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YET another Q about power conditioners :eyeroll:


Ok, so yeah, I know most 'budget' rack power conditioners are little more than an expensive power strip.

I am not interested in protecting against lightning bolts etc, and we have very stable power in Australia so I don't need a voltage regulator.

My question is simple: is there a breed of power 'conditioner' that simply reduced interference from the washing machine or air conditioner being on? Even if only very slightly. I fully understand the snake-oil thing. I would be happy even with a tiny bit of smoothy-ness, even if it's mostly placebo!

Or is the consensus, don't bother, get a power strip?


Something like a Furman M8DX does some AC filtering in addition to surge protection. You can go very crazy here and spend $600+ on something that does a ton of filtering and isolation for each outlet. That's probably unnecessary.


Thanks folks. Looking in the medium budget range, nothing too fancy but not snake-oil crap either. I just run the axe and 2 powered speakers so I don't think isolation is necessary.
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