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Yeks preset collection and sound samples (Ultra)


Here is my preset collection for FR: ZIPPED FILE. Firmware 11. May 20th, 2011. For Ultra!

Coming months I’m moving to a different amplification setup and towards the Axe-Fx II (which is not preset-compatible).
So I’m pretty much finalizing this set!

Scroll down for a preset list and sound samples.

Credit for part of the creativity goes to Javajunkie, Bakerman, Matman, Don Petersen, Fremen, Raca, Simeon, Jay Mitchell, Xpenno and others. Some sounds are based on factory presets or Axe-Change stuff.

  • I continue to use Ownhammer IRs, but for this release and your convenience I selected suitable stock cabs (no mic sims). I included suggestions for Ownhammer substitutes (TC30 IR).
  • No Global Amps in this release for your convenience.
  • Some presets use an Ultra-only effect/setting such as Ring Modulator, Filter block 3, Synth etc. If you load these into a Standard, these blocks will be empty. A Standard can’t handle many of these presets because of the high number of blocks (CPU% will be too high).
  • These presets are primarily for live use, not for recording. Intentionally created to come alive ('breathe') as the volume is turned up, may sound a little dull at low volume.
  • I use Adam A7X nearfield studio monitors to dial in these tones. When rehearsing or gigging Output1 is amplified through a FR monitor or goes directly to FOH.
  • No blocking PEQs used to block ultra-high/-low frequencies.
  • The presets can be used in stereo or mono output mode. Mono: set Output Mode to Sum L+R (no phase cancellation issues).
  • If there’s too much bass with the stock cabs, adjust the Global EQ (turn down 63Hz all the way, 125Hz to taste).
  • I used a Tele (neck single coil, bridge humbucker), Les Paul and Suhr to dial in the tones.
  • Power amp simulation: on. Cab simulation: on. Noise Gate (Layout menu) is set per preset (modest settings). Layout > Mix levels are at default mostly. Input Source is Analog Front. For mono use, set Output mode to Sum L+R. Global EQs are neutral, except for 63Hz at -12 with stock cabs.
  • User cab slot 10 contains an Mamabear 7.7 IR for acoustic tones.
  • The presets are configured to handle a Left input signal (front). Set in the I/O menu and Amp blocks. Remember this if you don’t get an input signal.
  • I use identical layouts in many presets to simplify editing.
  • Block levels and bypass modes are set to maintain unity gain.
  • I use the ”global” boost trick with my MIDI foot controller.
  • Some effects are placed in parallel rows. Mix is 100%, Level sets the amount of desired effect and Bypass Mode is Mute In or Mute Out to avoid volume issues when the effect is bypassed.
  • Expression pedal is attached to External 1. External 1 controls Rotary and Tremolo speeds in the main presets. It also controls the Wah, if the Wah is switched on. If a preset name contains "P1" then pedal 1 has a specific use, for example the E-Bow preset is muted until pedal 1 is moved.
  • The presets are organized to fit in MFC-101 banks (Bank Size 5).
  • Presets 0-30 are my main amp presets. The advanced parameters of these sims are all at default.
  • Presets 30-100 are dedicated effects presets. Organized by type of effect.
  • Presets 128-256 are my favorite presets from other users.

Below is my template for amp presets. Higher gain presets do not have Reverb and Chorus and sometimes just a single Drive block.

Main amp presets: (and Ownhammer TC30 IR suggestions)
Vibroverb Blue
Twin Blue
Bassman Blue
Shiva clean Mesa V31
Dr.Z Blue + H75
AC-30 Topboost Blue
1987x M75
Trainwreck H75
low gain Shiva Ld Mesa V31
Ecstasy Blue Mesa V31
JCM 800 (boosted) Mesa V31 + M75
Marsha BE H75
higher gain Shiva Ld Mesa V31
Ecstasy Red Mesa V31
Soldano SLO-100 G65
Marsha HBE H75
Uberschall Mesa V31 + G12K100
Recto Mesa V31
Diezel G12K100
Bogner Euro Red (for leads) Mesa V31
Mesa Mark IIc+ (for leads) EVM + M75
Marsha HBE (for leads) H75
Shiva low-gain (for leads) Mesa V31

