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YESSSSSSS It arrived


Fractal Fanatic
Gotta say 1st impressions,are great.I couldn't stop playing the cameron high,tweaked the EQ ,added another delay.WOW Playing satch boogie, In my dreams, don't treat me bad(yea I love the 80s)2 1/2 hrs later here I am.
Every thing with set up went smooth ,running mac probook 10.6.8 .The fan on my II hardly hear,quick controls are a nice,I hear a big difference between the ultra and the II .My bx5a monitors actually sound good now. Love the different look and tweaks in axe edit. Went though all the presets only a few sounded flubby with my hum-buckers.It amazing how ppl were writing on the forums too much sizzle ,Huh.
Glad I made the plunge to purchase.Though you'll never hear me on an album,or playing in a band these days,if you come to the lakes region in NH you might just hear a whisper of some VH or satch in the wind.Thanks Mr Ciff and everybody at fractal for the quick shipping and amazing product:D
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