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Your Favourite VHS Instructionals

I remember the "Pablo Gilberto" one:D, a couple from Joey Tafolla and Petrucci that I couldn't finish:confused:, and one of my favourites from our forumite Larry Mitchell, many years ago (I remember the patch on his multifx was called Ocasek;)).


Paul Gilbert and Michael Angelo are both pretty whacky guys so at least I was entertained if I couldn't do the exercises – although there's a cool neoclassical Paul Gilbert string skipping lick I play to this day.

Doug Marks' Metal Method helped me out a bunch.

This clip from Jerry Donahue performing The Claw made teenage metalhead me do a complete 180 on my opinion of country music.

I even watch instructional videos for instruments I don't play because you never know what you might pick up. This clip from Marco Minnemann opened up my mind to thinking about odinary speech in musical terms.


Cool video!! Brought back a lot of memories.

Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, and Vinnie Moore were the ones I had. I loved the one where Steve showed how to play Simple Simon from his solo stuff.

....and great lead tone by the way. What patch are you using?

Good stuff!



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Your reaction to the first Paul Gilbert instructional reminded me of my reaction to the first time seeing him. Exact same look as you only I was sitting face to face with him one on one in a small rehearsal room. I literally had that look on my face and could not speak.
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