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XL+ cab slots doubled, will the preset slots be doubled aswell soon for XL+ users?


XL+ cab slots doubled with latest firmware, but will the preset slots be doubled aswell soon for XL+ users in another firmware? is that possible, cant see why not!


Power User
If I'm reading this correctly, you're asking if what the XL+ users get, will also be provided to the XL+ users... I'm not sure I follow.


hahah dude I love my XL but there is no way in hell i'd be able to utilize double the presets i have now. The extra cab space is nice since i have so many cab packs but even still haha. I'm excited to see what comes next though! (some G3'd bass amps plz. The new algorithm helped but I just know that the full G3 will make it even better).


Fractal Fanatic
I love the idea, we could have the Yek collection, the Freman collection, the Fas collection, the Simeon collection, Axe change collection, the forum collection, the Amp Factory collection, and my personal collection.
Having all these available when looking for sounds would be awesome. Its just like the advanced parameters, if you don't need - don't use.
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