he said Rectifiers. I think because he didn't specify other than '2 Mesas', I just assumed. Turns out, those amps he used for the '87 album were Coliseums
Also, I think my Tri Axis needs new tubes. Pretty much everything sounds lifeless. To get the most versatility from it, from classic rock tones, clean-ish 80's (ala Police), to tight crunch (Pull Me Under), to creamy leads (solos like Pink Floyd's "Time"), what tubes would you recommend? Thanks!
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