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XLR outs buzz when Axe is turned off?


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I noticed something funny with the XLR outs when connected to my Genelecs: when I turn off the Axe, I get buzz from the speakers, the same kind of buzz I'd get if I held a cord connected to an amp. Click the Axe back on, and the speakers go back to silent. I guess the Genelecs are doing something silly here? If the cords are disconnected from the axe, there's no buzz.


I had something similar happen at a club this past weekend. My rig was not powered on yet but XLR's were plugged in and there was noise coming through FOH. the sound guy said he isolated it to me. I thought he was drinking but I switched the XLR ground lift on the back of unit and the hum stopped.


Same happened to me at a club. Flipped the ground loop switch and it lessened it a bit but once I turned the unit ON it then stopped completely. How strange!


Happens to me too. When the unit is off it buzzes through the fold back wedges or studio monitors. I'm not concerned about it... it's usually just before I turn it on so no issue really.


Nothing strange here at all. Unpowered unit leaves the output ICs in an indeterminate state. The AxeFx isn't buzzing or humming, it's off! The buzz or hum comes from the balanced connection of the gear you left on being connected to something it shouldn't be. It's good practice to turn your amps or powered speakers off first to avoid turn on/off spikes being amplified. At the very least, disconnect inputs not outputs and you'll avoid noises and catastrophes.
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