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ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

Greg Ferguson

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Why not cover it from the side to seal off the back? That way one side is completely open (and you can tape if needed) and then cut slots on the other side? I got that idea from an Larry Mitchell post
It's not really an improvement, it's just a difference. Sealing one side isn't a good thing though as the cables have to be accounted-for, and it blocks air-flow so that also has to be taken into account.

Personally, I'd not put myself into that situation.


I hope they will soon be in stock again.
This screen protector looks really interesting.

(But I got just reminded how much Brexit sucks)

ZenRigs Man

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Yeah actually I emailed a rep from ZeniRigs and they said it does not protect against spills. The rep actually suggested some people use Ziplock bags to cover gear and I think that’s a good idea actually. Has anyone ever tried that? Could even cover it from the back and poke holes in it to connect the wires/inputs. Can also poke some holes in the sides to allow for air ventilation.
Hey, I’m no rep - I AM ZenRigs!

As I mentioned in my email, anything with any holes in it or cutouts will only serve to pool any large quantity of liquid poured onto the unit. However, I’d expect they can easily withstand bar type splashes and more. I once had a punter spill an entire pint of beer on my MFC (back in the day) and it was absolutely fine.

Having said that, it is something I’ve been mulling over and have an idea I’m working on. (Currently only in my head)
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ZenRigs Man

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Tried several times to make contact with them and never hear back. Looks like a good product, just wish it was easier to purchase.
Who, me? If so, I apologise as I haven‘t any unanswered messages I’m aware of.

I reply to messages pretty much straight away unless I’m asleep - feel free to PM me and I’ll get back to you.


New Member
does anyone have the exact measurement of this screen protector such as all the knob button and size dimension?

ZenRigs Man

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Do you have a website?
When I click on your link for zenrigs.com I get an 'under construction' page....??
That’s the site - it’s currently being updated. Should be done by mid-week and I’ll post an update here on the forum when it’s live again.
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