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Your Favourite VHS Instructionals


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I’ve spent countless hours studying Robben Ford the blues and beyond. It’s a gold mine of inspiration. And I’m not really a blues player


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YOu already nailed mine. I had a horrible copy of both vinnie and Paul on one vhs, and I wrote out their licks in a tab book. still love em.


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Phil Keaggy, Electric Guitar Style / Brent Mason, Nashville Chops / Andy Summers, Guitar

I'm not a drummer, but also liked Jeff Pocaro's Star Licks Sessions drum video. That guy was a monster player. He and brother Mike are no longer with us, but these kinds of videos keep their craft alive.


He did the "Learn to Burn" stuff too right?

I love when he says "best pick slides ever on the first record". There's some great licks in there though.
Yes he did! and that's the thing I like most about what he does in his vids. He goes over the styles and techniques in which everyone he teaches about and not so much how to play the song. Those little nuances can make or brake how you trying to convey the tune. I guess in a lot of ways it's like learning to pronounce words in different languages correctly.

Project Mayhem

Anything Eric Johnson put out

The obligatory malmsteen vhs...which is pretty lame from an instructional standpoint, but at the time it was the only close up footage of him available and became my own personal “zapruder” film.

Paul Gilbert

Never had the Gambale video but was fortunate to live in Melbourne for five years in the early nineties and my guitar buddies would bombard me with his stuff or if he had a local gig/clinic...mind blowing!

Also while in Australia I got this bootleg 2hour vhs of Joe Satriani doing Ibanez clinics and small gigs in japan/Australia that was fantastic....none of which I’ve seen on YouTube yet... anyone got a pal vcr laying around still.

But after all the vhs tapes over the years...it was YouTube and Claus levin that flipped the switch for me, just something about how he explains technique resonated perfectly with me and allowed me to break through plateaus I thought I couldn’t get past ...if only that info had been available in 1984....


The Steve Lukather tape was epic. That and seeing him at The Baked Potato changed my whole approach to the instrument.
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