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XLR vs Humbuster Cables


I'll be using my Axe III with Presonnus Sceptre 8 FRFR monitors. I'm confused on my best cable option. I've used XLR with the Axe II but are the Humbuster cables better than XLR? I do get some ground loop noise. If you go the Humbuster option, do the cables purchased on Fractal's site just go from the Axe unit to the FRFR monitors?


XLR is usually the best for what you're doing. humbuster was designed for plugging into a real amp's input and fx loop.


I have a similar question..as described in another thread I have a strange connection diagram (as attached). I need for sure an humbuster cable from the fx send of the Axe-Fx to the amp input but what about from the line out of the load box (which is TRS) and the fx return of the Axe-Fx?


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