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Your first guitar & amp


First guitar...some no name POS acoustic. First electric was a Jackson JDR-94 and amp was a Marshall JCM-900 High Gain Dual Reverb 1X12 combo.

EJ James

Kay Les Paul Copy, cherry sunburst just like my idol back then, Ace Frehly.

Amp was a little 15w, 1x10 Regent combo that had a built in overdrive (well, at least that what they called it =).

I shoveled horse poop at a small local horse boarding facility for an entire summer when I was 12 to have enough $$ to buy them both myself. That was 1977.


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1972 Les Paul standard, sunburst, and a peavey backstage one. My parents bought it for me in 1980, they had no idea what they bought, but luckily my guitar teacher suggested it. I was so stoked, then realized their was no guitar cable, so had to wait to play. Got it on Halloween of all times, maybe thats why I love Metal (Old Kiss, King Diamond come to mind)

Let me say this was after a nylon acoustic I was forced to play and take mel bay lessons for 2 years, before I was allowed an electric.

Ben Randolph

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Let me say this was after a nylon acoustic I was forced to play and take mel bay lessons for 2 years, before I was allowed an electric.
I still remember the Mel Bay audio cassettes. "YOU HOLD THE PICK IN THIS MANNER."

Funny, I'm working through the Modern Guitar Method now to beef up my reading in anticipation of the school semester starting. Good information, just very dry.


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my first amp was a rental, a Sound City 120 or something like that. My first electric guitar was a free semi-hollow body with painted on F-holes and only a crown on top. no name.
It wasn't good (neither was I) but it was LOUD.... and I lived in a trailer park too, which absolutely thrilled my neighbors. haha


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Late 60's Teisco that had a single pickup my Dad put in it because the original didn't work. And a Univox one twelve tube amp that my uncle used to drag around to different churches to preach thru :)
My dad gave both to me in recent years although the amp stopped working a long time ago :(


Still have um...Purchased when I was 19 (54 now)
76 Les Paul recording...slightly modified :shock
Acoustic 230 head...ouch :?
76LP_Recording.jpg Acoustic230.jpg


westbury standard and a sound city 30r
cant beleive I chopped in my amazing westbury for a crap laminate body ibanez roadstar(which I still have) just cause it had a whammy bar :nightmare:
I was only 14 tho


A Peavey Patriot (I really miss that guitar) and a Peavey Bandit. There was a place here in Hollywood, Fl called Paragon Music that was a big Peavey distributor back in the day. I eventually traded that Patriot in for a Kramer that gave me nothing but trouble. Hindsight.....


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My first amp was a Vox Buckingham. My first electric guitar was a no name Strat copy. My first REAL electric that I played with the Vox was a 67 SG Standard.
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