These presets have the following common effects blocks:
VOL: attached to Envelope controller for automatic volume swells.
WAH: attached to External 1.
RING MODULATOR: tracking low octave.
DRIVE1: BB preamp in some clean presets, or a specific Drive block in specific presets.
DRIVE2: Tape Dist in most presets, emulating an extra gain stage.
PHASER1: slow Phase 90-type phasing.
PHASER2: Univibe.
CHORUS: analog-style chorus, not in hi-gain presets.
ROTARY: External 1 controls speed.
FLANGER: jet-style flanging.
TREMOLO: External 1 controls speed.
REVERB: clean amps only.
DELAY1: analog sounding dual delay (ducking) for leads or ambience.
DELAY2: loud modulated delay trails.
CAB: stock cab(s), no mic sim.

Below are presets for specific uses. The sound samples are not current.

Oscillating tape echo (use pedal!) CLIP
E-Bow simulator (use pedal!) CLIP
Delay in reverse CLIP
El Capistan simulation CLIP
DMM simulation CLIP
Hard Fuzz CLIP
Fuzz Face CLIP
Clean fuzz CLIP
Octavia CLIP
Whammy (use pedal!) CLIP
Added 7th notes CLIP
Added 5th notes CLIP
Harmonic feedback (use pedal)
Shimmer CLIP
Shimmer delay CLIP
U2's Bad tone (use pedal!) CLIP
Violin simulation (uses acoustic IR) CLIP
Strings (use pedal for minors/majors)
Whistle simulation CLIP
Tampura/Sitar (uses acoustic IR)
Funky synth lead CLIP
Moog-style lead synth (use pedal) CLIP
Goopy bass synth CLIP
Moog-style bass synth CLIP
Bass synth CLIP
Delay trails through sweep filter CLIP
Looper (use pedal for volume)
Duperdubdelay (use pedal)
Through-zero flanging CLIP
Heavily compressed flanger
Fast Phaser
10-stage phaser
Funky envelope filter CLIP
Talk-box simulation CLIP
All effects blocks On CLIP
Clockwork Banana CLIP
Space/laser effect using pedal CLIP
Wind blowing CLIP
Transforming single coil into pseudo acoustic guitar (uses acoustic IR) CLIP
For piezo CLIP
For acoustic with passive LR Baggs pickup
No One Knows's bridge part with Harmonics (Queens of the Stone Age) CLIP
Know Your Enemy's intro with Stutter effect (Rage against the machine) CLIP
Police siren (use pedal) CLIP
Air raid siren CLIP
Lo-fi tone Lo-fi
Hammond organ (use pedal) CLIP
"Streets" organ
"Impressive" strings (use pedal) CLIP
Synthpad CLIP
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Excellent as usual Yek.

Been meaning to tell you since the new forum started I'm glad your skin condition has cleared up and you've ditched that pointy hat, it really didn't do anything for you :))


Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Hopefully I can find the time to dig into them tonight. Loved the Crowes lick in the Trainwreck clip too.


i really like the "shimmer" presets!
before i crash my axe...will it work on a standard , or is it ultra only!?



The shimmer fx work on an Ultra [edit: that must be: Standard], if the preset doesn't contain too many fx blocks.
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Wow, Yek, that's incredible. Thanks so much for sharing all of your hard work ... I learn a lot from what you and others share with the Fractal community.

Quick question, Can you explain a bit more what you mean by
• Block levels and bypass modes are set correctly to achieve unity gain (in the readme.doc attachment)
and how you actually go about doing that?


Quick question, Can you explain a bit more what you mean by
• Block levels and bypass modes are set correctly to achieve unity gain (in the readme.doc attachment)
and how you actually go about doing that?
Placing effect in parallel means that you're going to have two (or more) rows running parallel. When they join again, the signal level wil increase (the levels of both rows are summed). Check this:


Yek-thanks so much. I've spent the last few days working with your presets-actually just learning them and fitting them to my needs. That didnt take much. I've pretty much converted my universe to the 1st three banks of 5. I never had a use for a ringmod-never really tried. I was messing around the other night and clicked it on-was a perfect dupe of the sounds in the later "nationwide" solo. Exactly what i needed last Saturday and didnt have. I was messing with pitch-the ringmod you have set up nails it. THanks so much for all the efforts you put in, patches, wiki etc. I've been using the axe for well under a year and your info and presets have made the learning curve a lot more doable.
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