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Xitone Michael Britt or Valvetrain Powertrain

Cody Carrigan

New Member
Hello! First forum post!

I’ve recently bought an Axe Fx and I’m loving it so far. I’m trying to find a cab now that sounds and feels as much like a real cab as possible. I was pretty sold on the Xitone until I saw the PG review of the PowerTrain. Has anyone tried these two and would care to give some advice? Thanks!


Power User
I would say the Xitone all the way. Atomic tried to build a tube based amp for modelers a few years ago... now you can get them for dirt cheap. If you want to play a tube amp, get a Marshall or Fender, but for the Axe, you want to go solid state


I'll throw in as a happy XiTone M.Britt owner but I've never used the PowerTrain so I can't compare it.
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