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Wish Yamaha RA 200


there's also an RA 100, which has only two spinning speakers. i wonder if some under the hood tweaks of the existing rotary algorithm might make it possible. i think the RA 200 is three spinning horns and 4 fixed bass drivers under the tolex. it's essential for any Gilmour/Floyd tunes

Yamaha RA-200R

Yamaha rotating horn combo amplifier.
Vintage "Leslie effect" keyboard amp.
Controls: Volume, bass, treble, reverb, tremolo speed, tremolo control (foot pedal or hand switch), voice on/off, tremolo/chorus.
Other fittings: pilot lamp, power switch, input jack, external speaker socket.
Speakers: 4 x JA3502A 12" cone driver plus 3 x JA1701B rotary horn driver.
Amplifiers: 3 x ND90G 90W solid state amps (1 for horns & 2 for 2 each 12").
Total output power: 200W rms
Dimensions: 1156 (H) x 735 (W) x 490 (W)
Weight: 93kg
Finish: Grey leatherette, black grill cloth, aluminium trim.
Power requirements: 100/117/125/220/240V
Power consumption: 500W

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